On AUGUST, we have the following main configurations: 

This month imagine you are in a dancing contest and you must change the dancing style every five minutes, this is the feeling of August atmosphere because we have Mercury retrograde, a fire trine and a pair of eclipses. Be open to changes, new events, even surprises.

Sun-Mars conjunction from Leo asks for action in time, fast and with the best results. Because there is a lot of energy between Sun-Mars in Leo – Saturn in Sagittarius – Uranus in Aries there are huge potentials for remarkable results but also there is a potential of conflict and violence, explosions and natural disasters.

The situation is simple, people who can handle this energy will have good month and people who are not under control of their mind will lose.

Mercury retrograde invites you to communicate clear and simple, no matter you speak, write, negotiate, debate, exchange ideas. If your communication tools (computer, mobile, tablets, cars) are in trouble you should fix them in a serious manner and it is better to avoid in these periods to buy new ones. Important negotiations and transactions it is better to postpone for direct periods of Mercury, after 5th of September. If you have no choice and you must sign an important contract you should read very carefully all documents. Important for Gemini and Virgo natives and for the signs where the planet goes retrograde.

This pair of eclipses are part of a family with certain characteristics, in this case is about communication and finding solution together.
The people who has power (kings, presidents, all kind of leaders) or they are under public eyes (famous people) are impacted the most during this month.


On 23rd August, the SUN ingress in VIRGO: Happy Birthday for all natives!


FULL MOON in AQUARIUS on 8th of August at 11:10: With this occasion, we have a Partial Lunar Eclipse and you can see it in much of Europe, much of Asia, Australia, Africa, East in South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica. A Moon–Jupiter trine at 4:07 p.m. can help to ease some of the tension, if you remember to stay hopeful and look for the greater meanings behind events. Also, detail-oriented Mercury trines wise Pallas Athene at 9:37 p.m. (10°38′ Virgo–Taurus), activating your common sense and ability to devise practical solutions.

NEW MOON IN LEO on 21st of August at 11:30 a.m.: Your patience and perseverance will be fruitful. You will really understand the meaning and manifestations of this eclipse when Mercury will be on the direct station on September 5, when it will be close to the Full Moon in Pisces.

Eclipse Start & End: Local Time for US States (source: https://www.timeanddate.com/) 

The eclipse will begin over the Pacific Ocean at 15:46 UTC, which corresponds to 8:46 am Pacific Time. It will reach the coast of Oregon at Lincoln City, just west of Salem, at 9:04 am local time. The eclipse will reach its maximum point here at 10:17 am.

From here, the Moon’s central shadow will move inland. The following table shows when the Moon will begin to move in front of the Sun and the moment it completely covers the Sun, as seen from some locations along the central path of the eclipse. All times are local.

Location Partial Eclipse Begins Sun Completely Obscured
Salem, OR 09:05 am PDT 10:18 am PDT
Idaho Falls, ID 10:15 am MDT 11:33 am MDT
Casper, WY 10:22 am MDT 11:43 am MDT
Lincoln, NE 11:37 am CDT 1:03 pm CDT
Sabetha, KS 11:38 am CDT 1:05 pm CDT
Jefferson City, MO 11:46 am CDT 1:14 pm CDT
Carbondale, IL 11:52 am CDT 1:21 pm CDT
Hopkinsville, KY 11:56 am CDT 1:25 pm CDT
Nashville, TN 11:58 am CDT 1:28 pm CDT
Talulah Falls, GA 1:07 pm EDT 2:37 pm EDT
Columbia, SC 1:13 pm EDT 2:43 pm EDT
Charleston, SC 1:16 pm EDT 2:47 pm EDT

Source: https://www.timeanddate.com/

With The total phase of this total solar eclipse will be visible from a narrow path spanning all across the USA from the West Coast to the East Coast (see map and local times below).. In the surrounding areas, which include all of mainland United States and Canada, the total eclipse 2017 will be a partial solar eclipse.

Maximum Point: Best Location to View the Eclipse – The maximum point of the eclipse will take place near Hopkinsville, Kentucky at 18:20 UTC, which is 1:20 pm local time. Here, totality will last for 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

Other regions seeing, at least, a partial eclipse: West in Europe, North/East Asia, North/West Africa, Much of South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic.

