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More understandable of all, the South Node is the knowledge, experiences, abilities, talents that you can use to evolve, to learn, to accomplish your destiny through the North Node. The South Node is the comfort zone you do not want to get out of because you know the situation, while the North Node puts you to work, there’s no time to lose. It is up of you, whether you want to fulfil your destiny or not, it is a personal decision. Whenever you move away from the goal, you receive subtle messages that remind you that the right way. North Node Axis in Libra – The South Node in Aries and the North Node axis in the Seventh House – The South Node in the First house. The South Node in ARIES makes you feel in a comfort zone in terms of competitiveness, struggle for a cause, sport, willingness to act. In other words, you have experience of other lives in these domains, however being the Node South placed in Aries you do not want to use these abilities; however, life can make you to use them, and then you will realize that you are very good. Then you look at the traditional ruler of the sign of the South Node –  MARS. The placement of the Mars in your natal chart shows how you tend to react to...

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On JUNE, you have the following main events (New York time, USA):  On June 21st, the SUN ingress in CANCER: Happy Birthday for all natives! Mars is starting its retrograde motion in Aquarius starting with 27th June – you should postpone beginning new relationships and projects. On the other hand, it’s a good idea to get back to older initiatives that haven’t been finalized. You can also use this transit to revise causes which we joined, group projects in which we’re involved, friendships, and so on. Retrograde planets: Jupiter (until 10th July), Mars (until 28th of August), Saturn (until 6th September), Pluto (until 2nd October) and Neptune (between 18th June and 26th November). MOON PHASES: NEW MOON in GEMINI on 13th June 2018 at 15:43: You can seed for change with the power of our thoughts and words to shape your reality. Mutual reception between Mercury and the Moon it is an invitation for all of you to use emotional intelligence. Rather than retreating into your shells or striking out, you’re advised to keep your hearts open to the opportunity to resolve older issues. The cooperation between Mercury and Uranus is likely to encourage conversations, especially when you’re willing to speak the truth of our unconventional ideas, with love and sensitivity. FULL MOON in CAPRICORN on 28th June at 00:53: This Full Moon helps you to clarify your priorities and...

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Due to zodiac signs and eclipse you should look at the ruler of the zodiac sign and what fixed stars aspects happened during an eclipse. All these will show the nature of the event. Let’s see the mundane impact of eclipses due to elements of signs: IN FIRE SIGNS: possible deaths of influential people (presidents, kings, leading rulers), wars and conflicts, riots, event with explosions and fire. IN EARTH SIGNS: problems with lands, real estate and agriculture. IN AIR SIGNS: may bring strong storms and famine. IN WATER SIGNS: floods, maritime accidents and contagious diseases Let’s see the mundane impact of eclipses due to zodiac signs: ARIES: Riots, wars, revolutions, religious conflicts, possible arrests of important people, possible diseases among sheep and goats. Great Britain, France, Germany and Denmark are marked by this zodiacal sign. TAURUS: Problems in business, commerce, agriculture and real estate. Sales agents and negotiators are the most affected in their current activities. Increased mortality among oxen, cows and horses. The countries associated with this sign are Russia, Ireland, Switzerland, Cyprus and Iran. GEMINI: Diseases are propagated by air or food from birds (salmonella, avian flu and so on). Commercial and religious conflicts, breaking laws and death among leaders. The South of Egypt, London and the southwest of Great Britain and the United States are associated with this sign. CANCER: Political changes, violation of treaties, theft and high-level misconduct. Navigation and sea travel...

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On 16th of May 2018 MARS ingress in AQUARIUS and this transit works until in the 16th of November 2018, during this transit is included a longer retrograde cycle, such as: Mars in direct motion in Aquarius starting with 16 May 2018 Mars in retrograde station in Aquarius starting with 27 June 2018 Mars in retrograde motion in Aquarius starting with 29 June 2018 Mars in retrograde motion in Capricorn starting with 14 August 2018 Mars in direct station in Capricorn starting with 27 August 2018 Mars in direct motion in Capricorn starting with 29 August 2018 Mars in direct motion in Aquarius starting with 12 September 2018 Mars forms a complicated and dynamic square aspect with Uranus on May 16, repeated on August 1 and September 18. It is up to you to find new ways of expressing the Martian energy or to make unexpected changes that you have no control at all. During this retrograde cycle of Mars, it is preferable to avoid extreme sports and events involving imprudent and risk-of-accident actions. Try not to respond to challenges of any kind during this period. Do not rush things, if you see obstacles in your actions, try to find constructive solutions to move forward. The more you resist the changes, the more you will have conflicts with others. Take more care of yourself and avoid surgery especially in the following...

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Uranus ingress in Taurus on May 15th, 2018 but will have a retrograde moving to Aries on November 6, 2018. Then move direct again in Taurus on March 6, 2019 for another seven-year journey ending on April 26, 2026. As you know already, Taurus is a sign of earth element and it is the most resistant to change. Uranus challenges the status quo and forces both the individual and the society to change. From the point of Taurus, change not only could overthrow quiet life, but threaten the most important of all things: SECURITY. Let’s see when Uranus use to transit Taurus: 6 June 1934 – 15 May 1942 8 July 1850 – 14 March 1859 3 May 1767 – 8 April 1775 21 May 1683 – 28 April 1691 12 June 1599 – 15 May 1607  WHAT WAS HAPPENED IN THE PAST DURING THIS TRANSIT?    When Roosevelt came to power, he adopted the New Deal. According to Roosevelt’s New Deal, the unemployed people have been paid to build schools, bridges, roads and so on. Built of huge structures. The Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Rockefeller Center were built. Changes of national borders. The outbreak of the Spanish Civil War (1936), Japan’s invasion of China (1937), the Winter War between the Soviet Union and Finland (1939) and many activities in Nazi...

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