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Since ancient times people have used the nature signs  to live their life but lately, because of the „benefits” of civilization we are far from nature and we forgot how nature can help us to have a better life. One of the most important present from nature are moon phases. I will describe the main activities that you can perform more efficient according to main moon phases: NEW MOON This day is ideal to keep fasting (consuming only water) because the body’s detoxification capacity is on the maximum capacity. WAXING  MOON The following activities ARE favored: seeding and planting , weight gain,surgeries, fertility, increasing the body’s healing power, drainage massage, hair and nail  trimming, gathering information and learning, social networking, construction and action. It is good to know in case of a treatment: stimulants produce the most effect and sedatives are the weakest, so decrease the dose of the one and increase the other. Also in this phase of the moon is good to make surgeries, but in this case there are some rules: Do not perform an surgery when the moon is in the sign which rules the part of the body to be operated upon. Ptolemy said,“Pierce not with iron that part of the body which may be governed by the sign actually occupied by the moon.” Surgeries performed at the exact change of the moon are rarely successful; Avoid...

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On AUGUST 2016 we have the following main configurations:  The most important configuration during August is MARS-SATURN conjunction in SAGITTARIUS, maybe you will tell me that is nothing new under the Sun. Yes it is, even we met the same configuration during March, April, and May 2016. Effects of this conjunction will be mixed, but negative effects will be more, so be caution. This conjunction receives both supporting aspects from the Sun and Uranus, and adverse ones from Neptune, Jupiter, the Lunar Nodes, and Mercury. In case of well configured, this conjunction brings: increasing of organizing spirit, favoring decision making and can have positive outcomes in big projects. On mundane scale, the Mars-Saturn conjunction contributes to strengthening authority and targets particularly the political, industrial, agricultural, and construction environment. In case of bad configured, this conjunction brings: political perturbations and turmoil, violence, riots, and attempts. State and government leaders, army or police could go through tense moments. Statistically, there’s a higher rate of accidents (particularly collisions, falls, crushing, crashes, fires and explosions). Natural disasters might occur. There might be failures, falls, drama or even deaths in the artistic and sports world, but also among those who are or have been powerful: members of royal families, presidents, prime-ministers. During August 2016 we have a conjunction among the two positive planets, VENUS and JUPITER, in VIRGO which aspires to peace and prosperity, and pleads for alliances, cooperation,...

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