Angular houses are the strongest and most dynamic houses in a natal chart. The planets placed in these houses can use their 100% positive or negative power depending on the aspects they form and the sign. Here you have the decreasing order of the power of these houses: I – X – VII – IV.

Here are the areas of action of each house:

This First House shows you’re the personal life and the external aspect. Experiences that are personal and identified that belonging to you. Personal goals, your desire to survive and to appear in the world are expressed by this house. The traits of your personality, autonomy, energy that is extrinsic, as a social identity. The clarity with which you associate the problems of survival in the life and the sense of control you have over your life. Everything that happens in the sense of affecting your personality in the outside world and the changes that change your vision of the world. This house is associated with the physical body and external enlightenment, with the way you act outside, the way you dress, speak or gesture.

The Fourth House represents your country, home and roots. Your needs, childhood consciousness, the root of the emotional complexes, the roots imposed, family inherited characteristics, the legacy and traditional attitudes translated from the subconscious into the conscious. Attachment to the inner self. Subjective experiences, the image of yourselves, the emotions and reactions at the emotional level. All the experiences that affect you emotionally from the outside world and change your emotional way of looking at the world. A new life, new beginnings and endings.

The Seventh House represents your partnership and interpersonal. Marriage and intimate relationships, people with whom you form personal relationships, visible enemies, those aspects of the self that you hide from others. Identifying with what you are by looking for conformance in the eyes of others. Love, equality, association, beginning and ending relationships with other people. Business partner, addiction, co-dependence. Joy and confidence in intimate relationships. All subjective experiences that affect your way of looking at other people.

The Tenth House represents career, your own development. House of the greatest achievements. Career, status, mature life, control of the destiny, maturity and authority over self and life. Position in society, conservatism and rules you respect. Reputation, what the public and society generally understands and thinks about you. Family experiences taken in a general sense. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The way others perceive, according to the qualities that you show in your career. What you want and what you can do. Moving to maturity and benefit from work. Experiences that affect your careers, public status, and security of achievement and that change your way of looking at what you expect to achieve as part of your destiny. The judgments thrown upon you by society that can undermine your safety and the sense of being in the world.

It is very important to analyse the planets that are present in these houses, the ruler of the houses and planets and the relationships that are formed between them and the rest of the elements in the natal chart.

Monica Lazar