On MARCH, you have the following main configurations: 

Until March 17th the Mars-Uranus trine helps you to be motivated, courageous, full of initiative and desire for renewal.

Jupiter begins its retrograde motion on March 9th and it might be unexpected plot twists related to areas ruled by Jupiter: justice, religion, legislation, higher education, culture, tourism, strangers, and the abroad.

Until March 20th the Sun-Jupiter trine brings long-term luck and opportunities, confidence, and optimism.
On March 20th, the SUN ingress in ARIES: Happy Birthday for all natives! With this occasion it is happened The March equinox that marks the beginning of spring and the end of winter in the Northern Hemisphere but marks the beginning of autumn and the end of summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Mars – Saturn conjunction in Capricorn is between March 17th and April 18th and it is very powerful because Mars is in exaltation and Saturn in his own domicile, this means this is a particularly powerful seed planting during this conjunction helps you to be focused, strengthen and perseverance to achieve your goals. Do not forget that Mars begins its retrograde cycle, during which it will move to and from Capricorn and Aquarius, until November 2018. Mars will be retrograde between June 26th and August 27th, this motion has a great impact on both houses occupied by Aquarius and Capricorn in everyone’s charts.

Use this powerful energy of Mars in the areas where Mars is transiting, and the areas are given by the houses where Mars is transiting.

Mercury enters also in retrograde circle on March 6th and retrograde period is March 23rd and April 15th

During the retrograde period, be aware of error in calculations or judgment made because of rushing, words spoken in anger, quarrels, miscommunication, and accidents on the road or resulting from handling in a rushed or careless manner of dangerous objects. Things become more complicated during the March 23 – April 15th term, when Mercury is effectively retrograde.

RETROGRADE PLANETS: Mercury and Jupiter.

MOON PHASES (New York time, USA):

FULL MOON in VIRGO on 1st March 2018 at 19:51: This full moon helps you identify what you are prepared to heal, refine, or simplify in a pragmatic manner. Virgo rules the small intestine; whose function is to determine what food is feeding you and what is toxic for your body.

NEW MOON in PISCES on 17th March 2018 at 19:11: This New Moon invites you to renew your connections with invisible and divine. It is a good time for rest, healing, reflection and reconnection to the source of all things. BE LIKE WATER, MY FRIEND!

FULL MOON in LIBRA on 31st March 2018 at 15:36: This Full Moon put your attention to the authenticity of the personal relationships in which you are involved. Can you allow others to be themselves without judgments or expectations? Do more than you receive? Are you too rational in relationships? Mars and Saturn in Capricorn form a square with the Full Moon, and indicates that most people, but especially those in cardinal signs, are tested in relationships. Maturity, alignment with inner strength is required to help you balance your personal relationships, giving up of bad habits, such as the desire to control.

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MERCURY transits:

MERCURY IN PISCES until 6 March: Intuition and imagination are highly favoured. You can adapt to the thoughts of others. You may have difficulty distinguishing between reality and fantasy. Write down the ideas and dreams that you consider relevant.

MERCURY IN ARIES between 6 March and 13 May, with a retrograde cycle:

Mercury in retrograde station in Aries starting with 22 March 2018

Mercury in retrograde motion in Aries starting with 24 March 2018

Mercury in direct station in Aries starting with 15 April 2018

Mercury in direct motion in Aries starting with 17 April 2018

During retrograde cycle of Mercury, communications (in any way), energy-consuming devices, but also thinking and logic can be affected. In general, what you want to convey is not understood or is totally wrong, and controversy can arise from here. The important transactions in these periods are good to be postponed, and if you cannot avoid signing of a contract or an important document, it is preferable to read the document very carefully. If you do not understand something, ask a specialist (lawyer, counsellor, accountant and so on). Postpone important decisions and do not launch business or new products. The affected zodiac signs are: Gemini and Virgo and in the signs where the planet is retrograde.

VENUS transits:

VENUS in PISCES between until 7 March: You want a unifying relationship with your life partner and artistic or spiritual activities are favoured. Ideally, do these activities with your partner.

VENUS in ARIES between until 7 and 31 March: During this period, you are more demonstrative, more passionate, impetuous and capricious in relationships. Take care how to invest your money, not to hurry with certain decisions. Especially since Mercury has the retrograde period in Aries between 22 March and 15 April.

