Thursday – February 1, 2024 – The day is ruled by Jupiter.

MERCURY transits the sign of CAPRICORN until the morning of February 5th, and I am curious about how this transit has been for you because there was also a retrogradation.

MARS transits the sign of CAPRICORN (in exaltation) until February 13.

Mars is the planet of action, energy, and initiative. Capricorn is an earth sign, associated with responsibility, discipline, and ambition.

Here are some general aspects of Mars’ transit in Capricorn:

Sustained effort and focus: Capricorn is known for perseverance and the ability to work hard to achieve goals. Mars in Capricorn can bring more concentrated energy and a more methodical approach to issues.

Goals and ambitions: This transit can intensify the desire to achieve objectives and progress in the career or other aspects of life. Mars in Capricorn encourages focus on concrete goals and taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Discipline and self-control: Capricorn is associated with discipline and self-control, and Mars in this sign can bring energy that encourages efficient resource management and a focus on important tasks.

Potential for success in the career: Given that Capricorn is often associated with the career and success in the material world, Mars’ transit in Capricorn can bring favorable energy for progress in the professional field.

Attention to overexertion: However, there is also the risk of becoming too obsessed with success or being too hard on ourselves during this transit. It is important to be aware of our limits and avoid overexertion.

Today at 22:36:51 – The Moon enters Scorpio (in fall).

Friday – February 2, 2024 – The day is ruled by Venus.

VENUS transits the sign of CAPRICORN until February 16 (inclusive) and may bring changes in the realm of relationships and personal values. In traditional astrology, Venus governs relationships, love, beauty, and values, while Capricorn is associated with responsibility, discipline, and ambition. Therefore, when Venus transits through Capricorn, these energies blend, bringing specific influences.

Here are some possible meanings of Venus’ transit in Capricorn:

Pragmatic approach in relationships: Capricorn is known for its pragmatic approach and focus on goals. In relationships, this transit can bring a more serious and responsible attitude, where people may be more focused on building a solid foundation in a partnership and taking on more responsibilities.

Focus on career and social status: Capricorn is associated with career and social status. During this transit, relationships may be influenced by professional aspirations and the desire to achieve success in the external world. Partners may support and encourage each other in reaching personal and professional goals.

Valuing financial stability: Venus in Capricorn can bring an increased concern for the financial aspects of relationships. People may be more interested in financial stability and building a secure future together.

Strengthening long-term relationships: Capricorn is a sign oriented towards sustainability and long-term commitment. During this transit, existing relationships can be strengthened through taking on serious commitments and adopting a more mature approach to partnership.

Saturday – February 3, 2024 – The day is ruled by Saturn.

Today at 01:18:00, we have the lunar phase called the Last Quarter in Scorpio: And it could bring challenges like “How not to lose my mind in the midst of intense emotions and how not to send my family on a journey to an unknown destination.” It might be helpful to take a look at how you can juggle with these energies that seem to clash in your life and express your needs without triggering an intergalactic war in the process. Stubbornness reaches its peak, so figure out what to do with it.

Sunday – February 4, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Sun.

Today, with the Sun in Aquarius, takes a relaxed look at the Lunar Nodes, being great friends who understand each other wonderfully – a dynamic duo, like Batman and Robin, but instead of fighting crime, they address situations and strive to be the heroes of personal evolution.

However, let’s not forget that the Sun in Aquarius enters the ring with Uranus in Taurus in an epic battle, a true confrontation between the need for change and the desire for stability. It’s like Aquarius shouting, “Freedom!” and Taurus responding, “Hold on, I love my routine!”

Today at 08:27:59, the Moon enters Sagittarius.

Monday – February 5, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Moon.

MERCURY transits the sign of Aquarius between February 5 and 23, and as soon as it enters, it makes a conjunction with Pluto.

