On AUGUST 2016 we have the following main configurations: 

The most important configuration during August is MARS-SATURN conjunction in SAGITTARIUS, maybe you will tell me that is nothing new under the Sun. Yes it is, even we met the same configuration during March, April, and May 2016. Effects of this conjunction will be mixed, but negative effects will be more, so be caution. This conjunction receives both supporting aspects from the Sun and Uranus, and adverse ones from Neptune, Jupiter, the Lunar Nodes, and Mercury.

In case of well configured, this conjunction brings: increasing of organizing spirit, favoring decision making and can have positive outcomes in big projects. On mundane scale, the Mars-Saturn conjunction contributes to strengthening authority and targets particularly the political, industrial, agricultural, and construction environment.

In case of bad configured, this conjunction brings: political perturbations and turmoil, violence, riots, and attempts. State and government leaders, army or police could go through tense moments. Statistically, there’s a higher rate of accidents (particularly collisions, falls, crushing, crashes, fires and explosions). Natural disasters might occur. There might be failures, falls, drama or even deaths in the artistic and sports world, but also among those who are or have been powerful: members of royal families, presidents, prime-ministers.

During August 2016 we have a conjunction among the two positive planets, VENUS and JUPITER, in VIRGO which aspires to peace and prosperity, and pleads for alliances, cooperation, and reconciliations. Venus – Jupiter in Virgo are not in good relations with Mars-Saturn in Sagittarius: excesses, overreacting, wrong estimations, waste of resources, amorous scandals.

A cardinal T-square formed with URANUS in ARIES and PLUTO in CAPRICORN it is still active: rapid action, crisis, confusion and even violence.

PERSONAL PLANETS IN RETROGRADE MOTION during this month:SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is retrograde until 13th of August: you will find some delays in your projects, depends in what natal house this retrograde motion is happened. Do not forget: SATURN demands fairness in everything you do! Signs concerned are: Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.

On 22nd of August the SUN moves to VIRGO: Happy Birthday for all natives!

MOON PHASES (at London local time):

NEW MOON IN LEO on August 2 at 21:44 (at London local time): creative work are favored, so try to use your creativity even in kind of fields that are not direct linked with creativity.

FULL MOON in AQUARIUS on August 18 at 10:26 (at London local time): You want to have more fun and enjoy the company of other people, particularly young people and children. Go more often into the parks, evenings at the theater or to a great picnic. You are very creative and you should use it in your private life. There is a Appulse Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius sign.

MERCURY transits: Until on August 31st Mercury is in Virgo: You can become obsessed with detailed knowledge. This may be to your detriment in daily life, although it is very beneficial for doing any kind of research. You like to be precise in your communications with others.

VENUS transits: Until August 5, VENUS is in LEO: You need to feel better in personal relationship because it stimulates your creativity. You want to feel proud of your partner and to build together a better life. Between 5 and 30 August, VENUS is in VIRGO: You will use communication and feelings to make money, but try to not offend people around you. Find a balance!

MARS transits:

Until 2nd of August MARS is in SCORPIO: its energy is more efficient, actions are clear and motivated, and initiatives are better inspired. Many of you have been learnt something useful from experiences of previous months. Between 2nd August and 27th of September MARS is in SAGITTARIUS and it completed its retrograde cycle: all unpleasant events occurred in this spring will disappear, but only if you done the corrections and you did not expect to be solved your issued by default.

August 2016 is not a balanced month, so keep your feet to earth and use your common sense in any aspects of your life. 

Here you have short FORECASTS for each ASCENDANT* for AUGUST 2016:


Love & partnerships: You should get some news in your love life. In a way or another these news are linked with work and/or health of your partner. If you want a baby, now is a good time to go for it!

Career &  money: Your daily routine is busy and stimulating. You may be interested in learning about health, more particularly the relationship between the mind and the body. Mercury has also entered Aries’ house of work, where it will stay longer than usual – until October 7 2016, because it’s in its retrograde cycle  and it will be actually retrograde between August 30 and September 22. So you can expect a greater impact of Mercurial aspects: intellectual effort, communication, paperwork and documents, travels, and so on. Long-distance travels and contacts could be profitable, but also risky. So be careful!

Health: It is a perfect time to go for investigations, treatments, and to solve an older or medical issue. Take care of your digestive, nervous, and respiratory systems, you are more sensitive this month!


