On 28th of January MARS ingress in ARIES and this transit works until in the 10th March 2017.

MARS is in DOMICILE, this means that MARS is able to totally fulfil its role and it is plays out very positively.

People with Mars in Aries in their natal chart are competitive, courages, passionate in their goals, om their life, and in love. They are a bit selfish, but they are very energetic and playful. They are very physical and can be impatient with their partner. They like to get right to the action instead of building up to the moment. They can be very emotional. Compromise is not their strong suit, and they can be very demanding in a relationship.

Famous people with Mars is Aries: Angelina Jolie, Nicolas Sarkozy, Steve Jobs, Prince, Russell Crowe, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Daniel Craig, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Paul Newman, Kevin Costner, Stephen Hawking, Marquis de Sade, etc.

The target of this transit are Aries, but also Scorpio, no matter if you have the Sun or the Ascendant in these signs.


Date & Time: 28 Jan 2017  05:38

Event: Transiting Mars Entering Aries

Initiate activities. Be spontaneous and take risks, but don’t be rash, Avoid accidents. Good for sing: Aries

 Date & Time: 16 Feb 2017  18:14

Event:Transiting Mercury in Aquarius Sextile Transiting Mars in Aries

Decisiveness. Mental assertiveness. Honesty. Practical solutions. Technical skills. Fast work, rapid progress. Favored signs: Aquarius and  Aries

Date & Time: 22 Feb 2017  09:02

Event: Transiting Mars in Aries Square Transiting Pluto in Capricorn

You have energy fit to burst. Direct this into positive pursuits. Don’t push others. Strategise. Actions now will have results. Favored signs:  Aries and Capricorn

Date & Time: 27 Feb 2017  00:19

Event:Transiting Mars Conjunction Transiting Uranus in Aries

At last you see the light. You are able to breakthrough obstacles in innovative ways. You are a dynamic leader. Favored sign:  Aries

Date & Time: 27 Feb 2017  14:24

Event: Transiting Mars in Aries Opposition Transiting Jupiter in Libra

Your fighting spirit is strong. Avoid conflict. Direct this energy  into positive enterprises for positive results. Pay attention for: Aries and Libra

Date & Time: 5 Mar 2017  20:45

Event: Transiting Mars in Aries Trine Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius

Discipline and endurance are required now. Resist the urge to control. Accomplish what you can. Any delays are likely to be fortuitous. Good for sings: Aries and Sagittarius

Date & Time: 10 Mar 2017  00:33

Event: Transiting Mars Entering Taurus

Strong personal desires are at the forefront. Nevertheless you are likely to follow a reliable course of action in attaining those desires. Favored sign:  Taurus

I wish you to use wisely the energy of Mars in Aries!

Important note: In all my astrological reseach and interpretations I use the Whole signs (house system) because it is the oldest house system (used by ancient Greek astrologers) who has proven its real value during history. When I am writing about aspects between planets, I use aspect from sign to sign, I am using a traditional way of interpretation of aspects. An aspect is not a must to be at perfect orb to have an effect. It is enough if we have a planet in a sign that forms an aspects with another planet from another sign. The most powerful aspects are: conjunctions, oppositions, squares and trines.

Monica Lazar