It’s as if Mercury is saying, “Okay, Pluto, let’s have a deep and intense conversation!” Deep communication is the order of the day, with information thrown into the air with cosmic intensity. It’s as if all messages now have a greater significance, a deeper understanding, and gossip becomes philosophy.

And don’t forget analytical thinking! Mercury allies with Pluto’s power to unearth hidden truths.

Transformation of ideas is the order of the day, opening doors to new perspectives and understandings. It’s like Mercury and Pluto shouting in unison, “Change, here we come!”

Tuesday – February 6, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mars.

Today at 14:08:34, the Moon enters Capricorn (in detriment).

So, Mars, the one with big ambitions and serious plans, meets Neptune in Pisces, the dreamy type who walks on clouds. And they say, “Let’s make a sextile! It will be fun!” Now, Mars in Capricorn wants to reach the stars, be the champion of the universe, and conquer everything, but Neptune says, “Hey, buddy, let’s add a bit of magic and dreaming to your ambitious actions!” So they start collaborating, like a cosmic team. Mars pulls Neptune and says, “Come on, friend, let’s set these dreams in motion, let’s take creative actions and achieve goals in our unique style!” Neptune, always in the clouds, says, “Yes, yes, and maybe let’s add a little compassion and empathy along the way!” And so, they start realizing ambitious dreams but in a more relaxed way and with a healthy dose of humor. In the end, Mars and Neptune realize they can be a successful cosmic team, with Mars riding the waves of ambitions and Neptune bringing charm and inspiration. And everyone in the cosmos looks and says, “Bravo, guys, you’ve made a cosmic show!”

Wednesday – February 7, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mercury.

Today, Mercury in Aquarius forms an applying square with Jupiter in Taurus.

So, Mercury, the one with the wild ideas from Aquarius, meets Jupiter in Taurus, the kind of planet that says, “Enough with the nonsense, let’s talk seriously!” And what do you know, the square begins, a sort of cosmic battle between abstract thinking and pragmatism.

First, Mercury throws futuristic ideas, and Jupiter looks at him and says, “Hey, you’re on another planet, let’s bring ourselves back down to earth!” Mercury wants to soar with thoughts, and Jupiter wonders how to put things into practice. It’s like trying to solve a cosmic puzzle, but some pieces are in another galaxy.

And so, Jupiter tells Mercury, “Hey, let’s get serious now. Let’s figure out how to put all this on paper!” It’s like Jupiter is trying to give Mercury practical life lessons, struggling to pull ideas out of the abstract dimension.

And in the end, everyone looks at it and bursts into laughter. Mercury and Jupiter look at each other, shake hands, and say, “Let’s make peace and gaze at the stars together!”

Thursday – February 8, 2024 – The day is ruled by Jupiter.

Today at 3:59:23 PM, the Moon enters Aquarius.

The Lunar Nodes have been in transit on the Aries-Libra axis for some time and will continue their influence until January 12, 2025, at 1:01:30 AM.

So, the North Node in Aries takes center stage with a pure “Let’s do this ourselves!” energy. It’s like shouting to the audience, “Enough with balance and compromise! Let’s do something crazy and take risks!”

On the opposite side, the South Node in Libra looks in the mirror and tries to adjust its balance, saying, “Let’s distance ourselves from excessive dependent relationships and discover harmony!”

The North Node in Aries brings fire and determination, encouraging everyone to act more like a galactic superhero and less like a diplomat in balanced terms.

Meanwhile, the South Node in Libra strives to resolve relational issues, and the astro-galactic comedian says, “We need to avoid conflicts and seek harmony within ourselves! But if someone stumbles along the way, we’ll handle it elegantly.”

So, everyone understands that to evolve, you need to juggle the Aries’ need for action and Libra’s need for balance. Here’s a #astrovlog seriously discussing the general impact of this transit and its effects on each Ascendant:

Friday – February 9, 2024 – The day is ruled by Venus

NEPTUNE transits the sign of PISCES until March 30, 2025, at 13:59: First of all, Neptune does not fall into the category of personal planets and has a personal impact only if it creates a conjunction with personal planets in the natal chart. The impact of this planet is more significant at a social, mundane level, affecting the masses.

