This interpretation is based on natal chart data (day, month, year, place and exact moment of birth) and the Solar Return chart is calculated for the exact moment when the Sun returns to its natal position. This chart can be read like a natal chart, except that it has effect only for the course of a year (approximately from birthday to birthday). It is especially important to have an accurate birth time when working with Return charts. The Solar Return Chart Interpretation is one of the techniques for predicting the future.

This service contains natal chart and Solar Return chart interpretation file with all information described above (chart in jpg format and interpretation in word or audio format).

Important! Solar Return chart interpretation is done by a real astrologer and not by a computer software. Computer software is used only to draw the chart but interpretation of it is made by astrologer Monica Lazar.

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For example, if we are in current year 2014 and you are born in July 1970 you will receive Solar Return chart Interpretation for period July 2014 – July 2015. If you want Solar Return chart interpretation for other year (in the future of course) you will complete the year in above field “Year of Solar Return”.
Time of birth is important and the best sources to find (if you do not know) are your birth certificate or your parents and relatives. Your personal data are confidential.

** If on your birthday time you will be in another location than in your birthplace please write the new location.