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A solar eclipse is formed only when is New Moon phase, when Earth, Moon and Sun are aligned. There are four kind of Solar eclipses:  Total solar eclipses occur when the moon completely covers the sun, as seen from Earth. Partial solar eclipses can be observed when only the lunar penumbra (the partially shaded outer region of the shadow cast by an object) touches the Earth. Annular solar eclipses occur when the Moon appears smaller than the Sun as it passes centrally across the solar disk and a bright ring, or annulus, of sunlight remains visible during the eclipse. Hybrid solar eclipses – are a rare form of solar eclipse, which changes from an annular to a total solar eclipse along its path. The most spectacular are the total eclipses. It matters a lot and areas on Earth where Eclipse has the greatest visibility and influence because it will be more consistent for all people and creatures who live in these areas. In the following years here you have the list of Solar Eclipses with the greatest visibility: Date: 26 February 2017 Annular Solar Eclipse Visibility: South/West Africa, South/West South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica Date: 21 August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Visibility: West in Europe, North/East Asia, North/West Africa, Much of North America, North/West South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic Date: 15 February 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse Visibility: South in South America,...

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Most of the people are used to take pills for any pain. They forgot to pay attention to their body and they really do not care too much about their health state. The food that we eat every day should be our medicine because if we eat good food in our body is happened a real alchemy that helps us to to stay healthy for a long time. Each of us need certain foods and this depends also by sign or/and ascendant that we have. Here you have some tips about best foods suited for each Sign/Ascendant*: SUN OR ASCENDANT IN ARIES: Ruler Planet: MARS     Element: FIRE Life style: You are very active, mentally and physically and many times you are acting before thinking too much about what you really want to do. What do you need: Potassium phosphate does exist in all body tissues, especially in the brain, nerve cells  and in the blood. Excess or deficiency of it can cause improper digestion of lipids, poor memory, anxiety, insomnia and a weak pulse, but quickly. Therefore you need a well-balanced diet to provide you health and energy and to be available quickly and without too many complications. Necessary food: tomatoes, beans, brown rice, lentils, nuts, olives, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, bananas, apricots, pumpkin, sesame seeds, chia and flax seeds. Try to drink plenty of water. Foods to avoid: Salt can affect the bones and arteries....

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Astrology is very useful tool because it gives many information about each of us. We are able to analyze events, trends and patterns. Here you have the most important astrology interpretations, lectures and e-book: NATAL ASTROLOGY is based on natal chart interpretation and you can get information about physical and intellectual capabilities, emotional-affective structure, social, family & business relationships, but also many other items related personal destiny. For a Natal chart interpretation click here: For your Child chart interpretation click here: If you do not know your birthtime click here: HORARY ASTROLOGY is used to determine the most appropriate times for certain actions, eg signing a contract, start to build a house, the time of marriage, setting the date of surgery for the patient to recover quicker and many other. The action should be an important event in the life of the person requesting a response. For a horary consultation click here: ELECTIVE ASTROLOGY is used to predict future events based on planetary motion (Solar and Lunar Return, secundar and tertiar progressions, directions, transits, Firdaria and Decennia) For a  Solar Return Interpretation click here: For a  Personal monthly horoscope click here: RELATIONSHIP ASTROLOGY is used to study the relational potential between two people, no matter what kind of relationship is involved (love, friendship, business or other kind of relationship). In this case we first look at the natal charts of each person involved in that relationship, and then look...

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On FEBRUARY we have the following main configurations:  This month is the most dynamic due to Venus Mars and Uranus are in Aries. All of you need to find ways to release and use wisely these energy combinations. Otherwise all these will get not so good results: loss of harmony, no chance of understanding or cooperation and peace will become only a nice dream. You get courage, creativity, energy, ambition, action. Use all this in doing things, now is time of action, work, practice sport, do whatever you need but do not become inactive. The T-square formed by the Venus-Mars-Uranus trio in Aries, with Jupiter in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn has a great violent potential: risk of accidents due to transportation industry (cars, trains, planes, and undergrounds), conflicts, terrorist attacks, riots, and natural disasters, a preface of financial crisis, especially in EURO zone. The economic crisis will increase especially during Venus retrograde period. You have some lately real examples: In United Kingdom: Banks increasing the notice time from 24 hours to 48 hours when withdrawing over £2,500.This is to make it harder to pull your money out quickly and to prevent a run on the bank. The company that provides the Link ATM cash machines is to start charging for previously free money withdrawals – and will start to reduce the number of machines in an effort to make it...

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On 28th of January MARS ingress in ARIES and this transit works until in the 10th March 2017. MARS is in DOMICILE, this means that MARS is able to totally fulfil its role and it is plays out very positively. People with Mars in Aries in their natal chart are competitive, courages, passionate in their goals, om their life, and in love. They are a bit selfish, but they are very energetic and playful. They are very physical and can be impatient with their partner. They like to get right to the action instead of building up to the moment. They can be very emotional. Compromise is not their strong suit, and they can be very demanding in a relationship. Famous people with Mars is Aries: Angelina Jolie, Nicolas Sarkozy, Steve Jobs, Prince, Russell Crowe, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Daniel Craig, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Paul Newman, Kevin Costner, Stephen Hawking, Marquis de Sade, etc. The target of this transit are Aries, but also Scorpio, no matter if you have the Sun or the Ascendant in these signs. SPECIAL  ASPECTS OF MARS IN ARIES (London local time): Date & Time: 28 Jan 2017  05:38 Event: Transiting Mars Entering Aries Initiate activities. Be spontaneous and take risks, but don’t be rash, Avoid accidents. Good for sing: Aries  Date & Time: 16 Feb 2017  18:14 Event:Transiting Mercury in Aquarius Sextile Transiting Mars in Aries Decisiveness....

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