During this transit, the exploration of the inner world becomes a kind of interdimensional journey for each individual.

But beware! While Neptune steps onto the stage with vibrant colors of creativity, there are also dangers of cosmic illusions! “Enough with reality, let’s daydream with our eyes wide open!” says Neptune, and people are tempted to see stars instead of facts.

And what would a show with Neptune be without a bit of confusion? “Where am I, and where is reality?” people wonder, as if they’ve been teleported to another dimension.

But not everything is shrouded in mystery! Neptune, in its luminous attire, also brings a strong sense of compassion and forgiveness. “Let’s forgive each other because we are just little stars lost in this cosmic nebula!”

Where do you have Neptune in your natal chart? What do you daydream about with your eyes wide open?

Saturday – February 10, 2024 – The day is ruled by Saturn

Today, at 00:59:00, we have the New Moon phase in Aquarius, and it may bring the following possible events:

A new beginning in private life: The New Moon says it’s time to start something new, but this time, we’re not just talking about a new spaghetti recipe! If you need changes at home, this is your chance to kick off a wild renovation project. Maybe you want to bring a bit of cosmic charm into your living space or declare war against intergalactic dust.

Exploring new ideas in the family:

Aquarius says, “Goodbye, boring routine!” and suggests bringing a touch of innovation to your family. Maybe you need a family counselor, or perhaps you just want to implement a new notion of who does the cleaning. Progressive thinking at home!

Seeking independent security:

In a world full of craziness, Aquarius wants to guide you toward security based on your own ideas and needs. If the whole family wonders why you want to build a pillow fortress in the living room, tell them it’s because Aquarius wanted it that way!

Today, at 15:42:24, the Moon enters Pisces.

With the New Moon in Aquarius, we also enter the Chinese New Year of the Wood Dragon (Green Dragon). The Chinese say that the year 2024 is a year of courage, determined steps, strong alliances with the Dragon, a symbol of strength and success, inviting us to use our inner power to turn every challenge into a golden opportunity.

And starting today, we enter a new period, namely the Fire Era 9, which will exert a powerful influence on many aspects of our lives. You are invited to explore and understand all the characteristics that will mark us in the next 20 years.

Sunday – February 11, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Sun

PLUTO re-entered AQUARIUS on January 21, 2024, and will bring some major changes to our collective consciousness for a 20-year transit.

Transformation in Human Thinking:

Pluto enters Aquarius and says, “Enough with traditional thinking! Everyone on board the innovation spaceship! We need ideas more unconventional than an alien pajama party!”

Changes in Innovation and Technology:

Aquarius and Pluto decide to take technology to a stellar level. From now on, smartphones must also function as teleporters, and drones deliver pizza directly into our eager mouths. Technological revolution throughout the galaxy!

Transformation of Society:

“Society, get ready for a cosmic dimension change!” shouts Pluto. Social values are now in vogue, and old rules are thrown into space. Everyone gets a ticket for a journey toward social equity and intergalactic diversity.

Deep Exploration of Human Ideas:

Pluto brings its idea detectors and says, “We want to understand humans better!” People are now under their cosmic microscope, and hidden ideas are brought to the surface. Who knew everyone had a bit of hidden interstellar genius?

Power in the Collective:

During Pluto’s party in Aquarius, social groups become celebrities. “Power is in unity!” shouts Pluto while organizing a stellar flash mob. Social movements become so powerful that even neighboring planets applaud them.

Revolution in Ideas and Perspectives:

Pluto and Aquarius decide to revolutionize consciousness. “Enough with old thinking! Let’s look to the future with Aquarian eyes and have a party of enlightened minds!”

More in jest. More seriously, this is the situation with this 20-year transit.