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MARS transits:

MARS in SAGITTARIUS until 17 March: You are an inspirational leader and have a strong desire for exploration and adventure. Go for it!

MARS in CAPRICORN between 17 March and 17 May, in exaltation: you are persevering, ambitious, efficient, responsible, organized and dedicated to the projects you are involved in. Very good results on long term projects.

JUPITER transits SCORPIO until 8th of November 2018: Secrets and all kind of occult scandals will come out, so you will not have a boring period, it will be a big ShowTime, especially in politics, secret services, love and sex relationships. Scorpio relates to taxes, banking, and shared resources; consequently, costs may rise. Keeping an eye on our savings and our debts may be paramount to protecting our future interests. Power dynamics may also be more visible during this transit, with some people perhaps wanting to create large displays of their power and influence. The most challenging manifestation of this transit can be fears that tend to multiply. In the darkness, shadows loom larger than life beneath Jupiter’s magnifying influence. Positively expressed, wise Jupiter seeks to understand the complexes that lie in the deepest reaches of the psyche. He knows that great treasures are buried in these mysterious catacombs. During 8 March and 10 July Jupiter is in retrograde motion. During this retrograde cycle of Jupiter, people tend to learn from their own experiences some faith-related lessons, and situations may arise when certain adjustments are required for some large-scale projects. If you are traveling during these times, try to organize your traveling better and do not panic if you lose your luggage. You will learn not to rely on the help of others and you will become more adaptable to reality. The affected signs are: Virgo, Sagittarius and Scorpio.

SATURN is already in CAPRICORN, until March 21st, 2020: Saturn is dignified and functioning well. This is a time for turning a critical eye to those of Your career choices that don’t accurately reflect Your authentic selves. Capricorn and Saturn want respect and Saturn in Capricorn will work hard to earn it. Conservation is a big theme now. Taking the easy road is not favoured during this transit. Rewards come from putting in the effort. You might also be striving for more authority in an area of your lives now. Saturn demands simplicity, definition, realism, and truth and it tests your weak areas that need strengthening.

Read the forecasts for your SUN and ASCENDANT SIGN, for example if you are born in LIBRA with ascendant in SCORPIO, read forecasts for both signs.

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Here you have short FORECASTS for each ASCENDANT* or SUN SIGN for MARCH 2018:

ASCENDANT OR SUN IN ARIES: Venus brings to you good understanding in the couple, and favorable opportunities for courting, flirting, falling for someone, if you are single. Mars and Saturn in your career house
help you to be focused and tenace. You may have decisions, initiatives, and renewals, but also by struggles and incidents in your professional environment.
In the first part of the month take more care of your immune system and in the second part you have too much energy. Practice a sport, make more love or walk in the park.

ASCENDANT OR SUN IN TAURUS: Saturn and Mars in Capricorn bring for you an interest in studies, culture, research or spirituality, as well as in journeys for business or professional improvement, long-distance collaborations or the Internet. The Sun brings you protection, support, popularity, and public success. Don’t rush in decisions about making money! Take more care of your health!

ASCENDANT OR SUN IN GEMINI: This month is favoured for love, pleasure, fun in two, and joint achievements. In career and social environment, you are lucky, you have profitable collaborations, money, and support.
Make new friends, collaborators, or allies, and join an organization that it seems interesting for you!

ASCENDANT OR SUN IN CANCER: Saturn, Mars and Pluto in Capricorn help you to approach your love life seriously; with responsibilities and practical sense.
Even if there might be complications, issues can be solved and in the end. At work you have only emergencies or critical situations that demand boldness and speed of reaction. Jupiter and Sun help you bring material and professional opportunities. Due to too much work and responsibilities you may feel tired and stressed, you have higher risk of infections, inflammations or accidents.

