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Angular houses are the strongest and most dynamic houses in a natal chart. The planets placed in these houses can use their 100% positive or negative power depending on the aspects they form and the sign. Here you have the decreasing order of the power of these houses: I – X – VII – IV. Here are the areas of action of each house: This First House shows you’re the personal life and the external aspect. Experiences that are personal and identified that belonging to you. Personal goals, your desire to survive and to appear in the world are expressed by this house. The traits of your personality, autonomy, energy that is extrinsic, as a social identity. The clarity with which you associate the problems of survival in the life and the sense of control you have over your life. Everything that happens in the sense of affecting your personality in the outside world and the changes that change your vision of the world. This house is associated with the physical body and external enlightenment, with the way you act outside, the way you dress, speak or gesture. The Fourth House represents your country, home and roots. Your needs, childhood consciousness, the root of the emotional complexes, the roots imposed, family inherited characteristics, the legacy and traditional attitudes translated from the subconscious into the conscious. Attachment to the inner...

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More understandable of all, the Southern Node is the knowledge, experiences, abilities, talents that we can use to evolve, to learn, to accomplish our destiny through the North Node. The Southern knot is the comfort zone we do not want to get out of because we know the situation, while the North Node puts it to work, there’s no time to lose. It depends on each of us whether we want to fulfill our destiny or not, it is a personal decision. Whenever we move away from the goal, so many times we receive subtle messages that remind us that we have not come here to pull the trump. North Node Axis in Taurus – The Southern Node in Scorpio and the North Node axis in the Second House – The South Node in the Eights house. The Southern Node in Scorpio makes you to be attracted to secrets, occult sciences, to be secretive, to want isolation, to have certain talents hidden from the eyes of the world. Do not expect too much help from husband, family, and inheritance; on the contrary, you may have all sorts of bottlenecks and you will have to share with others. Then you look at the ruler of the sign of the South Node, in this case the traditional ruler of Scorpio is Mars. Mars placement in your natal chart shows how you...

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On JANUARY, we have the following main configurations:  Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio on 7th January brings motivation but also to agitation, excesses, accidents or violent incidents. The fields where can be applied are: justice, religion, higher learning, industry, army, police force, firefighters. Use this energy in well oriented activities. On January 19th, the SUN ingress in AQUARIUS: Happy Birthday for all natives! This month you get two Full Moons and a Total Lunar Eclipse! January has some destructive accents, but also a huge potential for success that can be very useful to those who are very determined, rigorous, and perseverant. RETROGRADE PLANET this month is only URANUS (until 4th of January). MOON PHASES (New York time, USA): FULL MOON in CANCER on January 1st at 21:24: Do you allow your fears to control your destiny, or can you trust the great? The Moon forms a grand trine in water with Neptune in Pisces and Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio – your feelings and intuition give you strong guidance, lighting up the big dreams and passions for a greater evolution. Opposing the Cancer Moon are the Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn it is an invitation to focus and structure creativity. This Full Moon asks you to soften your defenses, open your hearts, and only feel. NEW MOON in CAPRICORN on January 16th at 21:17: The first New Moon of...

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What happens when a planet is in retrograde motion? Can you remember periods of the year when you feel like in a twilight area and you do not know why? It is quite possible for a planet to be retrograde – that is, viewed from the earth, it seems to spin in the opposite direction. What’s really going on? Well, Earth completes its orbit around the Sun faster than other planets outside its orbit. Similarly, when a speeding machine passes a slower train, and so the train seems to stand or even move in reverse, as with retrograde planets. A retrograde planet is more influential as it is closer to Earth.  Let review the main stages of the retrograde movement of a planet: Direct motion – the best time to act, especially if the planet is at home or exalted. If Moon is in waxing phase, it is even better. The retrograde station – it is not the right time to act, you do not start any important activity, regardless of the domain. Retrograde moving – Do not initiate new actions, just rethink, rectify, repair what has not gone out well in the past, is a good time for (re)planning and changing strategies. The direct station – you are heating up for the actions you will start in the direct motion period, so a brief review of what you...

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SATURN is transiting CAPRICORN sign between December 20th, 2017 and March 22nd, 2020: Saturn being home is more effective in his manifestation and continues to teach you the discipline, integrity and proper use of power. Violation of rules and aberrations by authorities, but also lack of responsibility in their own lives, will be sanctioned by Saturn. Do not forget that Saturn’s last transit to Capricorn was between 1988 and 1991, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the change of communist regimes, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, pro-democracy rallies in the Tienanmen Square, the commitment of FW by Klerk to renounce apartheid to his accusation as President of South Africa and to the decision of the World Health Organization to eliminate homosexuality from the list of diseases. It is true that it included Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn but also Pluto in Scorpio. Saturn helps you to mature and empower of people and structures of any kind. You must look at reality in the eye without goggles. Capricorn possesses the following areas: aging, experience, ambition, bone, teeth, skin, buildings, government, engineering, traditions, structures, rules, defence, father, boundaries, preparation, planning, consolidation, reconstruction of structures, what we have. Quality and simplicity are preferred during this period. In business, specialization, niche and especially the quality of products are favoured. Persistent efforts and organized work bring winnings. In both personal and business...

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