Due to zodiac signs and eclipse you should look at the ruler of the zodiac sign and what fixed stars aspects happened during an eclipse. All these will show the nature of the event. Let’s see the mundane impact of eclipses due to elements of signs:

IN FIRE SIGNS: possible deaths of influential people (presidents, kings, leading rulers), wars and conflicts, riots, event with explosions and fire.

IN EARTH SIGNS: problems with lands, real estate and agriculture.

IN AIR SIGNS: may bring strong storms and famine.

IN WATER SIGNS: floods, maritime accidents and contagious diseases

Let’s see the mundane impact of eclipses due to zodiac signs:

ARIES: Riots, wars, revolutions, religious conflicts, possible arrests of important people, possible diseases among sheep and goats. Great Britain, France, Germany and Denmark are marked by this zodiacal sign.

TAURUS: Problems in business, commerce, agriculture and real estate. Sales agents and negotiators are the most affected in their current activities. Increased mortality among oxen, cows and horses. The countries associated with this sign are Russia, Ireland, Switzerland, Cyprus and Iran.

GEMINI: Diseases are propagated by air or food from birds (salmonella, avian flu and so on). Commercial and religious conflicts, breaking laws and death among leaders. The South of Egypt, London and the southwest of Great Britain and the United States are associated with this sign.

CANCER: Political changes, violation of treaties, theft and high-level misconduct. Navigation and sea travel are at risk, drought, stomach illness. Scotland, the Netherlands, Africa, Venice and Amsterdam are associated with this sign.

LEO: Death or bad luck in royal families, nobility or people in the high society. Destruction of old (patrimony) buildings, palaces and churches. Misunderstandings between active members of the church (clergy), horse and cereal deficiency. Italy, Sicily, Rome and Turkey are associated with this sign.

VIRGO: Death among high-ranking men, ruins of contagious diseases, drought, or the destruction of crops. Writers, poets, and Mercury-ruled people (those born or ascendant in Gemini and Virgo). Southern Greece, Crete, Iraq, Paris and southwestern France are associated with this sign.

LIBRA: Air pollution and contagious diseases that are transmitted through air, bad weather, storms and tornadoes, youth despair, religious conflicts, disunity and loss among people with good physical condition. Austria, Portugal and Vienna are associated with this sign.

SCORPIO: Unsurprising traditions and actions, tyranny, increased incidence of disease, social disorder by manipulation, thunder and lightning and sometimes earthquakes, sexual, financial or political disclosers. Norway, Mauritius and Liverpool are associated with this sign.

SAGITTARIUS: Religious intolerance, distrust among people, problems for celebrities, declines in the number of horses due to illness, increased thefts of theft and violence. Spain and Hungary are associated with this sign.

CAPRICORN: Premature death of respected and trustworthy people, increased lying accusations, defamation and conspiracy, political changes and government failures. Military invasions of neighbouring states and loss of equipment at sea or on land. India, Oxford and the West Indies are associated with this sign.

AQUARIUS: Floods, bovine problems, mourning and dissatisfaction because of a public event, demolition of old (patrimony) buildings, thefts, earthquakes, religious controversies. Arabic Peninsula and Ethiopia are associated with this sign.PISCES: Marine disasters in the fishing industry, corruption, rivers and river navigation problems, the death of a public figure, immoral actions related to the church or the legislative system will be revealed, so many prelates and lawyers will have problems. The north of Egypt is associated with this sign. 

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