Love & partnerships: You have a need to express yourself through love or something creative or artistic. You will enjoy busy creative projects and mentally stimulating hobbies together with your partner or within a group of friends. No matter if you are in a couple or not, for you it is time to experiment and have fun!

Career &  money: It is time for vacation and less work. If you need to work use your talents and creativity because you are in the best moment of inspiration! It is also a perfect month for education, promotion, publicity, entertainment or sports. Your finances seem to depend on others (partners, associates, financial institutions and so on) and require more attention. Any decision in this area needs to be well-thought-out, taking into account long-term implications.
Health: Your good mood is linked, in a way or another to your financial security.


Love & partnerships: Saturn makes things difficult, serious or complicated, since 2015. Saturn is not cheerful or generous. In August 2016 it’s joined by Mars, also known as considered to be bringer of trouble, disputes, and even break-ups. You’ve dealt with this configuration before, during Spring time. It’s a time of drawing conclusions, making decisions, and taking action. Your affection and warmth is centered around family and home because they make you feel more secure and confident.

Career &  money: This month collaborations, partnerships, and contracts are under your attention. It is not an easy time because you may meet inflexibility, suspicious or even rude people. Ending an association that has been creating a lot of discomfort is not out of the question. No matter the conditions you must continue to communicate and travel, if it is the case. If you need help, then your family is the best place from where the help is coming.

Health: Avoid people and places with potential for violence or conflict, stay away from of stress, and take better care of yourself.


Love & partnerships: You feel that your personal relationships are like duties, efforts, and maybe you feel restrictive or subordinated. Take care of conflicts and try to relax more and avoid stressed people and places. If you have chances to travel, or write and communicate more via internet, just do it. Read more, inform yourself!

Career &  money:  Mars-Saturn conjunction in your house of work promises hard work, greater responsibilities, difficult circumstances, and a tense work environment. At least you you’ll make money and you have the opportunity to advance, your effort will be rewarded. The most favored are intellectual activities, information, communication, and travel. The Moon eclipse in August 2016 could trigger something unexpected in Cancer’s finances.

Health: You should take some hard measures regarding lifestyle, physical shape, and looks, dieting. Go and make medical check-up. No matter what do not forget to have a positive attitude under all circumstances!


Love & partnerships: The Saturn-Mars combination in your house of love generates explosive erotic mood that can lead to passionate love-affairs or unique sexual experiences. Take care to not get into trouble if you forget about yourself in intense experiences. It is not the fist time when you do the same mistakes. There is a deep connection between your personal relationships and money, so take care of excessive spending.

Career &  money: With the Sun situated in your sign, during August 2016 you have opportunity to have success, and increase your prestige. Your main objective professional objectives have a financial motivation. August is important financially also because Mercury, ruler of Leo’s house of money, is in that actual house, where it will stay longer than usual (July 30 – October 7 2016) and where it will be retrograde between August 30 and September 22. You have many ingenious money-making ideas. You may earn money through distributing information. If you work on a online business it is the best time to put your ideas in practice. You are favored if you are analyzing and prospecting, but you’d better make significant decisions after September 22, when Mercury turns in direct motion. Do not invest your money in strange business, no matter who is inviting you to do it.

Health: In the first two weeks you are full of energy  but try to do not push your body to much, mainly in extreme sports. If you are pregnant, be more careful, because there are some risk of complications.


Love & partnerships:  You can expect significant events, of a favorable nature, to take place: a new love might begin, or it could be about reconciliation, confirming feelings, getting engaged. If you are already in a committed relationship, life together is cheerful and full of tenderness. You could encounter minor unpleasantness related to parents or home.

Career &  money: Mercury is in Virgo, in a strong position, together with Venus and Jupiter bring good luck for you and to achieve a great potential. It helps you come up with grand plans, earn new collaborators and allies, display your intelligence and talents. Also, money comes easily. Be aware of home as a building and all goods that you have inside! If it is a must, then get involved in solving an issue to do with your home, family, or property!

Health: You feel very well and you are full confidence. But take care of any excess because it possible to occur some incidents, accidents, infections.


Love & partnerships: This month you do not get to much love from your personal relationships. Instead you should involved in a common project (work) with your life partner/lover. It is important to have at least a common goal and to work together to get it.

Career &  money: It is time to think why the things are not going well when is about your current work. See what has been happened in last 12 months and make a SWOT drawing on the paper. Some interesting conclusions will come up and you will be ready for a new start during September. Do not spend too much money, you will need them later!

