Saturday – April 1, 2023 – Saturn in Pisces rules the day

You have the energy and inspiration to put a plan of action on paper, you just need a lot of patience and perseverance and support from your loved ones. Today is the time to convince them that your plan is the best one.

MERCURY transits the sign of ARIES until April 3 and you’re desire for independence makes you speak more directly, more forcefully and perhaps even initiate an action to help you achieve a goal. At some point Mercury will meet up with Jupiter and may bring you ideas to help you grow, or you realize you don’t know it all and pick up another book or start a useful course for this time in your life.

SATURN is already in PISCES since March 7, 2023 and this transit lasts until February 13, 2026. From this #astrovlog learn about the overall influence, the history of this transit and the influence for each Ascendant:

Sunday – April 2, 2023 – Day ruled by the Sun in Aries

At 13:57:19 the Moon enters Virgo.

A day full of creativity, inspiration but also energy to initiate something important for you. Time spent on a creative project or in a love relationship or with children is full of joy and fulfilment. For women with Sagittarius rising and the right age can conceive a child.

VENUS transits the sign of TAURUS (in domicile) until April 11 and helps you to be more emotionally stable, centred, and patient. The manifestation of love is harmonious and helps you have better relationships and you have a chance of money coming your way because the world perceives you as someone they can rely on in long-term projects. In addition to work you also need to enjoy life, be spontaneous and sociable.

In this #astrovlog I am talking about Lunar phases qualities in natal chart:

Monday – April 3, 2023 – Day ruled by Moon in Virgo

You are able to communicate your thoughts and feelings with ease. You are charismatic and can influence your entourage to agree with you. It’s time to become aware that self-esteem matters a lot if you want people to appreciate you for who you really are.

MERCURY will retrograde in TAURUS: 

Mercury ingress Taurus on April 3 at 19:22:11 (Romanian local time)

Between April 3 and April 20 Mercury in Taurus is in direct motion,

Between April 20 and April 22 Mercury in Taurus is in retrograde station,

Between April 22 and May 14 Mercury in Taurus is in retrograde motion,

Between 14 and 16 May Mercury in Taurus is in direct station,

Between 16 May and 11 June Mercury in Taurus is in direct motion

From June 11 at 13:26:36 Mercury enters Gemini and thus ends this cycle of Mercury retrograde in Taurus.

Here’s an #astrovlog about this Mercury retrograde cycle in Taurus:

Tuesday – April 4, 2023 – The day is ruled by Mars in Cancer.

Self-discipline combined with adaptability and perseverance can set you on the road to success, especially when motivation is strong.

MARS is in CANCER until May 20 and invites you to act in the best interests of your family, clan but also to fight for people or causes you feel for, so you are a genuine protector during this period. Be careful how you express your emotions because you can destabilise those around you.

In this #astrovlog I am talking about MARS in signs and houses. In witch sign and house do you have MARS in your natal chart?

Wednesday – April 5, 2023 – Day ruled by Mercury in Taurus

At 00:51:04 the Moon enters Libra

It’s a good day to develop your communication skills and don’t rule out the opportunity to teach others what you know best. It’s a favourable day for group activities.

You’re quite intense in your communication, so it’s good to be careful not to put too much stick through the fence or sparks might fly. There’s also a risk that you’ll be focused on your own thoughts and opinions and you may not listen to the opinions of others.

Today I am reading Marlon Brando’s natal chart, an Aries native:

Thursday – April 6, 2023 – The day is ruled by Jupiter in Aries.

Today you are charismatic and can shine, therefore a great day for presentations, promotion. Interview, negotiations. There’s no serious reason not to be confident, no matter what anyone says

At 07:34:00 Full Moon in Libra (maximum phase) occurs (Romanian local time):  With the Moon in Libra, we become aware of our need for relationships and what is involved in maintaining them – compromise, negotiation, kindness and balance. On the other hand, the Sun in Aries encourages self-affirmation but for that we need to know ourselves very well.

There is a need for harmony between meeting our personal needs and participating in our partner’s needs, and between independence or autonomy and dependence or companionship.

The Libra Moon is diplomatic, concerned with equality and justice. The Sun in Aries values authenticity over tact and is energized by independent endeavours. This New Moon is on the 6th-12th house axis which shows that there is also a need for greater concern for quality of life, health, daily routine, etc. Today you play the role of the optimist and find it easier to find a reason to be enthusiastic.

Friday – April 7, 2023 – The day is ruled by Venus in Taurus (in domicile).

At 09:29:16 the Moon ingress in Scorpio (falling).

Today you enjoy a quieter work environment. It’s a good day to take care of your own body, to pamper yourself, to relax. Gestures of affection in a couple are welcome because they have a healing role.

