Before we start to analyse the synastry chart we will have to analyse each natal chart of those involved in the relationship to see the relational potential.

Synastry results from overlapping of two natal charts and analysing the aspects that are created between the planets of the two persons involved in a relationship. And when I refer to relationships there is no limitation, because between two people we can have different categories of relationships: love, marriage, friendship, business, conjuncture (to solve an important situation together) and so on.

Here you have useful information that can be found by interpreting a synastry:

  • The type of relationship between the two persons involved;
  • It shows how two people learn and help form each other, but also the areas where conflicts can occur and how they can be mitigated;
  • Witch are the lessons to be learned from relationship;
  • Degree of compatibility and whether there is a mutual (qualitative) advantage for both.

In a synastry, the most favourable are some special conjunctions between partners’ two planets, for example:

Moon – Venus: high degree of affection and strong love,

Moon – Ascendant: emotional attachment,

Venus – Ascendant: romantic relationship,

Sun – Venus: harmony, understanding and cooperation,

Moon / Venus / Sun / Ascendant – Jupiter: optimism and mutual trust, Moon / Venus / Sun / Ascendant – Mercury: communication and intellectual compatibility,

Ascendant / Sun / Moon / Venus – House VII: High compatibility.

Less favourable are the conjunctions between:

Moon / Venus / Sun / Ascendant – Saturn: longevity in relation but also possible stiffness and restrictions in the relationship,

Moon / Venus / Sun / Ascendant – Uranus: An interesting relationship with surprises but also instability, with the possibility of sudden rupture,

Moon / Venus / Sun / Ascendant – Neptune: a lot of romance, but also illusions and deceits, instead a favored spiritual path is formed, or artistic projects in which they are involved,

Moon / Venus / Sun / Ascendant – Pluto: obsessive relationships, possessiveness, struggle for power and manipulation.

There is very important to analyse of how the Lunar Node Nodes are placed on the charts of both partners, so we can see how everyone’s destiny can influence the life of the other. For example, when a North Node of a person is in the 7th House of the other person, they show that both of people have a lot to learn and share interesting experiences together and the attraction is great, especially if the North Node meets personal planets in the partner’s VII house.

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Monica Lazar