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ASCENDANT OR SUN IN LEO: Jupiter and Sun help you in having luck, happiness, and erotic pleasures. Saturn, Mars and Pluto help you to achieve something by monetary gains. The gain is related to home or properties, an inheritance or retrocession, or a good investment. Venus and Mercury are given you interest in the cultural, higher education or legislative area, professional travels, maybe a job or a long-distance collaboration. Use energy of Mars and Saturn in practical activities, otherwise these energies are affecting your health. Take good care of yourself, follow the doctor’s advices, and avoid any excess or risk.
Spiritual or esoteric pursuit, a study, a research, or an investigation are favoured this month. ASCENDANT OR SUN IN VIRGO: Sun and Jupiter bring fulfilment when it comes to love life but also in collaborations. Venus helps you in money that you share with your life partner, or an attraction for researching or investigating something related to your relationship. Mercury and Venus make you too eat more or to make any kind of excess.

ASCENDANT OR SUN IN LIBRA: Venus and Mercury make you more open to share your feelings and thoughts in your relationships, no matter is about love or business.  Sun and Jupiter may bring to you glory and money. New contracts or older cooperation reinvented will bring you success.
Home, properties or maybe your older relatives will make you busier in the second part of the month.

Medical investigations, treatments and regular check-ups are favoured the first two decans.

ASCENDANT OR SUN IN SCORPIO: You are lucky in love, flirting, falling in love and affairs. Maybe a love story with your boss or a work college.
Venus, Mercury and Sun favoured you in work environment and it is the best time to discover and use your artistic or creative abilities. You are very active, especially physically: hikes, dance, sex, and other activities that require vigor and enthusiasm.
This month is also is good for medical procedures, diets, treatments and cosmetic procedures. Be aware of the environment while driving and while handling sharp objects!

ASCENDANT OR SUN IN SAGITTARIUS: Venus and Mercury favour you in love being more sensual and lovable. Also, sports and creative-artistic pursuits bring you success, and potential product launch or promotional campaigns are favored.
You have a lot of energy and there are no important health issues.
Use your money in a wisely manner, do not invest in risky businesses!

ASCENDANT OR SUN IN CAPRICORN: Venus and Mercury throughout give you an appetite for flirting and experimenting, but there are some cases for emotional turmoil.  If you are single, you might find love while traveling or you travel with a new love partner. You are very favoured in writing, collecting information, at exams or interviews, negotiating, giving a speech, trade. You have many ideas to put in practice, especially in real-estate, home or working from home.
Saturn, Mars and Pluto are already in Capricorn it is a sign that you should be more forgiving, and delegate some of your responsibilities. The idea is to take care more of your health. Take a short vacation if you can!

ASCENDANT OR SUN IN AQUARIUS: This month you may have many meetings, journeys that can have emotional impact in your private relationship. Mercury and Venus help you to use your feelings in a harmonious way. Trine of Jupiter with Sun brings a good potential for professional success and money gains. Avoid envious and revengeful people that are not accepted that you have success.

You are favoured in information collection, having great ideas, and you are very good in negotiating.
Saturn, Mars and Pluto in your 12th house try to care more about your feelings, bad habits and chronic diseases.  You maybe feel tired, and immunity is low, and you are exposed to cold and infections. Accidents that can affect your bones may occur, so avoid extremes sports. This month learn something new and use your manual skills in creative activities!

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ASCENDANT OR SUN IN PISCES: Venus and Mercury offer you luck, happiness, fulfillment, and harmony in a relationship!
You may choose a cause, an objective to dedicate yourself to.  Sun and Jupiter bring opportunities, success, and prosperity. Think big, make plans, fly to a next level! You have an urge to make many friends and may take the role of leader in groups. You may wish to impose your will on associates.

Analyse the work done and learn from the mistakes. During this period, Pisces should also think about their own health. Now is the time to get rid of bad habits.
IMPORTANT NOTES: In all my astrological research and interpretations, I use the Whole signs (house system) because it is the oldest house system (used by ancient Greek astrologers) who has proven its real value during history. When I am writing about aspects between planets, I use aspect from sign to sign; I am using a traditional way of interpretation of aspects. An aspect is not a must to be at perfect orb to have an effect. It is enough if we have a planet in a sign that forms an aspect with another planet from another sign. The most powerful aspects are: conjunctions, oppositions, squares and trines. 

*) If you do not know yet your Ascendant you may find it very easy by using any other free astrology website or software that you can find on internet. For this calculation, you need: day, month, year, location, hour and minutes of your birth. If you have possibility try to use the Whole signs (house system) because it is the oldest house system (used by ancient Greek astrologers) who has proven its real value during history.

I wish you the best transits!

Monica Lazar