In this #astrovlog, you have a description of the general impact as well as for each Ascendant:

Monday – February 12, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Moon

Today at 15:25:47, the Moon enters Aries.

So, how important is the Moon in astrology? Let’s give it a moment of cosmic reflection, with laughter and wisdom!

The Moon, Master of Emotions: The Moon is like the master of ceremonies at the carnival of our emotions. “Today, we cry in a minor key, and tomorrow we feel like confident rock stars!” Emotions zigzag in a chaotic manner.

The Moon and Mood: “My mood? It’s influenced by the Moon’s position, of course!” Today, we’re happy like mustached extraterrestrials, and tomorrow, we’re melancholic like the sad melodies of cosmic space.

The Moon and Daily Routine: “Today, I feel like adventures! Grab your umbrellas and astronaut helmets because the Moon says it’s time to explore the fridge for gastronomic treasures.”

The Moon and Cosmic Sleep: “It’s time to sleep under the silvery light of the Moon!” When the Moon says “sleep,” we don’t argue. Insomnia is not allowed on the Lunatic spaceship.

The Moon and Cosmic Truth: “The Moon speaks the truth! Don’t try to hide your feelings under the space rug. She brings them to the surface, as if she’s doing stand-up comedy with your truth.”

The Moon, Nocturnal Zodiac Guide: “Need a guide for zodiacal madness? The Moon is your emotional GPS! She knows where all the planets are and tells you how to navigate through constellations.”

The Moon teaches us to dance under the stars, to be honest with ourselves, and to appreciate the beautiful madness of our existence.

Tuesday – February 13, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mars

MARS transits the sign of AQUARIUS between February 13 – March 23, and as soon as it enters, it forms a conjunction with Pluto. Let’s see how this transit works in a humorous but useful way:

Intensity and Determination:

Mars and Pluto take the stage as a team of cosmic superheroes, ready to bring intense actions to life! “Feel that power?” asks Mars, and Pluto responds, “Oh, yes! Determination is at stellar levels!”

Personal Changes and Transformations:

The Mars-Pluto conjunction is like a cosmic personal trainer. “It’s time for an emotional exorcism to get rid of the emotions that undermine you!” says Mars, while Pluto tosses old habits into the cosmic air. Personal transformation on a galactic scale!

Prudence in Action:

“Don’t launch your space rockets without checking the navigation system!” warns Mars. Pluto adds, “It’s nice to be motivated, but be mindful of consequences!” So, as you head decisively toward your goals, check your cosmic helmet for safety.

Wednesday – February 14, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mercury

Today, Mars is in exact conjunction with Pluto at 0°46 in Aquarius at 08:02:03.

Today at 17:02:14, the Moon enters Taurus (in exaltation).

Mercury is still transiting the sign of Aquarius and operates in a unique way:

Thought Teleportation:

Mercury in Aquarius is like a cosmic thought teleporter. You have an idea, and poof! It goes to another galaxy. “I had a brilliant idea, but now I can’t remember what it was!” exclaims a confused Aquarius.

“Bring me your thoughts, but put on your protection helmet because I’m talking to extraterrestrials!” says Mercury, as zodiac signs search for intergalactic translation manuals.

Mercury in Aquarius is like a phone with telepathic capability. “It doesn’t make sense to send me SMS. I already feel them in my brain!” says an Aquarius, trying to avoid the cosmic bomb of unanswered messages.

“I have an idea! Let’s turn the planet into a racetrack for interstellar hoverboards!” enthusiastically shouts an Aquarius under the amusing influence of Mercury.

Mercury in Aquarius brings a wave of chaotic energy to how people think. “I can’t stop jumping from one idea to another! It’s like my thoughts are skydiving without a parachute!” says a hyperactive Aquarius.

Communication becomes a territory of galactic sarcasm. “Sure, I understood everything you said. To put it differently, I understood absolutely nothing!” responds an Aquarius, while Mercury chuckles behind the cosmic scenes.

