Most of the people are used to take pills for any pain. They forgot to pay attention to their body and they really do not care too much about their health state. The food that we eat every day should be our medicine because if we eat good food in our body is happened a real alchemy that helps us to to stay healthy for a long time.

Each of us need certain foods and this depends also by sign or/and ascendant that we have.

Here you have some tips about best foods suited for each Sign/Ascendant*:


Ruler Planet: MARS    

Element: FIRE

Life style: You are very active, mentally and physically and many times you are acting before thinking too much about what you really want to do.

What do you need: Potassium phosphate does exist in all body tissues, especially in the brain, nerve cells  and in the blood. Excess or deficiency of it can cause improper digestion of lipids, poor memory, anxiety, insomnia and a weak pulse, but quickly. Therefore you need a well-balanced diet to provide you health and energy and to be available quickly and without too many complications.

Necessary food: tomatoes, beans, brown rice, lentils, nuts, olives, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, bananas, apricots, pumpkin, sesame seeds, chia and flax seeds. Try to drink plenty of water.
Foods to avoid: Salt can affect the bones and arteries. Alcohol leads to excessive stimulation of the liver and kidneys, red meat, spicy foods.

Main advice: You need more rest and relaxation in a natural environment.


Ruler Planet: VENUS     

Element: EARTH

Life style: You like to eat and you are attracted to fatty foods and you do like too much to practice a sport.

What do you need: Sodium sulfate is slightly irritating action on the tissues and stimulates natural secretions. Excess or deficiency of it can cause low fever, edema, depression and disruption of the gallbladder. A diet low in fat, sugar and starch may be preferable.

Necessary food: Fish, seafood, liver, eggs (raw, soft boiled or poached Romanian), beets, cauliflower, beans, spinach, radish, cucumber, onion, pumpkin, walnuts, wheat germ, fruit salad, does not hurt to eat light food hot / spicy.

Foods to avoid: Generally should avoid fatty foods, fried foods of any kind, especially sweets and sugar.
Main advice: It would not hurt to practice a sport, 2-3 times on weekly basis.


Ruler Planet: MERCURY     

Element: AIR

Life style: You are very active, especially in terms of thinking and the exchange of information they do not have the patience to sit in one place and you do several things at the same time . Your nervous system is very sensitive.

What do you need: Potassium chloride occurs in membranes and tissues beneath the outer skin . Excess or deficiency of it can cause friability genes, pustule eczema and warts appearance. Five meals a day with a small amount of food are beneficial for your health.
Necessary food: green beans, potatoes, carrots , spinach , peaches , apples , plums , apricots and wild rice , citrus , almonds , fish and shellfish , lettuce , cauliflower, sesame and chia seeds, nuts .
Foods to avoid: coffee, black & green tea, alcohol and fast food.
Main advice: Try to chew food well and avoid eating when you are nervous or anxious. Relaxation and recreation should become part of your daily life.


Ruler Planet: MOON      

Element: WATER

Life style: Your digestive system is very sensitive , especially because of emotional stress , which is why you can often run away from reality and go over food or alcohol . Often you tend to gain weight, especially in the second part of life.

What do you need: Calcium fluoride is found in all connective tissues of the body. Excess or deficiency of it can cause varicose veins, late appearance of teeth, muscle tendon stretches, furunculosis and skin cracks. Do not miss daily diet quality proteins.

Necessary food: eggs (raw or soft boiled) , whole grains , beets , fish, seafood, okra , lettuce , tomatoes, and sesame and chia seeds , fruits and lean meats ( turkey ) .
Foods to avoid: starch, sugar and salt, spicy foods and spices (especially chili pepper and horseradish), alcohol.
Main advice: Every year you should follow a detoxification program under the guidance of a licensed therapist. Even better you should practice a sport like swimming.


Ruler Planet: SUN      

Element: FIRE

Life style: You are a robust person but take care of your spine and heart.

