For our parents, we will be forever their children, no matter what age we have.

In astrology, relationships of affection, love and compassion between parents and children can be seen by analysing the fourth house of the children’ natal chart and the fifth house of the parents’ natal chart.

Here you have some info, depending on the zodiac sign in which the fourth and fifth houses are in the natal chart:

4th child’s natal house: It is possible for parents’ attitude to give the child a rebellious tendency and revolt to the home and to leave the family early in the desire to become independent. To be independent in this world of permanent changes is not so bad. It is really a great skill.
5th parents’ natal house: Parents want kids to perform in areas where competition is high, including sports. Communication is very straightforward between child and parents!

4th child’s natal house: Relationships with parents are full of affection and full of good mood throughout life.
5th parents’ natal house: They can have many children, beautiful and healthy. And they will succeed in life and bring joy to their parents.

4th child’s natal house: There is more a mental relationship between parents and children and much emphasis will be placed on communication and exchange of ideas. However, children who are curious about the wishes they get out of their parents’ home as soon as possible to get to know the world and the opportunities.
5th parents’ natal house: These parents will have intelligent, curious and eager travellers children. It is not excluded that there are twins in that family.

4th child’s natal house: Parents are quite dominant and possessive, and there is a risk of creating a child’s addiction throughout their lives. There is an excess of parents’ zeal in how their child is treated.
5th parents’ natal house: They may have many children and they will protect them with much affection and understanding. Children should be encouraged to take the initiative and deal with crisis situations in order not to create dependencies on their parents.

4th child’s natal house: The child will have a family that will offer all the comfort and the parents educate their child in a profound sense of property and family inherited values. It is not excluded that at least one of the parents is a teacher or with a special pedagogic talent.
5th parents’ natal house: Their children will receive the best education to be able to access in their adulthood to a life full of luxury and glamor. Children are talented and creative.

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4th child’s natal house: Parents have an austere approach to life, which they want to impose on the child. Unfortunately, the child will only feel constraint and limitation. Parents are unlikely to offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere because they feel that feelings and affection are weaknesses.
5th parents’ natal house: Their child can take on certain obsessions from parents: excessive desire for order, discipline and cleanliness. It would be great if parents would encourage their children to express their feelings and learn to fight for their rights.

4th child’s natal house: Parents can offer to the child a happy childhood and all the necessary encouragements to have a beautiful life.
5th parents’ natal house: Children are beautiful and have artistic talents. Parents will involve their children in many creative activities that involve socializing.

4th child’s natal house: The greater influence will be received from the opposite sex parent. Relationships with parents improve especially when the child becomes adult and can understand better certain aspects of life. They offer everything to children, but they also have the right demands.
5th parents’ natal house: The parents are quite possessive with his children but also, they will leave them an inheritance built with perseverance and patience. Children will have the ability to make a living.

4th child’s natal house: The relationship with parents can bring the child’s luck and wealth and the child’s desire to develop harmoniously (in-depth studies, traveling abroad, the attraction for knowledge).
5th parents’ natal house: Their children may be encouraged to become athletes and/ or to developed as talented artists, but neither travel abroad is discouraged.

4th child’s natal house: Parents may have financial problems. The attitude of the parents is rather cold and restrictive to their own child, and the child will want to grow faster to improve his/her situation, especially through a lot of work and perseverance.
5th parents’ natal house: Their children will feel like in the army. A little relaxation would not hurt but here team work is needed. Children will be disciplined and organized, but it is good to be encouraged to develop their emotional side.

4th child’s natal house: Parents may have an unusual approach to the methods they apply to educate their child. They place a special emphasis on independence, freedom and openness to the world. Parents treat their child as an equal and even as a friend.
5th parents’ natal house: These parents will have original children, with special abilities and talents. The children will not need much help from their parents.

4th child’s natal house: There is an intense emotional bond between parents and child, even if they are not together. The bond is deep and does not necessarily create an addiction.
5th parents’ natal house: It is not excluded to have children from unofficial relationships or from a secret relationship. Children are creative and talented in the artistic field (music, dance, painting, etc.) and they have attraction for spirituality.

These are general characteristics and matter a lot what planets are being placed in this house. 

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Be kind with each other!

Monica Lazar