Monday – July 1, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Moon

Today and tomorrow, the Lunar Nodes (North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra) exert pressure through a T-square on the Sun in Cancer. This T-square can bring challenges but also significant opportunities for personal growth and transformation. It’s important to navigate these influences with care and awareness to benefit from the energy they bring.


Self-reflection: Analyze which aspects of your personal and relational life need adjustments. Find a balance between self-care and being attentive to the needs of those around you.

Courage and initiative: Be open to taking initiatives and following your passions, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Balance in relationships: Work on establishing healthy boundaries and finding a balance between independence and collaboration.

Tuesday – July 2, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mars

Today at 18:50:02, the Moon enters Gemini. A

dditionally, Mercury enters the sign of Leo, marking the beginning of a rather long retrograde cycle through two signs – Virgo and Leo. Here are the important moments of this transit (Romanian local time):

Mercury enters Leo: July 2 at 15:50:02

Mercury enters Virgo: July 26 at 01:41:48

Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo: August 4 at 07:56:03

Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo: August 6 at 07:56:03

Mercury retrograde re-enters Leo: August 15 at 03:15:28

Mercury stations direct in Leo: August 28 at 00:13:56

Mercury goes direct in Leo: August 30 at 00:13:56

Mercury goes direct in Virgo: September 9 at 09:50:06

Mercury enters Libra: September 26 at 11:08:43

Mercury’s retrograde in Virgo and Leo from August 4 to 28, 2024, but attention to all stages of retrogradation described above and explained in the video material is necessary.

In this #astrovlog, I discuss how this retrograde cycle works and how we can use this period to our advantage: 

Neptune in Pisces will be in retrograde motion from July 2nd to December 7th, and it has a significant influence on both individuals and the collective, affecting various aspects of life. Its retrograde transit can bring both deep introspection and confusion. Here are some key aspects of how this transit works:

Introspection and self-reflection: Neptune retrograde offers the opportunity to look inward, to connect with our intuition and subconscious. It is a favorable period for meditation, exploring dreams, and analyzing our deepest desires and fears.

Revealing illusion and deception: Neptune’s retrograde can bring illusions and deceptions to the surface. Something that seemed clear and evident in the past may be revisited and reconsidered, offering a new perspective. This can lead to initial disappointments but ultimately helps in better understanding reality.

Confusion and uncertainty: During the retrograde, perception and mental clarity may be affected. Feelings of confusion and uncertainty can arise, and making decisions may become more challenging. It is important to pay attention to details and avoid making major decisions during this transit.

Creativity and spirituality: Neptune governs creativity and spirituality. The retrograde can intensify these aspects, favoring artistic and spiritual activities. It can be a good time to reconnect with our creative side and seek inspiration in art, music, or literature.

Clarifying relationships: This transit can bring clarity to relationships, revealing hidden or unresolved aspects. We may see certain people or situations in a new light, which can lead to adjustments in the dynamics of relationships.

Emotional healing: Neptune retrograde in Pisces can be a period of emotional healing. It allows us to process deep emotions and release past emotional baggage. Therapy, meditation, and other forms of self-care can be particularly beneficial during this time.

In short, the retrograde transit of Neptune in Pisces invites us to connect more deeply with our inner self, clarify our vision of the world, and work on personal healing and transformation. However, it is essential to navigate carefully through the confusion and uncertainty that may arise, remaining open to introspection and self-discovery.

Wednesday – July 3, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mercury

Jupiter transits the sign of Gemini from May 26, 2024, to June 10, 2025. Here is an #astrovlog about the general impact and its effects on each Ascendant:

In the first 10 days of the month, Jupiter forms favorable aspects with the Lunar Nodes, hence:

Explore new knowledge: Use this period to learn and communicate. Participate in courses, seminars, and other activities that can enrich your knowledge and skills.

Socialize: Expand your social and professional circle. Collaborate with others and share your ideas and projects.

Balance independence and collaboration: Find a balance between acting on your own and working in a team. Recognize the importance of both aspects and integrate them into your life.

Optimism and confidence: Maintain an optimistic and open attitude. Trust in the opportunities that arise and be willing to explore new directions.

Thursday – July 4, 2024 – The day is ruled by Jupiter

Today at 23:51:20 (Romanian local time), the Moon enters Cancer (in domicile).

