Special case should be only one practical question that you have about some aspects of your life. What is important to understand that an Astrologer: will never take decisions for you, will never force you to do something, will never judge your actions or decisions, will never solve your problems.

An Astrologer can help you to understand better your life and your present situation, to understand your strengths and weaknesses. You can put a practical question that has connection with your life and I will try to help you with a good advice.

Here you have some examples of questions:

  • Should I invest my money in stock exchange?
  • I lost my precious ring, I will find it again?
  • When is the best moment to buy or sell a house/land/apartment/car?
  • When is the best moment to travel/to invest/to get married/to change my job/to start a surgery procedure and so on?
  • This service contains specific charts and interpretation file with the answer of your question (chart in jpg format and interpretation in word or audio format).

Important! Answer of your question is done by a real astrologer and not by a computer software. Computer software is used only to draw the chart but interpretation it is made by astrologer Monica Lazar.

Price: 60 US Dollars pay with PayPal for address goforastrology@gmail.com

Note: Please use for your personal email address the same that you are using for your Paypal account. If email address is different we will lose time to identify your payment and to start working for your service request.
Delivery time: In 7 working days after payment of service. Working days: from Monday to Friday.

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