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This month you have the following main events (New York time, USA):  On 20th of January, the SUN ingress in AQUARIUS: Happy Birthday for all natives! Retrograde planets: Uranus (until 7th January). MOON PHASES (New York time, USA): NEW MOON in CAPRICORN and a Partial Solar Eclipse on 5th January at 20:28. This partial solar eclipse is visible from locations in north Pacific and northeast Asia, including Beijing, Irkutsk in Russia, Seoul, Taipei, and Tokyo: you should communicate in a very clear way and your ideas to have a practical use. It this way people will be more receptive to your message and together you may start an action to apply your ideas. FULL MOON in LEO and a Total Lunar Eclipse on 21st of January at 00:15. The total phase of this total lunar eclipse will be visible from North and South America, and western parts of Europe and Africa. Central and eastern Africa, Europe, and Asia will see a partial eclipse of the Moon:  It is a moment when you may try to understand what your role in this world is and what you should change from within to fulfil your destiny. It is not an easy task but try to make first step. Put at you’re your intention and the opportunities for change will occur. Order one of Consultations from here  MERCURY transits: MERCURY is in...

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More understandable of all, the South Node is the knowledge, experiences, abilities, talents that you can use to evolve, to learn, to accomplish your destiny through the North Node. The South Node is the comfort zone you do not want to get out of because you know the situation, while the North Node puts you to work, there’s no time to lose. It is up of you, whether you want to fulfil your destiny or not, it is a personal decision. Whenever you move away from the goal, you receive subtle messages that remind you that the right way. North Node Axis in Pisces – The South Node in Virgo and the North Node axis in the Twelfth house – South Node in the Sixth house. The SOUTH NODE IN VIRGO makes you feel in a comfort zone through various activities that are related to rules, order, perfection, meticulousness, the need for criticism and self-criticism, research, accounting. The tendency to constantly worry about being affected by feelings of guilt, lack of faith and trust in a superior, spiritual plan. Southern Node also means isolation, imagine a monk who holds the accounts in a monastery. Then you look at the traditional ruler of the sign of the South Node – MERCURY. The placement of this planet in your natal chart shows how you tend to react to keep yourself in...

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What happens when a planet is in retrograde motion? Can you remember periods of the year when you feel like in a twilight area and you do not know why? It is quite possible for a planet to be retrograde – that is, viewed from the earth, it seems to spin in the opposite direction. What’s really going on? Well, Earth completes its orbit around the Sun faster than other planets outside its orbit. Similarly, when a speeding machine passes a slower train, and so the train seems to stand or even move in reverse, as with retrograde planets. A retrograde planet is more influential as it is closer to Earth. Let review the main stages of the retrograde movement of a planet: Direct motion – the best time to act, especially if the planet is at home or exalted. If Moon is in waxing phase, it is even better. The retrograde station – it is not the right time to act, you do not start any important activity, regardless of the domain. Retrograde moving – Do not initiate new actions, just rethink, rectify, repair what has not gone out well in the past, is a good time for (re)planning and changing strategies. The direct station – you are heating up for the actions you will start in the direct motion period, so a brief review of what you...

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