Similarly, someone with Mercury in the sign of Aquarius is always ready to embark on a journey into the unknown aboard the USS Enterprise with Captain Jean-Luc Picard. They know when they leave, and they care little if they come back! Because the future always looks better than the present!

Thursday – February 15, 2024 – The day is ruled by Jupiter

JUPITER is transiting the sign of TAURUS until May 26, 2024, and here’s an #astrovlog about the significance of this transit and its impact for each ascendant:

Considering that it’s been over 6 months since Jupiter has been strolling through Taurus, how has this transit been working for you so far?

Friday – February 16, 2024 – The day is ruled by Venus

Today, at 17:00:00, we have the First Quarter Moon in Taurus, and it may indicate:

The Duel of Moon vs. Sun – Who will Win?

In one corner, we have the Moon in Taurus, passionate about career and professional success, and in the other corner, the Sun in Aquarius, shouting at you to bring a bit of madness and originality into relationships. It’s like a wrestling match between career stabilization and wild relationship revelry.

Balance, That Delicious Juggling Act:

So, you find yourself on a wire, juggling between emails and love messages. With one part of you in the career house and the other in the relationship house, you need to find a balance. If you put too many eggs in the career basket, you might end up with a surprise in relationships, and vice versa.

Innovation in Love and Stability in the Office:

The quarter moon throws the challenge at you to be both a stability guru in your career and a hero of innovation in love. It’s like trying to make a peanut butter and pickles sandwich – a weird mix but one that can be surprisingly delicious.


In the midst of this interstellar struggle, an opportunity for personal and professional growth arises. The quarter moon brings not only tensions but also hidden chances under the stellar cloak. So, let’s take advantage of this cosmic dish and nourish ourselves with wisdom and creative solutions.

Therefore, star explorer, when the quarter moon plays with you, don’t forget to laugh in the face of chaos and dance under the cosmic-comedic stars of your life! 🌌😄

Today at 21:39:27, the Moon enters Gemini.

Saturday – February 17, 2024 – The day is ruled by Saturn

VENUS is transiting the sign of AQUARIUS between February 17 and March 12, and as soon as it enters, it forms a conjunction with Pluto and Mars, bringing intense and provocative energy to the realm of relationships and passion.

Venus wakes up and says, “Aha, Aquarius, I’m here to shake up your love universe a bit!” Pluto and Mars join the dance, and your relationships are now on the cosmic dance floor.

Pluto and Mars make a dramatic entrance. “Let’s throw a party in honor of love and set the dance floor on fire!” shouts Mars, while Pluto adds, “Transformation and passion – that’s our recipe!”

It’s time to discover your passions, express them without reservations, and invest energy in relationships. “Dear ones, get ready for the adventure of your life in love!” echoes the voice of Aquarius.

Transformation and changes are the order of the day. “Your relationships will never be the same after this experience!” whispers Pluto, while Venus takes a cosmic selfie to immortalize the moment.

“Communicate openly, love wildly, but with wisdom!” declares Venus, as Pluto and Mars shake hands to conclude this spectacular cosmic performance.

So, in this intense and provocative period, love is not just in the air; it’s everywhere in the cosmos! Open your heart and get ready to dance under the crazy stars of love! 💫💃❤️

Sunday – February 18, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Sun

The Sun is preparing to conclude its transit through the sign of Aquarius, so let’s recap some characteristics of this archetype:

The sign of Aquarius is like an extraterrestrial with a mysterious smile. Proudly wearing the uniform of a galactic visionary, always ready to surprise the world with crazy ideas.

Citizen of the Universe, but with an Address on Earth.

Aquarius is not just a citizen of the universe but also of the corner café. With feet in the clouds and thoughts in space, it finds balance between daydreaming and concrete deeds.

Communication is an art, and Aquarius paints it on the canvas of the universe with shades of humor and originality. You might hear an Aquarius saying, “It’s time to turn all seagulls into rocket pilots!”