What do you need: Magnesium phosphate is present in bones, teeth, brain, blood, nerve and muscle cells. Excess or deficiency of it can cause cramps, neuralgia, colic and so-called twinges. Iron needs should not be neglected.
Necessary food: whole grains, nuts, sunflower seeds, figs, lemons, peaches, apples, plums, pears, oranges, brown rice, seafood, beetroot, egg yolk, lean meats (liver, turkey), salad green, yogurt, spinach, raisins persimmon fruits.
Foods to avoid: Excess of animal fats and fried foods.

Main advice: As a Leo, you quickly forget what your limits are and you should not force your body in strenuous exercise since it can affect your health.


Ruler Planet: MERCURY     

Element: EARTH

Life style: You are very often obsessed with hygiene and their health , so hypochondriacs is the largest number of people born in this sign . Nervous system and intestines are most sensitive, and often you can suffer of indigestion, ulcers, colitis.

What do you need: Potassium sulfate exists in the cells that form the skin and the membranes that wrap the internal organs. Deficiency or excess of it can cause rash, yellow coloration at the base of tongue, weight and pain sensations in the limbs.
Necessary food: green leafy vegetables , whole grains , almonds, fresh cow cheese , citrus , bananas, beef and lamb , yogurt , brown rice , eggs (raw or soft boiled) , watermelon , apples , pears, papaya, natural honey , herbal teas to soothe the digestive system.
Foods to avoid: Do not use too many spices or spicy foods; sauces and fried foods should be avoided.  Chocolate should be eaten in small amount.

Main advice: Do not forget that, not every symptom necessarily mean disease, on the contrary, it means a natural form of a (auto) detoxification of the body.


Ruler Planet: VENUS     

Element: AIR

Life style: Your mental activity is really going beyond extrems for many times. Also try to make a balance between diet, work, leisure, and especially in relationships with others.

What do you need: Sodium phosphate solubility emulsifys fatty acids and keeps uric acid in the blood. Excess or deficiency of it can cause jaundice, smelly breath and the appearance of an acid or metallic taste in the mouth.
Necessary food: fish, seafood, turkey, yogurt, lettuce, whole grains, strawberries, apples, raisins, almonds, peas, corn, carrots, spinach, beets, tomatoes, brown rice,
Foods to avoid: too fatty foods, alcohol and carbonated drinks.

Main advice: Drink more water and sleep at least 8 hours per night. You should learn to relax, so practice yoga, taichi and qigong, or any other kind of meditation.


Ruler Planets: MARS (traditional) and PLUTO (modern)       

Element: WATER

Life style: You are a determined and demanding person and because of this your life is not so relaxed. All these tensions can affect your health and the most sensitive area is the genitals.

What do you need: Calcium sulfate exists in tissues and liver cells. Excess or deficiency or it can cause skin rashes, deep abscess or chronic purulent ulcers.
Necessary food: Fish, seafood , lettuce , beets , lentils, almonds, walnuts , citrus, berries, apples, bananas , pineapple , asparagus , cauliflower , radishes , onions , tomatoes , figs, black cherries , yogurt, cheese.
Foods to avoid: Rich meals and eating of a large amount of food during a single meal. And alcohol should be avoided as it has harmful effects on the skin. Plain water is best for you.
Main advice: Learn to relax and especially try to eliminate negative feelings: resentment, jealousy and possessiveness. To be happy, you do not need to have control of everything in your life.


Ruler Planet: JUPITER     

Element: FIRE

Life style: In early life you are quite active but in the second half you tend to gain weight, especially in the hips and thighs. Internal organ that you need to take more is liver.
What do you need: Silicon helps collagen production, promotes regeneration of connective tissue, helps improving of calcium absorption, stops and restores degenerative processes of bone and joints but is also a tonic blood vessels.
Necessary food: salads, peppers, figs, strawberries, apples, pears, potatoes, whole grains, eggs (raw or soft boiled), fish and turkey, beets, tomatoes, plums, cherries, oranges, citrus, yogurt , brown rice, whole grains.
Foods to avoid: Animal fats, cream and whipped cream, butter, sweets, chocolate, alcohol.
Main advice: You should practice a sport all my life, to consume bottled water and take more meals a day but in smaller quantities.


