About the Lunar Nodes  have been written dozens of books, many theories were issued, especially in modern astrology. The North Node is also called the Ascendant Node, or Head of the Dragon (Capum Dragonis); The Southern Node is also called the Descendant Node, or the Dragon tail (Cauda Dragonis). The Ascendant Node has a good Jupiter nature, and the Descendant Node is of a bad nature of Saturn. The effectiveness of Lunar North Nodes is seen in health and in opportunities. Here is more important the aspect of Lunar Nodes with other planets and less important the house where these Nodes are placed. The most important aspect is the conjunction.

Let’s see what the ancient astrologers used to write about Nodes:

Hermes  Trismegistus

North Node in conjuction with benefic planets (Venus and Jupiter) amplifies the positive influence and in conjunction with malefic planets (Mars and Saturn) amplifies the negative influence. For significators the influence is reversed then in above description.

Guido Bonatti

North Node has a natural benefic influence, of masculine nature but also there are moment when the influence is negative. Its features are a combination between Venus and Jupiter. The South Node has a natural malefic influence, of feminine nature, but also there are moment when the influence is positive. Features are a combination between Mars and Saturn.


He used to write in Tetrabiblos, in the 3rd book,  that when malefic planets applies to Sun and Moon and when Moon is near Nodes or Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn, there appear malformations such as hock, gait or paralysis.


He used to write that North Node together with benefic planets gives to the native succes and productivity, even the born conditions are poor, the native will gain in time a good reputation. South Node together with malefic planets bring loss, failure and accusation. Tranzit of Saturn trough houses or signs where Nodes are placed or trough the signs where the Nodes forms a square, those years are critical, duet o native life but also to climatic issues. When is about the best moments for actions, Vales did not advises to not start any new activity when Moon is in conjunction (or in the same sign) or in square aspects with Lunar Nodes.

Here are some conclusions about Lunar Nodes:

  • Lunar Nodes amplifies the impact of benefic planets and also of the malefic ones; potenteaza energetic efectul beneficelor (mai ales Nodul Nord), insa si pe cel al maleficelor (mai ales Nodul Sud);
  • Lunar Nodes together with Sun and Moon generate Eclipses and their impact are not so positive, especially in the great scale.
  • Middle point (square aspect) between Lunar Node have most of them negative impact.

Next month I will post the article about North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra and North Node in the first house and South Node in seventh house.

To be continued!

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