The hard aspects between Venus and Uranus reveals a need for space in  intimate relationships. Find out more in this #astrovlog:

Saturday – April 8, 2023 – Saturn in Pisces rules the day

Today you have a greater self-confidence that helps you lay the first brick of a goal.

That’s why you’re also willing to see opportunities more clearly to achieve your personal goals.

The secret of success depending on the launch date:

Sunday – April 9, 2023 – The day is ruled by the Sun in Aries.

At 15:56:36 the Moon ingress in Sagittarius

A great day to live life to the fullest by sharing love, to remember why you are with a certain person, and for singles it’s a day to realize that self-love is the first step to healthy self-esteem without falling into the trap of grandiosity.

In this #astrovlog you will find out new concept in astrology that are useful to understand better my vlogs. I am talking about synastry and composite charts:

Monday – April 10 – Day is ruled by Moon in Sagittarius

Also today it’s important to learn to value yourself more, so you’ll notice that others will appreciate you more because they feel you have an inner stability. What have you done lately to increase your self-esteem?

In this #astrovlog you learn how to find career choices in natal chart. Look to your natal chart and write here how is working these rules for you?

Tuesday – April 11, 2023 – The day is ruled by Mars in Cancer.

At 20:33:05 the Moon ingress Capricorn

Today you have big plans that can bring you success, provided you act, especially if you are open to collaborations and partnerships. Your motivation has to do with the material and emotional security of your family.

VENUS transits the sign of Gemini between April 11 and May 7: In relationships there is more of a curiosity and a need to find out what’s in your loved one’s head, so communication is important rather than feeling or emotions. You are restless and bored. On the other hand you may have lots of money-making ideas.

Here you find 28 #astrovlogs about Hellenistic astrology:

Wednesday – April 12, 2023 – Day ruled by Mercury in Taurus

Your mind is running at full speed today, so you’re incisive, restless and at risk of getting bored quickly. You have brilliant ideas that it’s good to get down on paper and use at the right time because today people might say you’re crazy.

In fact you are a visionary, you bring the future into the present but people don’t understand you. It is very important to remain pragmatic when you want to put these ideas into practice.

Thursday – April 13, 2023 – The day is ruled by Jupiter in Aries.

At 12:11:00 pm, the Third Quarter happens in Capricorn ((Romanian local time)

At 23:42:07 the Moon ingress Aquarius.

Today is the day to think about what your talents and abilities are. What do you do with them? How do you use them? Do you put them into practice? Can you help someone with what you know? If so, then it’s good to think about an activity that provides some services that people need.

In this #astrovlog I am talking about JUPITER in signs and houses. In witch sign and house do you have JUPITER in your natal chart?

Friday – April 14, 2023 – The day is ruled by Venus in Gemini.

Today you tend to get stuck in communication in your love relationship, not in the mood for adversarial and confrontational discussions. The cause of this holding back might have more to do with how you communicated as a child with the opposite sex parent. Take a moment to look into your past and discover a repetitive pattern of behaviour that you should be aware of, accept and then move on, i.e. heal from this behaviour so that you don’t have problems in your present relationships.

In this #astrovlog I am talking about how hard planets work in medical astrology:

Saturday – April 15, 2023 – Saturn in Pisces rules the day.

Today you are unpredictable and stubborn so you have to learn to look at things from all angles. The art of compromise can be learned because it’s important to achieve harmony in your relationships with those around you.

In this #astrovlog you will find out new concept in astrology that are useful to understand better astrology – about shadow concept when planets are going retrograde:

Sunday – April 16, 2023 – The day is ruled by the Sun in Aries.

At 01:56:45 the Moon ingress Pisces

From now on it’s time to let go of your past inhibitions and express yourself. That’s how you’ll find that life events will force you to come to terms with your identity in order to express your full potential. You may feel that your private life, your family and your home are demanding your full attention.

In this #astrovlog I am talking about using astrology to find out longevity:

Monday – April 17, 2023 – Day ruled by Moon in Pisces

Today you have the opportunity to express your feelings and thoughts well.  You are persuasive and have the ability to recognize opportunities and make the most of them.

In this #astrovlog I am talking about main aspects in predictive astrology:

Tuesday – April 18, 2023 – Mars in Cancer rules the day

At 04:09:13 – Moon ingress Aries

You have a great capacity for learning today, so you can start a course or engage in research or communicate effectively. On the other hand, it’s good not to neglect your artistic, spiritual and creative nature. In this #astrovlog I am talking about how Midheaven works in your natal chart:

Wednesday – April 19, 2023 – Day ruled by Mercury in Aries

You can get a lot done professionally today, so set up the necessary meetings, negotiate, get informed, provide valuable information in the professional community.

