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For our parents, we will be forever their children, no matter what age we have. In astrology, relationships of affection, love and compassion between parents and children can be seen by analysing the fourth house of the children’ natal chart and the fifth house of the parents’ natal chart. In this #astrovlog you have some info, depending on the zodiac sign in which the fourth and fifth houses are in the natal chart #howtorelatewithyourchild #goforastrologybyMonica #parentsandchild  ...

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This month you have the following main events (New York time, USA):  On 20th of April, the SUN ingress in TAURUS: Happy Birthday for all natives! Retrograde planets: Jupiter in retrograde station in Sagittarius starting with 9 April 2019. Pluto in retrograde station in Capricorn starting with 23 April 2019. Saturn in retrograde station in Capricorn starting with 29 April 2019 MOON PHASES (New York time, USA): NEW MOON in ARIES on 5th APRIL at 04:50: You have a strong need to communicate with other people and to keep up with all the latest news. You have an inquisitive mind and your main aim is to keep up with all that is going on and to expose yourself to new ideas and subjects. For this reason, you could enjoy writing, singing or public speaking. You need to find your voice and express yourself, whether in private or in public. Short journeys and changes of environment also appeal giving you more food for thought and satisfying your curiosity. FULL MOON in LIBRA on 19th of APRIL at 07:12: The focus your own health can be a constant source of pre-occupation forcing you to constantly adjust your daily commitments and to reassess your priorities in life. Sometimes it’s other people’s health that concerns you, particularly a woman closes to your heart. You may want to share your own discoveries about medical...

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