On APRIL we have the following main configurations: 

We do not escape too easy from complicated times, because JUPITER-URANUS-PLUTO T-square is still active, and that makes the following exact aspects: 7th April: Sun-Jupiter opposition; 9th April: Sun-Pluto square and on 14th April: Sun-Uranus conjunction.

What all these means? So, nothing new under the sun because we still have potential of conflicts, riots, violence, accidents, and natural disasters, political and economic crises.

The only good thing could be MARS-PLUTO and SUN-SATURN trines: inner motivation and perseverance.


Do not forget the following meanings when planets are retrograde:

Direct moving – the best moment for action, the energy of the planet is good;

Retrograde station – not good, do not start any important action in this period;

Retrograde moving – do not act, try to relax and observe the reality, it is better to (re)think your actions and your strategies;

Direct station – the events is going in good direction;

On 19th April, the SUN ingress in TAURUS: Happy Birthday for all natives! 

MOON PHASES (Greenwich local time):

FULL MOON in LIBRA on 11th of April at 07:08: You have a generous and expansive nature especially with your work colleagues. You are a rebel but also a leader. You are innovative and original. Others may see you as arrogant, willful and disruptive lately. Politics, science or computing is interesting for you these days.

NEW MOON IN TAURUS on 26th of April at 13:16: Maybe you spend too much time in the workplace, working odd hours to make sure that you get ahead in your career. You’ve a need to be recognized for your achievements.

MERCURY transits: Mercury is also retrograde, being actively retrograde between 10th April and 3rd May. In addition to that, during the first 20 days of April, Mercury is in the same sign as Mars, and during the last 10 days it is in conjunction with Uranus. Mars and Uranus are the most rebel planets of the solar system. But do not forget, any crises brings many opportunities! BE AWAKE!

Here you have calendar of retrograde period of Mercury:

10th of April: retrograde station in Taurus;

11th of April: retrograde motion in Taurus;

20th of April: retrograde motion in Aries;

1st of May: direct station in Aries;

4th of May: direct motion in Aries;

16th of May: direct motion in Taurus;

7th of June: direct motion in Gemini, and finally it is closed the complete cycle of retrograde motion for Mercury.

VENUS transits: VENUS – SATURN square brings any kind of tensions, frustrations, and blockages in relationships (personal, business, diplomacy). Pay attention for Pisces and Aries signs. Here you have calendar of retrograde period of Venus:3rd of April at 00:26: Venus in retrograde motion in Pisces 14th of April at 10:18: Venus in direct station in Pisces 16th of April at 10:18: Venus in direct motion in Pisces 28th of April at 13:14: Venus in direct motion in Aries 6th of June at 06:27: Venus ingress in Taurus and finally it is closed the complete cycle of retrograde motion of Venus in 2017.

MARS transits: Until 21st of April MARS is in TAURUS: You have strong wishes and you are able to succeed in any major project. You are stubborn and nobody can stop you in your chosen path. Between 21st of April and 4th of June MARS is in GEMINI: You like to initiate ideas and spread information. You are assertive, although you can resort to evasive behavior.

Here you have short FORECASTS for each ASCENDANT* for APRIL 2017:


Positive outcome: Also you have very good opportunities to gain more money this month. If you did not make your annual medical check-up not it is time to visit the doctor.

Negative outcome: To experiment in love it is acceptable but do not have expectations because you are not advantaged for good results. Now it is time for surprises! Try to not stress too much due to much work.

The main advice: Think a smart financial strategy for a better life! Do not become greedy and do not rush in your investment, especially until 7th of June!


Positive outcome: You are very active, in warrior mood and you want to get everything you want. Try to remain open for communication and negotiate if it the case the terms of any collaboration, no matter is about business or other kind of relationship.

Negative outcome:  An ex-relationship partner will try to contact you again for making peace or trying to reconnect. Are you sure you want this? Think again! Be aware of rush movements and difficulties in handling objects make cause accident! Try to keep a balance in your life!

The main advice: If it is needed to make important decisions think very carefully before! The best think is to postpone any important decision until 7th of June.


Positive outcome: To have success in your career try to make good alliances, to work in small groups, to remain connected to update information. There is a possibility to work together with your love partner in a project.

Negative outcome:  Even you may have some small problems in your love life everything will be fine, so try to not overreact for this reasons. Because you feel weak and with luck of energy try to rest and sleep more, eat well, healthier food! It is only a transitory feeling, so do not panic!

The main advice:  Try to use your creativity in everyday life, in a long term strategy, in this way you will have more success and more financial gains!


Positive outcome:  You are very demanding this month in your request from your loved one. You need more love, more help, more appreciation. Also there is a big chance to travel abroad with your partner. Due to your hard work and commitment you may get a promotion including a financial gain.
Negative outcome: If you will be involved in a big project try to set up from the beginning a clear role that you have in it. If you feel tired time to time during this month it means that you forces too much your body & spirit in external activities, so try to sleep and relax more to get a recover!