In this #vlog each parent has a chance to encourage their children to develop creativity and native talent:–gj6LmO11w

Thursday – April 20, 2023 – Jupiter in Aries rules the day

At 06:12 :00 there is a New Moon in Aries and a Hybrid Solar Eclipse, here is an #astrovlog about this event:

At 07:29:38 – Moon ingress Taurus (in exaltation)

THE SUN enters the sign of TAURUS on APRIL 20, 2023 at 11:13:36 (Romanian local time). Happy birthday to all natives! Here’s the profile of the native TAURUS in this #astrovlog:

Friday – April 21, 2023 – The day is ruled by Venus in Gemini:

Today you are intuitive and imaginative. Your thoughts are closely linked to your emotions. You speak with feelings, so if you think well then you feel well. It’s up to you!

Pluto is already in Aquarius since 23 March 2023. This moment marks the beginning of a 20 year long transit. First, it will retrograde several times back into Capricorn but will enter Aquarius for good on November 19, 2024.

Here’s an #astrovlog where I talk about this transit of Pluto in Aquarius – the general influence, a brief history of the impact in human history but also the impact for each ascendant individually :

Here is Pluto’s path over the next 20 years :

March 23, 2023 Pluto ingress in Aquarius

10 June 2023 Pluto retrograde enters in Capricorn

January 20, 2024 Pluto re-enters in Aquarius for good

September 1, 2024 Pluto retrograde re-enters in Capricorn

November 18, 2024 Pluto re-enters in Aquarius

March 8, 2043 Pluto ingress in Pisces

August 31, 2043 Pluto retrograde re-enters in Aquarius

January 18, 2044 Pluto re-enters Pisces for good

Saturday – April 22, 2023 – Saturn in Pisces rules the day

At 13:10:55 the Moon ingress Gemini

It would help you more if you got your family relationships in order and took better care of your daily routine, including the health of yourself and your loved ones.

Fixed starts have a special place in astrology history and there are really serious sources of information about them. They are known as fixed starts because they are moving on the sky very slow, a degree in around 72 years. Find in this #astrovlog why some of fixed stars can be a trigger for love relationships:–70U4zo

Sunday – April 23, 2023 – Day ruled by the Sun in Taurus

Today you need to ask yourself some essential questions, especially if you feel you don’t know what you want. The Sun’s transit into the pragmatic sign of Taurus brings you down to earth and puts you to work.

In this #astrovlog I am talking about how Midheaven works in your natal chart: 

Monday – April 24, 2023 – Day ruled by Moon in Gemini

At 21:58:26 – Moon ingress Cancer (in domicile)

Today you enjoy the company of friends and is a good day for activities related to art, music, nature and spiritual pursuits.

In this #astrovlog you find out how Moon transits may influence your health:

Tuesday – April 25, 2023 – Mars in Cancer rules the day

Today you have a lot of energy and are competitive so it’s important how you use this energy to be successful. Sports activities are also favored.

Wednesday – April 26, 2023 – The day is ruled by Mercury retrograde in Taurus

If you need to make a decision that involves financial transactions, it’s good to read the contracts well, ask all the necessary questions so that everything is clear!

In this #astrovlog​ I am talking about body and health of #Taurus​ natives:

Thursday – April 27, 2023 – Jupiter in Aries rules the day

At 09:29:46 the Moon ingress Leo

There’s a lot of energy today that’s good to put to work, otherwise conflict arises in your life through dramatic and intense relationships. It’s preferable to embrace change in your life and channel the intensity into a suitable creative project.

Today I am talking about how are #Taurus​ natives in love relationships:

Friday – April 28, 2023 – Venus in Gemini rules the day

At 00:19 :00 the First Quarter in Leo occurs (Romanian local time)

Today you need validation more than ever but it’s good to bring some concrete results to the table. Learn to promote your talents, skills and results, in other words create a personal brand. Let people know that you are very good at something.

Find out in this #astrovlog what is dispositorship and why can be the big boss in you chart:

Saturday – April 29, 2023 – Saturn in Pisces rules the day

At 21:59:10 the Moon ingress Virgo

Today you may have concerns that have to do with home, hearth, parents, family. Cleaning, moving, repairs, renovations. They say that as it is in your home so are your thoughts, so a little tidying up doesn’t hurt in a man’s home.

This #astrovlog is about Lucky houses and good planets:

Sunday – April 30, 2023 – Day ruled by the Sun in Taurus

You are an effective communicator today. You enjoy intellectual stimulation and it’s good to meet people who have similar concerns to yours.

In this #astrovlog I am comparing Saturn and the MC.  As you already know, the 10th house and the Midheaven are closely related to Saturn and the sign of Capricorn:

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