Aquarius is a master of innovation. It has a cosmic radar for unique ideas and future technologies. “Teleportation and traveling at the speed of light are viable options,” says Aquarius while adjusting futuristic glasses.

If you miss parties with extraterrestrials or need advice on how to decorate your spaceship, Aquarius is your ideal friend. “I’ve been invited to a party on Mars; do you want to come?” he asks with a smile.

With a healthy dose of madness and a drop of genius, Aquarius rides the zodiacal waves like a cosmic surfer. “If lateral thinking were an Olympic sport, I’d be the world champion!” he confidently declares.

In love, Aquarius is an unconventional hero. “Roses are too ordinary. I sent half of a constellation frm somewhere,” he says romantically.

Aquarius loves to philosophize under the stars while kissing under a sky full of ideas. “Who says we have to keep our feet on the ground when we can have them in the air?” he asks, jumping off a rock with a rebellious air.

As you know, the planet URANUS is the modern ruler of the sign Aquarius.

URANUS is transiting the sign of TAURUS for a long journey, concluding on April 26, 2026. In this #astrovlog, it explains the situations you’ll be facing until April 2026:

Monday – February 19, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Moon

The SUN enters the sign of PISCES on February 19, 2024, at 06:13:08. Happy birthday to all natives! Here’s the profile of a Pisces native in this #astrovlog:

Today, at 05:24:49, the MOON enters Cancer (in its domicile).

SATURN is transiting the sign of PISCES until February 13, 2026. In this vlog, you’ll find information about the general influence, the history of this transit, and its impact on each Ascendant:

Tuesday – February 20, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mars

Towards the end of the month, Mars in Aquarius creates an applying square with Jupiter in Taurus.

In the left corner of the cosmic ring, we have Mars shouting, “Innovation or nothing!” and in the right corner, Jupiter, yelling, “Stability or nothing!” When they meet in a square, it’s like the universe is getting popcorn ready for a cosmic show.

Mars in Aquarius is the captain of the spaceship “Crazy Ideas.” “I have an idea! Let’s turn the planet into an amusement park for extraterrestrials!” he shouts with an enthusiastic smile.

On the other hand, Jupiter in Taurus stands in the middle of his own zen garden, petting a cow and muttering, “Stability is the key. Let’s plant flowers and admire how they grow!”

When Mars and Jupiter step into the ring, the commands are simple: “Ideas versus Stability – who will win the title of Zodiacal Champion?” The universe waits with bated breath.

Mars throws crazy ideas, and Jupiter responds with solid arguments about the need for deep roots. It’s like an extraterrestrial battling a garden.

Mars tries acrobatic jumps among Jupiter’s flowers, and the latter feels like an elephant is strolling through his zen garden. Cosmic risks and surprises in the garden of stability!

In the end, Mars and Jupiter look at each other, tired but with smiles.

So, in this epic confrontation between Aquarian thinking and Taurus’ need for pragmatism and stability, stay tuned for the next episode of “Zodiac Battles”! 🚀🌌😄

Wednesday – February 21, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mercury

Today, at 15:40:25, the MOON enters Leo.

Thursday – February 22, 2024 – The day is ruled by Jupiter

MERCURY is transiting the sign of PISCES between February 23 and March 10, and it doesn’t just pass through the neighborhood; it’s more like a cosmic show with the Sun and Saturn chiming in! So put on your madness-watching glasses and watch how this hilarious episode of the horoscope unfolds.

Mercury puts on its fishy shoes and sneaks into the sign of Pisces like an underwater detective. “Ready to reveal the secrets from the deep spiritual depths of life!” he shouts, while the Sun and Saturn watch him with wide eyes.

In one corner of the zodiac, the Sun and Saturn do yoga together. “Stand tall, breathe deeply, and feel the astral energy!” they encourage everyone, while Mercury sneaks between them, trying not to laugh.

Mercury looks into the cosmic mirror and says, “It’s time to reflect on how we communicate and take on responsibilities with elegance and a touch of mysticism!” The Sun and Saturn shake their heads, amazed.