Ruler Planet: SATURN     

Element: EARTH

Life style: You are a resilient and tend to exaggerate overwork, skip meals or eat at random or at eating too much during a single meal. Although you have a harmonious, you may suffer from rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and all sorts of diseases related to bones. Also you have a sensitive skin.
What do you need: Calcium phosphate exists in all cells and body fluids is an important component of gastric juices , and the bones and teeth. Deficiency or excess of it may be responsible for inconveniences as: cold hands and feet, smelly breath, night sweats.
Necessary food: citrus, figs, celery, kale, dandelion, spinach, broccoli, corn, peas, potatoes, walnuts, almonds, whole grains, brown rice, fish, eggs (raw or soft boiled), yogurt, skim milk.

Foods to avoid: sugar, chocolate, chili and spicy foods and alcohol.
Main advice: Practice a sport and avoid fatty food and alcohol.


Ruler Planets: SATURN (traditional ruler) and URANUS (modern ruler)

Element: AIR

Life style: You are mentally very active and pretty restless, even you are a fixed sign. You may have circulatory problems, arteries, anemia, low blood pressure. Because you all the time are doing something you forget to eat.
What do you need: Sodium chloride (table salt without iodine) regulates the amount of fluid in the body and carry them to the cell. Excess or deficiency or it may cause increased need to eat salty, cold and runny nose and eyes.
Necessary food: Ocean fish, lobster, tuna, oysters, chicken, beets, carrots, spinach, celery, cabbage, lettuce, citrus, pomegranate, strawberry, pineapple, almonds, walnuts, brown rice, peaches, pears, apples, yogurt , herbal tea for calming the nervous system.

Foods to avoid: Coffee, sugar and too many sweets.
Main advice: Try to relax more.


Ruler Planets: JUPITER (traditional ruler) and NEPTUNE (modern ruler)

Element: WATER

Life style: You are bohemian nature and live your life fully, including an excessive consumption of food and drink as well as attending parties, whether it’s night or day. A true Jupiter style!
What do you need: Iron phosphate is found in blood and all body cells except the nerve . Deficiency or excess of it can cause diarrhea continues or – usually – paradoxically – constipation. It is used as remedy for nasal bleeding and heavy menses.
Necessary food: Liver , egg yolks , oysters , whole grains , dried beans , beets , spinach , onions , lettuce, raisins , apricots , peaches , grapes , apples , citrus.
Foods to avoid: too much salt, coffee and alcohol
Main advice: You need to avoid losing nights and try to combine dance with pleasure because it is known that the natives of this sign have talents and are sensitive people. Avoid tight shoes because they tend to do corns and foot injuries.

General advices that can be applied to all natives regardless of zodiac sign:

  • Daily consumption of at least two liters of alkaline water is essential for health;
  • Try to eat at least three times a day without rush. Chew very well the food;
  •  Make exercise at least three times a week;
  •  Try to eat food from reliable organic sources (eggs, cheese, honey, raw seeds and meat);
  •  Preferentially consume raw eggs or soft boiled;
  • Too much sugar, salt and animal fats do not give you any health benefits;
  • Avoid fried foods and heavy sauces;
  • The seeds of any kind is good to eat raw, not roasted and salted;
  • At least once a year go to a medical examination that includes medical tests;
  • Fruits are eaten meals separately;
  • Bananas do not mix with citrus or seafood;
  • Do not drink liquids during meals and immediately after eating;
  • Meat, fish and eggs do not mix at the same table with potatoes, rice and pasta;
  • Use brown rise, instead of white one.

*) If you do not know yet your Ascendant, you may find it very easy by using any other free astrology website or software that you can find on internet. For this calculation you need: day, month, year, location, hour and minutes of your birth. If you have possibility try to use the Whole signs (house system) because it is the oldest house system (used by ancient Greek astrologers) who has proven its real value during history.

 If you need a personal advice about what is better for your health order MEDICAL CHART INTERPRETATION:

 I wish you to be healthy and happy!

Monica Lazar