MERCURY transits:

Starting with 26th July Mercury is in VIRGO: When this planet is in direct motion is helping you in clear any mental mess and upping our aptitude for organization. Projects requiring dexterity are suited to this transit, as is any undertaking that requires detailed work or apprenticeship. With Virgo also ruling health, thinking more about our physical body’s needs and requirements may help us to identify where improvements can be made.

Between 15th of August and 4th of September Mercury in Virgo is in retrograde motion, here you have complete cycle of retrograde motion:

26th July – 13th August – direct motion in Virgo

13th – 14th August – retrograde station in Virgo

14th – 31st August – retrograde motion in Virgo

1st – 4th September – retrograde motion in Leo

4th – 5th September – direct station in Leo

6th – 11 September – direct motion in Leo

11th – 30th September – direct motion in Virgo

Mercury and Virgo work based on logic, practical sense, calculation, and realism, while Neptune and Pisces work based on intuition, creativity, imprecision, and idealism. These attributes go head to head, and due to all that Mercury will suffer. Neptune makes it dizzy, confuses, sweet-talks, and deceives. All of us will most likely suffer the consequences of these oppositions and many of us will fall into various traps, make wrong decisions, have trouble focusing or communicating, will have to discern between false and real information. Virgo, Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Cancer natives seem to be the most exposed, but errors and uncertainties can affect us all. Except emergencies, major decisions that can be postponed should be made after September 10.

VENUS transits:

Between 1st and 26th August VENUS is in CANCER: You place emphasis on family relations. You feel the need for strong emotional bonds within your own family and you may have an emotional need for financial security.

Between 26th August and 20th September VENUS is in LEO: You enjoy fun and creativity within relationships. You may be very pride in your partner. You will also value appearances, and may be proud of your possessions.

MARS transit:

Until 5TH September MARS is in LEO: Creativity is animated and you are full of confidence. Bold moves may now help you achieve your goals, if you don’t give in too much to the desire to gamble.

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Here you have short FORECASTS for each ASCENDANT* for AUGUST 2017:


Positive outcome:  Wind of love is blowing in your advantage, especially if you are single and you are looking for a new lover. Also, this wind is coming with financial gains. You are especially favored in artistic, pedagogic, sport activities. Use and promote your activities, your talents, your skills and whatever you produced lately.

Negative outcome: You need to learn fast how to deal with excess of energy that you get this month in combination with retrograde motion of Mercury starting with 13th August. Take care of your health, diet and use your energy in practice a sport. Also, respiratory and nervous systems are vulnerable

The main advice: Make your home environment more beautiful!

Effects of Eclipses: Your 5-11 houses are activated and you may start to take more care of you children, if you have any. If you do not have yet you may think to conceive one. If you are in a love relationship then your attention will focus on her/his. Activate your creativity and use it in practical way, get practical results and do not remain on theoretical stage. Also, you may start to invest in stock exchange. Instead, you may not participate as much as before of all kind of events, organizations and even relationship with your friends will decrease.


Positive outcome:  Your parents or maybe in your home environment you may have a lot of work. In profession area, you get advantages and success.

Negative outcome: In love relationship and children education you may have some issues, communication is not clear, relationships are instable. Past open issues are coming on discussion and it is time to solve them no late then end of September. This month you do not have too much time to relax.
The main advice: Be aware of financial speculations or other easy money gain temptations!

Effects of Eclipses:  Your 4-10 houses and you may focus more on your home environment, your family, your parents, real estate investments, renovation, moving in a bigger house. For your benefits, it is better in this period to avoid lending money to other people. Also, you may work more from home (home office) and you will feel much better to work in this way. Instead, you may avoid competition in your work environment and try to do at most what is written in your job sheet.


Positive outcome: Use your creativity, promote your skills, products and services. You are busy with travel and meetings, negotiations, communication, intellectual pursuits, but also of things related to dexterity or mobility.

Negative outcome:  There are some risks of accidents while moving, especially of foot area or due to careless handling of dangerous objects or substances. You are too agitated and impatient.

The main advice: Take care of your home and family and solve old issued no late then end of September! Be diplomatic as much as you can!