In the midst of this cosmic comedy, Pisces are called to spread their spiritual wings and play the game of connecting with the deep aspects of life. “Let’s meditate and talk to the fish from a parallel universe!” suggests Mercury, signaling to the Pisces of the zodiac.

In the end, Mercury proposes balance on a teaspoon, and the Sun and Saturn applaud. “Pay attention to how you spend your time and resources – balance is the key!” Mercury conveys, bowing to them.

So, during this time, keep an eye on the cheerful madness and enjoy the comedic lessons that Mercury, the Sun, and Saturn offer! 🌌🧘‍♂️😄

JUPITER is the planet that traditionally rules the sign of PISCES, so follow the vlogs from this link to better understand how this planet works in astrology: [link].

Friday – February 23, 2024 – The day is ruled by Venus

As Venus takes a trip to the sign of Aquarius! It’s like Cupid taking a break from arrows and deciding to explore more eccentric territories. So, put on your laughter protection helmet and get ready for an astro-hilarious journey!

Venus in Aquarius extends its antennae to capture love signals from other planets. “Love is not just terrestrial; it’s intergalactic!” she declares, shooting love arrows towards UFOs.

Venus’s wardrobe becomes a showcase of cosmic fashion. “Clothes are not just for covering up; they’re for communicating with extraterrestrials!” she explains, wearing an LED suit and winged shoes.

Instead of confessing love directly, Venus in Aquarius chooses to send coded messages through telepathy. “If you can’t decipher it, you’re not on the same wavelength!” she says with a mysterious smile.

Romantic coffee turns into a session of philosophical discussions. “Love is like a quantum particle, hard to define, but here we are, enjoying it!” Venus explains, twisting a virtual mustache.

Long-distance relationships become true to their essence – interstellar. “It doesn’t matter that we are light-years apart; our love crosses the universe!” Venus says, sending a virtual kiss through a cosmic portal.

In the quest for a soulmate, Venus in Aquarius explores compatibility with extraterrestrials. “If they’re willing to share a galaxy, then we’re made for each other!” she declares, drawing intergalactic compatibility diagrams.

So, in this amusing and crazy period, let yourself be carried away by the waves of love and enjoy life! 💫💘😄

Saturday – February 24, 2024 – The day is ruled by Saturn

Today, at 03:37:31, the MOON enters Virgo, and at 14:30:00, we have the Full Moon in Virgo – How it can work in transit:

It’s as if the Moon is dressing up in the pragmatic Virgo costume, and the Sun is spinning around her in a spiritual dance on the zodiac stage.

“Today, we have a Full Moon demanding its rights! Virgo says, ‘Stay grounded and analyze everything!’ Meanwhile, Pisces prays for grand visions and a bit of cosmic dancing!” – explains the astro-show host.

“And now, on the stage of life, the Full Moon brings an intensification of dialogue! You’ll feel the need to communicate more than a soap opera and express your emotions more clearly than a soap advertisement!” – announces the host with enthusiasm.

“Let’s talk about the 9th house, our space of learning and adventures! Here, the Full Moon reveals your desire to reflect on travels and life lessons, like a chef arranging ingredients for a new recipe!” – jokes the host, garnering approval from the audience.

“And now, for a special offer! The Full Moon brings emotions in limited stock! Order now and receive a set of free emojis!” – laughs the host, tossing emojis into the air.

In conclusion, this Full Moon is like a cosmic sitcom, with details and overarching visions entering a bar where everyone knows the names of emotions! Enjoy the show and laugh under the light of the Full Moon! 🌕😂


Sunday – February 25, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Sun

Today, the Sun in Pisces is sandwiched between Mercury and Saturn. So let’s talk about this astral trio where the Sun in Pisces, Mercury in Pisces, and Saturn in Pisces decide to organize a party where everyone wears fish-themed shirts and dances in the characteristic style of marine creatures! 🐟🌞

The Sun in Pisces considers itself the main star of the cosmic show. “That’s right, reel me in, world! I’m here to bring brightness and excitement to your world!” shouts the Sun, turning its rays into an elegant dance.