Health: It is time to rest and relax, and listen to your body! If you feel the need to to a medical check-up and do not waste your time making suppositions about your health state.


Love & partnerships: This month you have an amazing good luck in love, it may come from abroad or maybe you may travel abroad or maybe your lover is abroad for a while and is calling you to invite for a travel. You are favored also, together with your partner in intellectual and cultural group activities. If you are single, your friends might introduce you to someone, help you get back together with someone, or give you good love advises.

Career &  money: You are very ambitions this month and you have many possibilities to get them. Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury promise achievements in team-based action, help from supporters, and protection from the strong. You’re successful and enjoy popularity, but you could encounter some financial difficulties. The Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio’s house of money could imply greater obligations, delays in payments.

Health: Avoid extreme feelings, from great optimism to the other extreme. Maybe you feel tired or weak, because of that, try to sleep more, relax, go to a massage.


Love & partnerships: Your love life and your partner are linked, in a way or another with public life, career, high and social status. This situation brings happiness and emotional fulfillment in your personal relationships.

Career &  money:  This month is full of opportunities and favorable circumstances. There are compliments to be received, awards, positive publicity, favors from higher-ups, maybe even a promotion. Mercury in Virgo boosts your professional relations and areas that are mercurial: intellect, information, communication, motion.

Health: Mars and Saturn are in Sagittarius, because of this maybe you feel weaker and you should take care of unpredictable events: injuries and accidents. Avoid risky situations and do not lose your optimistic attitude. Relax more!


Love & partnerships: You need a wider and deeper perspective in your personal relationships. You may have a long-distance relationship or with someone from abroad or you make a romantic journey. But you can also undertake some spiritual or cultural initiatives together with your loved one or develop an attraction based on intellectual affinities. Material values and money could bring some challenges this month, because of this is better to have a clear situation in your common financial goals and roles.

Career &  money: The Moon eclipse that takes place on August 18 2016 in Capricorn’s house of money shows an important month in terms of finances: unexpected events, good or bad, depending on your natal chart, but also a clarification, awareness or a finale. Put aside some emergency funds and think carefully about financial decisions. You are favored in activities that have to do with abroad, tourism, using the Internet, but also those related to higher education, the cultural, religious or legislative environment. You could travel for studies, business or career. Guard your back, because someone older, more experienced or higher ranked can become your enemy! It is a higher probability to be a male and not a female.

Health: Saturn and Mars are placed in a medical house, this can boost a chronic illness or provoke accidents or other incidents leading to an affected freedom of motion. Be careful how you move about and handle dangerous objects!


Love & partnerships: You and your lover are on the first place, this month. The Moon that happens in August 2016 on the Aquarius-Leo axis highlights in bold lines the significance of relationship. You have a special invitation for  analysis and reflection about your personal relationships. A big change will come up in your relationships with friends, maybe you will move abroad and you will be afraid that the connections will gone. They are not gone, they only are changing, at the next level.

Career &  money: Mars and Saturn motivates you and could result in particular achievements. You enjoy particular success in group activities, and collaborations and team work are a given. Try to postpone any major financial decisions after September 22.

Health: The risk is to be involved in too many activities and you will get too much stress. Take it as it comes, do not jump over!


Love & partnerships: You have great emotional needs, but you get offers to fit your needs. August and September 2016 are particularly relevant for Pisces in regard to relationships and must be lived consciously and responsibly. Communication is essential to Pisces’ love life during this term.

Career &  money: Maybe during this month you make clear and sudden decisions regarding career, to take serious action, to fight to get settled or to make a big change. It’s time for decisive action, swift but wise, to set in motion something new that you’ve been thinking about for a while now. Your success depends on collaborations, on cooperating with others, on clients and various social interactions. Focus on major goals and don’t give up until you achieve them!

Health: This is a very good month for medical procedures. You benefit from the advice of specialists and efficient treatments. It is wise to make important adjustments in your lifestyle hygiene and body-care. Control your excesses (eating fast and too much, for example)! Listen to your body and discover your true needs!
*) If you do not know yet your Ascendant you may find it very easy by using any other free astrology website or software that you can find on internet. For this calculation you need: day, month, year, location, hour and minutes of your birth. If you have possibility try to use the Whole signs (house system) because it is the oldest house system (used by ancient Greek astrologers) who has proven its real value during history.

 New Moon August 2016


I wish you the best transits!

Monica Lazar