Effects of Eclipses:  Your 3-9 houses you will be involved in trading, writing, editing, public relations, learning, traveling, negotiations and communication. Also, your relationship with your siblings will increase for both parts benefits. Instead, you may and you may have changes in your faith and in philosophy of life.


Positive outcome:  You are charming and you can attract all good around your, relationships, money, favorable events. You make some improvements in your home. You may gain money from profitable work.

Negative outcome: Take more care of your health!

The main advice: Try to not rush to make decisions and come up with solid financial strategies.

Effects of Eclipses:  Your 2-8 houses make you increase your wealth due to your daily work and you may invest in valuable assets and you may start to save money. Also, you will take care of your family to have a better life. Instead, you may have less activity together with your spouse’ family and you may not have too many expectations from your spouse as you may have had before. If you can pay all your debts to banks or other financial institutions and avoid getting another loan.


Positive outcome:  Wow, you are the most powerful, full of energy and obtain what you really want. You have great instincts as the wild Leo animal. Your leadership is on the highest power this year. Your vitality is great also.

Negative outcome:  Be aware of secret loves, especially if you have a current partner.

The main advice: Due to financial matters try to analyze all options, to be practical and prudent. Practice a sport to use the excess of energy! Avoid conflicts and don’t react to provocations!

Effects of Eclipses:  Your 1-7 houses make you become more egocentric and you may wish and receive more fame, personal success, a better public image in media, especially if you are politician, actor, artist or working in a creative environment. Now you can show all your great qualities and it is time to look better, physically. Your charm will make other people to love you and want you in their life. Instead, you may have less focus on your partner’s wishes. If you are in a toxic relationship it will be easier for you to quit. You will not accept anymore an abusive partner, no matter if we are talking about personal or business relationships.


Positive outcome:  It is a good time to analyze in a practical manner your professional goals. You will start to see real changes in September.

Negative outcome: You are too concentrated to detail and this is fucking your mind in a big way. You do not see the forest because of the trees. Mercury retrograde in your sign is amplify like a telescope your attention to details. Some ‘good friends’ do not have good intention to help you.

The main advice: Take care of your immune system and look carefully while traveling or walking.

Effects of Eclipses:  Your 12-6 houses help you to discover your spiritual path due to isolation, retreats and spiritual pilgrimage traveling. You are able now to know yourself better, to discover new qualities and to make an inner cleaning. At the end of this transit you will be a different person, a better one. Instead, you may have less focus for daily work and routines and to see the self as part of a greater whole.  


Positive outcome:  You have common projects with your loved one and you go out together more often this month. If you are single you may meet a new partner but one with a good social position and many important connections. It is very possible to be involved into a team projects, in public organizations.

Negative outcome: This month take care of your nervous and respiratory systems, flexibility of the body, coordinating gestures and dexterity. Also, your memory may have some issues. Take more care while traveling, especially if you are the driver.

The main advice: Postpone major decisions for end of September!

Effects of Eclipses: Your 11-5 houses make you start developing of a network of people with common interests as yours, also you may gain more money within your connections and friends. You will meet new friends, new collaborations and you may be involved in new group activities. Do not refuse any invitation to parties and social events. It is quite possible to open your organization and to involve people in your activities. Instead, you will not focus too much on your children because maybe they are now on the right path and for sure you will avoid conceiving a new one. If you do not have already a successful love relationship, you will avoid searching for a new partner, even you will have a lot of opportunities to find one.


Positive outcome:  This month is time for travel due to spiritual or cultural reasons and there you may meet an interesting person that have many interests in common with you. You are very favored this month when is about your profession and personal development. The Sun and Mars in Leo give you power, competitiveness, leadership, and can put you able to lead a team or put yourself in front of the public. You also have good news about earnings and material prosperity.

Negative outcome: Nothing special!

The main advice: Show your skills and abilities to the world! It is your time now!

Effects of Eclipses: Your 10-4 houses make you to focus on your career and social environment, you feel the need to improve your public image, to have a better reputation and fame. You are very ambition and competitive and you may become egocentric in your work environment. You are the boss and everybody should know this. Changes in your career will occur during this transit. Instead, you will not focus on your family and house environment, you may delegate your tasks to another family member.


Positive outcome: Possible financial gains may come from travels, studies, long-distance collaborations.

