This alchemy shows the level of harmony between desire and affection, between sexuality and feelings, and especially the level of inner harmony when you relate to the opposite sex.

People who have a harmonious relationship between these two planets (trine, sextile) in their natal chart have a beautiful affective life, and when a relationship no longer works, it easily exceeds the moment of separation, without regrets and inner frustration. They like to share their wishes and activities with their loved ones and even participate in activities related to sports and creative activities.

People who have a problematic relationship (sqare or opposition) between the two planets in their natal chart have a tumultuous love life with dramatic breaks that leave traces in the person’s heart. These people know what they want, but they do not know how to get what they want, so they may seem lethargic, shy or too aggressive in their manifestation. Love and hate are sometimes mixed in their love life, so they may be attracted to relationships that create extreme feelings, and that is because these people are very passionate. They want everything or nothing. Any abuse (physical, mental, emotional blackmail, etc.) is not excluded.

There is also a particular situation when Mars and Venus are in the same zodiac sign (in conjunction), in this case people possessing such an astral configuration put a great emphasis on erotic life and love relationships and often neglect other aspects of life . They are people full of charm and magnetism, having the ability to easily attract the opposite sex and muchmore. Here are some celebrities with such a look: Giacomo Casanova, Bill Clinton, Heidi Fleiss, Salvador Dali, Charles Baudelaire.

In the astrological literature (for example the author Vettius Valens) there is another interesting mention: when Venus and / or Mars are under the Sun (less than 15 degrees from the sun), love affairs are favored. It is true that it is very important in which astrological houses these are happening because it helps you to understand how the energies of these planets manifest themselves.  

Love and be loved!

Monica Lazar