Fixed starts have a special place in astrology history and there are really serious sources of information about them. They are known as fixed starts because they are moving on the sky very slow, a degree in aroud 72 years.

The most important fixed stars are: Fomalhaut, Antares, Regulus and Algol and the most important aspect with a fixed star is the conjunction. 

The famous astrologer William Lilly used to write in his book Christian Astrology about fixed starts, and he said that fixed stars gives to humans special qualities and they can rise the initial social state of a person, from the poorest situation to a considerable fortune. These cases are happened when a personal planet forms a conjunction with a powerful fixed star.

In love relationships we have some special fixed starts which can give a great influence, so:

ADELBARAN in conjunction with VENUS: strange situations in love life.

ALFARD in conjunction with MERCURY: Suffering due to a passionate attachment that can change the course of life of a native.

ALFARD in conjunction with VENUS: A passionate love life, in disagreement with what the native’s family want. Bitterness due to love affairs.

ALFARD in conjunction with JUPITER: Attachment or attraction for the widows opposite sex.

ALTAIR in conjunction with MARS: Attractions for strange and special people.

REGULUS in conjunction with VENUS: Attachments that lead to violence between love partners.

SKAT in conjunction with URANUS: Suffering due to an attachment or love marriage made in early life.

ALTAIR in conjunction with VENUS: Unpleasant situations in case of love affairs.

CANOPUS OR TUREIS in conjunction with VENUS: Unrequited love.

HAMAL in conjunction with NEPTUNE:  Success in relationships with the opposite sex.

ALHENA or ALNILAM in conjunction with URANUS: More marriages are possible throughout life.

ALDEBARAN in conjunction with MOON or/and VENUS; HAMAL in conjunction with MOONRIGEL in conjunction with JUPITER: Marriages are favored.

For my point of view, the best book on this topic is Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Volumes 1 & 2 written by Diana K Rosenberg:

Also you have an online resourse about this subject:

In all my readings I also put my attention of fixed stars conjunction. For astrological readings you find all what you need here:

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