Negative outcome: In your personal and business relationships, you may have some discussions about older unsolved issues, you feel that you are neglected and you want more attention and encouragements.  Until end of September you should solve all these issues. Do not let your personal life to influence your public life.

The main advice: Try to meet optimistic people, do not stay in negativity of other people problems.

Effects of Eclipses: Your 9-3 houses make you focus on searching of your own true and discovering a new philosophy of life and to understand better your religion state. Also, you will realize that you should deepen your education, so you may travel abroad for learn new subjects. This is very important for your future professional evolution. Also, some of you will want to travel worldwide for a longer period, you may become an expert in traveling and you will be able to become a professions tourist guide, if you wish. Instead, you need to let go of past life tendencies to be narrow minded and learn to broaden your perspectives. Open your mind. Think out of the box.


Positive outcome:  You feel very happy in your personal and business relationships and because of all these you are very confident about your future. Your partner may help you in a project and maybe you work together and get an important goal together.

Negative outcome: Try to not combine business with love because you will lose them both.

The main advice: Do not exaggerate in physical effort and if you do not feel well go immediately to the doctor.

Effects of Eclipses: Your 8-2 houses make you to discover all kind of secrets, about you, your spouse, and your business partners. Relationship with your spouse’s relatives will develop and your life partner may gain more money and will invest in family interest. You may start to study all kind of esoteric science: astrology, numerology, alchemy, yoga, qigong and so on. You start a process of self-transformation and you if you get a loan form a bank be sure to invest these money in profitable assets of business. This means that you should make money from these investments and you do not generate only costs. Instead, you need to learn self-control when is coming of your material values.


Positive outcome: Wild time in your partnership area! You are very competitive this month and you want to make new allies, to involve others in joint projects that are very ambitious.

Negative outcome: You are too pushy and maybe you do not have patient to listen your life partner or/and business partners. Do not rush, even your ideas and energy are very good! Make a cleaning in your financial area, pay your debts, take care of your investments and if you want to take important decisions wait until end of September! Until then you have plenty time to think about a new financial strategy.

The main advice: Go and treat yourself like a queen or king – spa treatments, music, dance, spiritual nurture, massage, and meditation. All these will help you to escape of too much stress in your everyday life.

Effects of Eclipses: Your 7-1 houses make you focus on your spouse, your personal and business relationships. If you are actor, politician, a public figure you may attract more than ever the other people attention. For you is important during this transit to have right relations. You need to let go of ego-centered actions and involved in relationships and collaboration.  If you are not yet married during this transit you have a big change to make this big step. Instead, you may let e focus on yourself and start to look around.


Positive outcome:  It is time to evaluate in a practical and clear manner your relationships. Until end of September everything will be solved due to any open issues about your personal and business relationships. The Sun and Mars make you to move into your advantage, but also demand effort and commitment, in this way you work efficiently and make money.

Negative outcome: Nothing special!

The main advice:  Avoid any kind of excesses in personal and social life!

Effects of Eclipses: Your 6-12 houses make you to learn to be more responsible and to become more productive. You do not want to lose anymore, so you may become a warrior for your rights. You may get better collaboration with your co-workers and work environment developing in a better way. You will take care more about your health, daily routine and you may get a new pet in your house. Instead, you may let go of the desire to escape into fantasy and start to accept the reality as it is.

Important notes:

All times given are in Pacific Daylight Time.

For Eastern Time, add 3 hours.

For Central Time, add 2 hours.

For Mountain Time, add 1 hour

For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.

In all my astrological research and interpretations, I use the Whole signs (house system) because it is the oldest house system (used by ancient Greek astrologers) who has proven its real value during history. When I am writing about aspects between planets, I use aspect from sign to sign; I am using a traditional way of interpretation of aspects. An aspect is not a must to be at perfect orb to have an effect. It is enough if we have a planet in a sign that forms an aspect with another planet from another sign. The most powerful aspects are: conjunctions, oppositions, squares and trines.

*) If you do not know yet your Ascendant you may find it very easy by using any other free astrology website or software that you can find on internet. For this calculation, you need: day, month, year, location, hour and minutes of your birth. If you have possibility try to use the Whole signs (house system) because it is the oldest house system (used by ancient Greek astrologers) who has proven its real value during history.

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I wish you the best transits!

Monica Lazar