The main advice: Organize better your daily work! And smile more not only when you hear a joke!


Positive outcome:  In your personal relationships are very important communication and traveling, so this month you may go abroad and you may meet somebody during a special activity.

Negative outcome:  Avoid conflict in work environment due to too much energy and competition. Some errors, delays and miscommunication but also changes may stress you too much. Do not be afraid of changes in few weeks everything will be clear in your life! Fear is the best enemy of a good life, it is the biggest illusion that we meet in our everyday life! The best decisions due to your financial and career strategy may have after 20th of April.

The main advice: Try to avoid excess in your outgoings! Do not get any new bank loans during this month and void any tempting financial investment! Keep your money safe! Try to sleep and relax more!


Positive outcome:  Your focus will be in your family environment, real-estate, money and business!

Negative outcome: Use your energy wisely otherwise you will be tired and stress, more than you are able to handle!  Until 15th of April older issues in your personal relationships will come again on the surface and make you stressed and nervous. Except the unexpected!

The main advice:  Move your body in the middle of nature, the sun should see your face and try to use some useful supplements to make your body stronger!


Positive outcome:  Learn to be efficient in your daily life and in work environment!

Negative outcome: Your love life seems to be lost in translation. You really do not cope with problems and you do not really understand what is happened around you! Because you are most of the time in your mind and your thoughts and your heart is empty! After 20th of April things will get better, but try to focus on common interests and try to understand better what is going on with your life partner! This month you also are too busy in your work environment and you feel that all responsibilities are on your head! Learn to delegate your work to your team, but if you are alone in your work then change your approach and strategy on your work.

The main advice:  Be aware how you are using your money and investing and avoid to take loans from the banks. If you have any small health issues to doctor in the same day!


Positive outcome:  You are on an optimist wave in your work environment because everybody appreciate your skills and creativity. Now it is the best time to find new approaches in your work! It is time to check your health state and to make a better daily lifestyle!

Negative outcome:  Because you get too much energy you have a risk to become too aggressive and pushy in your personal and business relationships. Learn to use Mars energy in a wisely! Otherwise everybody will run away from you and your demanding mood!

The main advice:  Avoid excesses in speculations and pleasant activities, otherwise you will lose good amount of money and you will be sorry, but it will be too late. Be very clear when you negotiate new collaboration contracts!


Positive outcome: Next month everything will become normal again, so be patient!

Negative outcome:  You are in a very adventurous mood, so you will be a real love hunter, no matter you are a male or female. Due to this situation do not have big expectation in personal relationships. This month you work a lot, in stress environment, because everybody want from you to be fast and efficient. The key of partial solving of this stressful situation is the communication, clear messages (in writing and speaking), update of documents and software of antivirus software in your computer.

The main advice: Do not forget about your body and mind! You should pay attention to your health state!


Positive outcome:  You are in a romantic mood and you feel the need of being near your love partner! Be aware to not reopen a Pandora box in an older love relationship! After 20th of April you may take important decisions due to your professional area. Do not refuse any invitation from ex-colleagues and friends, you may get important information for your future.

Negative outcome:  In case of chronic disease go immediately to doctor!

The main advice:  Move your body in the middle of nature, the sun should see your face and try to use some useful supplements to make your body stronger!


Positive outcome:  You are focused to finish an older project/work due to your home environment (decoration, fixing and making more beautiful your house). Be patient because main of solving situation will come after 20th of April! If you are interesting to start a new education program, now it is time to start, with this occasion you will meet interesting people!

Negative outcome:  Anything you promise in your personal relationships or everything that you receive as a future commitment until 20th of April may be only nice words and everything is like bubble in the wind.

The main advice:  Less promises, better future in relationships!


Positive outcome: You are able to work a lot for gaining more money! Be inventive and find new ways to get correct price for your services!

Negative outcome: Hard time for your relationships, no matter is about personal or business ones. Put old issued on tables and talk honestly about all of them, try to find solutions together! Also money and career are a hot topic this month! Try to not lose control on your financial resources!

The main advice: Be clear in what you want and let all the people know your needs! Do not overreact for any small issue, no matter is about personal or professional matters! Important decisions you should make after 20th of April! Until then think well, be wise and search for a good advice!

Important note: In all my astrological research and interpretations I use the Whole signs (house system) because it is the oldest house system (used by ancient Greek astrologers) who has proven its real value during history. When I am writing about aspects between planets, I use aspect from sign to sign; I am using a traditional way of interpretation of aspects. An aspect is not a must to be at perfect orb to have an effect. It is enough if we have a planet in a sign that forms an aspect with another planet from another sign. The most powerful aspects are: conjunctions, oppositions, squares and trines.

*) If you do not know yet your Ascendant you may find it very easy by using any other free astrology website or software that you can find on internet. For this calculation you need: day, month, year, location, hour and minutes of your birth. If you have possibility try to use the Whole signs (house system) because it is the oldest house system (used by ancient Greek astrologers) who has proven its real value during history.

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