A challenged Moon can often indicate insecurity, hypersensitivity, or emotional dysfunction in someone’s life, especially in childhood. But in some cases, people who are in comfort zone in their emotional life will rarely feel driven to put out the energy needed to become successful or even famous. Hard aspects of Moon can serve as inner drive for one’s ambitions later in life.

The depth or emotional complexity can become the basis for empathy, creativity or even wisdom. For example, the best therapists I’ve known used to suffer from their own serious challenges early on in life. And wonder why Buddha wanted to go away from his milk with honey life? For the same reason – to find a better self-trough his own experiences.

There are many well-known people with hard aspects to their Moons, taking in account hard aspects with Saturn, Pluto and Neptune.

Moon–Saturn hard aspects (conjunction, square and oppositions) can produce depression, insecurity, inferiority feelings, especially early in life.

The list of Saturn – Moon hard aspects is long: Bob Dylan and David Bowie (conjunction Moon – Saturn), Steven Spielberg (square), Louis Armstrong (square), Judy Garland (square), Jane Austen (square), Leonardo DiCaprio (square), James Joyce (square), Ray Bradbury (square), Martin Luther King, Jr. (square), Walt Disney (square), Tennessee Williams (square), Bernardo Bertolucci (opposition), Bruce Lee (opposition), Jack Nicholson (opposition), Dalai Lama (opposition), Napoleon (opposition).

The Pluto – Moon hard aspects sometimes result from early traumas, sexual conflicts, control issues and manipulation, or even cruelty. Yet, here as well, this linkage connects one with deep emotions or passions that can be redirected and expressed in constructive ways, or lead to powerful psychological or occult insights. In any bad event, there is a good (outcome).

The list of Pluto – Moon hard aspects is long: David Bowie (conjunction), Leonardo DiCaprio (conjunction), Mozart (conjunction), Barbara Streisand (conjunction),Ringo Starr (conjunction), Pierre-Auguste Renoir (conjunction), Amelia Earhart (conjunction), Barack Obama (square), Meryl Streep (square), Steve Martin (square), Marlon Brando (square), George Harrison (square), Jim Morrison (square), Prince (opposition), Angelina Jolie (opposition), George Lucas (opposition), John Lennon (opposition) and many others.

Moon–Neptune hard aspects come with challenges, usually a mixture of hypersensitivity, escapism, emotional confusion, or a general feeling of dissatisfaction. But the flip side here is the enormous capacity for imagination and spiritual sensitivity that these aspects can bring as well, which can drive people toward escaping into their creativity.

The list of Neptune – Moon hard aspects is long: Sting (conjunction), Dalai Lama (conjunction), Salvador Dalí (square), Van Morrison (square), Jimmy Page (square), Al Pacino (square), Sigmund Freud (square), Peter Gabriel (square), Lord Byron (square), William Faulkner (square), Peter Sellers (square), Leonard Cohen (opposition), Robert Downey, Jr. (opposition), Marilyn Monroe (opposition), Stevie Wonder (opposition), Paul Gauguin (opposition).

Of course, there are hard aspects between Mars, Uranus and even Sun with Moon that can come with many challenges. But Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are very good in going very deep inside ourselves to do some serious and profound work and coming to the surface with special gifts, for a better person.

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I wish you to discover your inner drive and gifts!

Monica Lazar