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On 5th of September MARS ingress in VIRGO and this transit works until in the 22nd of October 2017. People with Mars in Virgo in their natal chart are practical, busy and goal-oriented persons. They are able to do  many tasks at once, and a tendency to take on perhaps too much at the same time. Tehy should be aware of the critical power that they have to other people around them. Nobody want to be pushed and critisized. This Mars has a great nervous energy due to the traditional ruler of Virgo, Mercury. So it is important where is places Mercury in natal chart of a native. In love life and especially in their sexual experience they take sex as their work, they should be the best, perfect actually. What a pressure on them! Even they are shy sometimes, experience and knowledge are important to these natives, and this drive generally wins over their natural reticence. This native also can be very restless, mentally, stressed for anything, no matter is good or bad. In love they are very selective, if Mars in Virgo is placed in a female natal chart she will be very selective in choosing yhe right man. Both, men and women are insatiably curious about sex, although many don’t take their curiosity much beyond fantasy. Voyeurism is appealing to these lovers. In fact, they want...

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On SEPTEMBER, we have the following main configurations:  This month all of you are invited to be practical, realistic and in a working mood due to many planets that are transiting the perfectionist sign, Virgo. During this month RETROGRADE PLANETS are MERCURY, NEPTUNE, URANUS and PLUTO. Mercury resumes in direct motion on 5th September, where the solar eclipse of 21st August took place. On mundane scale, events generated may be related to intellectuals, learning, students, transportation, roads, communication, mass-media, strong wind and storms or earthquakes. On 22nd September, the SUN ingress in LIBRA: Happy Birthday for all natives! MOON PHASES (New York time, USA): FULL MOON in PISCES on 6th of September at 03:02: Due to conjunction Moon with Neptune in Pisces you may feel your mind like a mist, nothing it seems to be clear. Maybe is time to take a pause in your everyday activity and meditate, relax and try to be creative. Do not take financial decisions because you will be sorry later. NEW MOON in VIRGO on 20th of September at 01:29: This New Moon is a time to simplify, refine, and improve any areas of our lives that have fallen into chaos, so we can become more effective in our daily routines. MERCURY transits: Until 4th of September Mercury in Virgo is in retrograde motion. Here you have complete cycle of retrograde motion for this month: 1st...

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On AUGUST, we have the following main configurations:  This month imagine you are in a dancing contest and you must change the dancing style every five minutes, this is the feeling of August atmosphere because we have Mercury retrograde, a fire trine and a pair of eclipses. Be open to changes, new events, even surprises. Sun-Mars conjunction from Leo asks for action in time, fast and with the best results. Because there is a lot of energy between Sun-Mars in Leo – Saturn in Sagittarius – Uranus in Aries there are huge potentials for remarkable results but also there is a potential of conflict and violence, explosions and natural disasters. The situation is simple, people who can handle this energy will have good month and people who are not under control of their mind will lose. Mercury retrograde invites you to communicate clear and simple, no matter you speak, write, negotiate, debate, exchange ideas. If your communication tools (computer, mobile, tablets, cars) are in trouble you should fix them in a serious manner and it is better to avoid in these periods to buy new ones. Important negotiations and transactions it is better to postpone for direct periods of Mercury, after 5th of September. If you have no choice and you must sign an important contract you should read very carefully all documents. Important for Gemini and Virgo natives and for the...

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On 20th of July MARS ingress in LEO and this transit works until in the 5th of September 2017. People with Mars in Leo in their natal chart are craving for fame and attention but also they need to create and to let an important inheritance.  They have a strong will and great ambitions. They want admiration, devotion and loyalty from you. If you are not able to give them these ingredients you will be lost from their sights. They are able to ask while making love if they are good enough, can you imagine how important is for them to be the best in town? They are really obsessed about their image. Love and sex are very strong connected, actually is the same thing for them. On the target of this transit are natives with Sun or/and Ascendant in Aries, Scorpio and Leo. Famous people with Mars in Leo: George Clooney, Beyonce, James Dean, Goldie Hawn, David Suchet, George Eliot, Salma Hayek, Robert Redford, Arthur Miller, Patrick Steward, Enya, Colin Farrell, Monica Bellucci, Adam Sandler, Gregory Peck, Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump, Cher, Jet Li, Sophia Loren, Leonard Cohen, Demi Moore, Hillary Clinton, Serena Williams, Anne Frank, Jodie Foster, Jack Ma, Bridgitte Bardot, Sandra Brown, Amy Winehouse, Ralph Fiennes and so on. SPECIAL  ASPECTS OF MARS IN LEO (London local hour): Date & Time: 20 Jul 2017  12:19 – Event:Transiting...

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On JULY we have the following main configurations:  The BOSS of first 20 days of this month is the CARDINAL CROSS: PLANET IN ARIES: URANUS PLANETS IN CANCER: Mercury (till 6th July), Mars (till 20th July), Sun (till 22nd July), Moon (between morning of 21st and 23rd July); PLANETIN LIBRA: Jupiter; PLANETS IN CAPPRICORN: Pluto in retrograde motion, Moon (between evening of 7th July and 10th and morning of 10th July) Possible effects at individual level: stress, restless mind, passive-aggressive reactions due to emotions. Possible effects at mundane level: conflicts, power games, accidents, natural disasters, all kind of crises. Most of them you can see around the world already. What cardinal cross demand: change, evolution, adaptation, challenges, thinking out of the box. Witch signs are affected: Everybody who has Sun, Ascendant, and Ascendant ruler or important planets in cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. During this month RETROGRADE PLANETS are NEPTUNE, SATURN and PLUTO. On 22nd July, the SUN ingress in LEO: Happy Birthday for all natives! MOON PHASES (Greenwich local time): FULL MOON in CAPRICORN on 9th of July at 06:06: Full Moon is tightly conjunct controlling Pluto (exact at 11:05 p.m.), but you could be tempted to rule with an iron fist, especially since the Moon also opposes major Mars. Staying in touch with your sensitive side is the challenge from the Moon opposing the Sun in nurturing...

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