Mercury in Pisces sits in a corner, writing underwater poetry and sending telepathic messages. “Words are for the weak; I communicate through spiritual vibrations. Did you get my message?” he asks, with a mysterious look.

Saturn in Pisces tries to bring a little order to the cosmic chaos. “Come on, come on, we have a schedule to follow! Every fish needs to know its role in the oceanic dance!” he says, looking around with an authoritative air.

The Sun starts shining brighter, and Mercury and Saturn begin to dance to an underwater rhythm. “Our combined energy creates a crazy dance in the aquatic world of Pisces! You won’t see anything like this at any other cosmic party!” exclaims the Sun.

So, expect an underwater show full of humor, emotion, and a touch of astral authority on this day when the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn come together in the cheerful and dreamy world of Pisces! 🌊🎉😄

Monday – February 26, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Moon

Today, at 16:29:20, the MOON enters Libra.

In this #astrovlog I am talking about how PISCES natives communicate. Are you agree with these communication traits of Pisces natives?

Tuesday – February 27, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mars

Wednesday – February 28, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mercury

Saturn is in Cazimi at 9°46 in Pisces on February 28, 2024, at 23:10:03.

Buckle up, cosmic wanderers, because Saturn is throwing a celestial bash right in the heart of Pisces – it’s time for Saturn in Cazimi! Imagine Saturn in a snazzy tuxedo, ready to dazzle and dance in the dreamy ocean of Pisces. It’s not just a transit; it’s a cosmic extravaganza with Saturn taking center stage.

Saturn, the wise old teacher of the cosmos, is diving into the depths of Pisces, and boy, is he making a splash! Picture Saturn doing synchronized swimming routines with dreamy dolphins and mystical mermaids. It’s a spectacle, and the universe is watching with cosmic popcorn in hand.

In Pisces, Saturn is on a quest, armed with a starry map, searching for the pearls of wisdom hidden in the vast sea of dreams. “Attention, dreamers! Saturn’s here to turn your wildest fantasies into structured masterpieces. It’s like organizing a galactic sock drawer but with dreams,” he declares, waving his celestial clipboard.

The cosmic stage is set, and Saturn is directing a play where realism and illusion tango. Piscean dreams take center stage, but Saturn’s directing with a practical twist. “Lights, camera, structure! Let’s add a dash of reality to those ethereal fantasies,” Saturn announces, adjusting his director’s hat.

Saturn, the cosmic detective, is solving Piscean mysteries with a flashlight of wisdom. He’s exploring the oceanic enigmas, solving riddles whispered by interstellar fish, and leaving behind a trail of stardust footprints. “Crack the cosmic code of dreams? Challenge accepted!” Saturn declares, magnifying glass in hand.

Hold your breath, cosmic partygoers! Saturn is hosting an underwater gala in Pisces. Imagine structured bubbles, disciplined dolphins, and organized oysters. “Let’s dance with discipline and party with purpose! This oceanic soiree will be the talk of the celestial town,” Saturn proclaims, leading the synchronized dance.

So, fellow space navigators, Saturn in Cazimi in Pisces is not just a transit; it’s a grand celestial spectacle. Embrace the structured dance in the sea of dreams, and let Saturn teach us all a cosmic waltz of wisdom! 🌌🕺✨

Thursday – February 29, 2024 – The day is ruled by Jupiter

Today, at 05:09:06, the MOON enters Scorpio (in fall).

NEPTUNE is the modern ruler of the Pisces zodiac sign.

In this #astrovlog​ I am talking about Neptune in signs and houses in natal chart.  Do you know where is Neptune placed in your natal chart?

I wish you all a prosperous and healthy New Year 2024!

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