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On 22nd of October MARS ingress in LIBRA and this transit works until in the 8th of December 2017. People with Mars in Libra in their natal chart often reflect about things before they act. Decisiveness is not their strong point, but they do, eventually, get things done. Many people with this position procrastinate, generally because they feel the need to weigh all of the alternatives before taking action. Life sucks, as Mars in Scorpio would say, but Mars in Libra will seldom accept this notion. These natives can easily get caught up in defending themselves and others. Although their overall goal is to live peacefully, they stir others up with their desire to balance everything. Still, they always play innocent when they are challenged, and can generally charm the birds out of the trees to win your favor. Passive-aggressiveness is practically the hallmark of this position. They don’t want to look like they are ever being mean or unfair, but aggression has to go somewhere! Too often, this results in sneaky behavior and subterfuge. On the other hand, some Mars in Libra people turn the Mars energy into action, and they fight for Libran justice and fairness in the world. On the up side, Mars in Libra people are adept at predicting when problems and discord will occur well in advance. They know how to compromise and are excellent at conflict...

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On 10th of October 2017 JUPITER moves forward, in SCORPIO sign and it is making an interesting job until 8th of November 2018. Scorpio relates to taxes, banking, and shared resources; consequently, costs may rise. Keeping an eye on your savings and debts may be paramount to protecting your interests. Try to think in a strategic way! Power fight is really dynamic and may be more visible during this transit, some people perhaps wanting to create large displays of prowess. The most challenging manifestation of this transit can be fears that tend to multiply. In the darkness, shadows loom larger than life beneath Jupiter’s magnifying influence. Many secrets and public scandals due to financial scams combined with sex and power. A reality show, a real House of Cards! Scorpio also is a financial sign, and Jupiter here can help to expand your financial resources but also can put a negative mark if in the past youd id big mistakes. So, for some will feel this trasit as a financial opportunity and for others will be a pain in the ass. Positively expressed, wise Jupiter seeks to understand the complexes that lie in the deepest reaches of the psyche. He knows that great treasures are buried in these mysterious catacombs. When Jupiter is in retrograde motion it means that you are invited to work more for what you need to acomplish...

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On OCTOBER, we have the following main configurations:  The biggest event of this month is the ingress of Jupiter in Scorpio, secrets and all kind of occult scandals will come out, so you will not have a boring period, it will be a big ShowTime, especially in politics, secret services, love and sex relationships. Look at the House of Card serial and you will feel the atmosphere! It will increase your ability to focus and tenacity no matter what are your goals. The Mars (in Virgo) -Saturn (in Sagittarius) square, on 11th of October required your discipline and endurance. Accomplish what you can. Any delays are likely to be unexpected so try to not force changes now. This square may bring risk of violence, riots, terrorist attacks, military tense moments; nature disasters (falls, landslides, all kind of collisions with fire and explosions). And Neptune (in Pisces) put a signature of confusion in these tense moments. RETROGRADE PLANETS this month are NEPTUNE and URANUS. On 23rd of October, the SUN ingress in SCORPIO: Happy Birthday for all natives! MOON PHASES (New York time, USA): FULL MOON in ARIES on 5th of October at 14:40: As a fire sign, Aries is associated with passion, anger, and overall intensity. If you’ve been depressed, lacking vitality, or feeling indecisive, this Full Moon can reawaken your fire, shaking you out of stasis and into action. It’s...

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Q & A – PART I

Because some of you asked me more questions about astrology terms I am starting to post answers in more then one article. Today you get the first one. Q: What is a rising sign or Ascendant? A: This is the zodiac sign that is rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. This is why time of birth is so important, because without it the Ascendant cannot be calculated and the chart is not accurate. Q: What is time of birth? A: Time of birth due to astrological point of view it means: day, month, year, location (city and country) and the exact hour and minute of birth. For example: May 5th 1980, New York, United Stated of America, 22:45. Q: What does it mean when a planet is in a sign? A: When an astrologer says that Mercury is in Aquarius or Mars is in Aries this means that at a particular moment in time, that planet is transiting a particular zodiac sign. Q: What is a house? A: A chart is divided is 12 parts called houses and they represent various aspects of your life. There are many house systems that we can use, each of them has its features. If you start to study astrology, the best way is to experiment by using more systems for each interpretation. For example, the most used house...

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On 5th of September MARS ingress in VIRGO and this transit works until in the 22nd of October 2017. People with Mars in Virgo in their natal chart are practical, busy and goal-oriented persons. They are able to do  many tasks at once, and a tendency to take on perhaps too much at the same time. Tehy should be aware of the critical power that they have to other people around them. Nobody want to be pushed and critisized. This Mars has a great nervous energy due to the traditional ruler of Virgo, Mercury. So it is important where is places Mercury in natal chart of a native. In love life and especially in their sexual experience they take sex as their work, they should be the best, perfect actually. What a pressure on them! Even they are shy sometimes, experience and knowledge are important to these natives, and this drive generally wins over their natural reticence. This native also can be very restless, mentally, stressed for anything, no matter is good or bad. In love they are very selective, if Mars in Virgo is placed in a female natal chart she will be very selective in choosing yhe right man. Both, men and women are insatiably curious about sex, although many don’t take their curiosity much beyond fantasy. Voyeurism is appealing to these lovers. In fact, they want...

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