Mars continues to transit the sign of Taurus until July 20, forming an applying conjunction with Uranus in Taurus, indicating a powerful and potentially transformative moment. This period can encourage you to make significant changes and initiate innovative actions. However, balancing action and stability will be essential to navigate this intense energy successfully.

Mars is in exact conjunction with Uranus in Taurus at 26°19′ on July 15, 2024, at 16:49:25 (Romanian local time).

Friday – July 5, 2024 – The day is ruled by Venus

Venus transits the sign of Cancer until July 11, favoring introspection, emotional healing, and a period of deep connection with oneself and others.

Saturday – July 6, 2024 – The day is ruled by Saturn

Today at 01:57:00 (Romanian local time), we have a New Moon in Cancer forming an applying trine with Saturn in Pisces. This astrological configuration indicates a favorable moment for new beginnings in communication and close relationships, supported by solid structure and responsibility in group relationships and friendships. It is a propitious time to implement your ideas and dreams with a disciplined and realistic approach.

Saturn in Pisces began already its retrograde motion on June 29 and will continue until November 16, 2024. This represents an opportunity to blend practicality with your inner self and restructure your life in a way that reflects your deepest truths. It is a period of intense inner work but also potential profound transformation through emotional and psychic maturation. Saturn forces everyone to see reality as it is, not as we imagine it to be.

Sunday – July 7, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Sun

Today at 06:55:43, the Moon enters Leo (Romanian local time).

From July 7 to 10, the transit of the Sun in Cancer in trine with retrograde Saturn retrograde in Pisces offers a period of stability and constructive introspection. It is a favorable moment to focus on personal and spiritual growth, to review your plans and internal structures, and to strengthen emotional relationships. Take advantage of this harmonious energy to make significant progress in your personal and spiritual life.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean praying all day; I refer to people living in society, not monks.

What does it mean to be spiritual?

Be aware and present in your life, starting with conscious breathing.

Practice compassion and avoid judging others easily.

Practice gratitude and appreciation regardless of your life situation.

Avoid victimization and blaming others.

Connect with nature and take care of your health.

Practice self-forgiveness and forgiveness of those who have wronged you.

Do a good deed daily without forcing it, which is why it is important to live in community with those around you. People are meant to be together. Attention! Forced kindness is not recommended because many people are not ready to receive it.

Appreciate the simplicity and miracle of life.

I await your opinion on what it means to be spiritual.

Monday – July 8, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Moon

Today, the transit of the Moon in Leo in sextile with Jupiter in Gemini and the South Node in Libra and in trine with the North Node in Aries creates a favorable moment in personal and relational terms. It is an auspicious time for creative expression, learning, and reevaluating emotional patterns from the past. Take advantage of this harmonious energy to make concrete steps in your life and to connect with others.

Tuesday – July 9, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mars

The transit of the Moon in Leo in square with Mars and Uranus in Taurus can bring challenges and emotional tensions but also opportunities for growth and change. It is a period when you need to be aware of your impulsive reactions and look for constructive ways to manage tensions. Be open to change and use this energy to break free from old patterns and express your authenticity.


Control impulsivity: Try to control your impulsive reactions and avoid unnecessary conflicts. Find healthy ways to express your emotions, such as through journaling, meditation, or creative activities.

Flexibility and openness to change: Be open to change and innovation, even if they come unexpectedly. Accept that some things need to change to allow you to grow and develop.

Patience and reflection: Give yourself time to reflect on tense situations and avoid making hasty decisions. Patience is crucial in managing the energy of this transit.

Practicing self-compassion: Be kind to yourself and others. Understand that tensions and conflicts are part of the process of growth and change.

Today at 16:47:27, the Moon enters Virgo.

Wednesday – July 10, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mercury

Starting tomorrow, Venus begins its transit in the sign of Leo (from July 11 to August 5), creating an opposition with retrograde Pluto in Aquarius, indicating opportunities for emotional growth, transformation, and reevaluation of relationships and personal values. Conscious management of these energies can lead to positive outcomes and greater self-understanding. The idea is to move beyond the need for control in relationships and financial matters.

Thursday – July 11, 2024 – The day is ruled by Jupiter

Today, before Venus steps into the sign of Leo, we have Venus in Cancer trine with retrograde Neptune retrograde in Pisces, both at the anaretic degree, creating a period of emotional and spiritual intensity, favoring deep connections and creativity. However, it is essential to maintain a balance between dreaming and reality to avoid disappointments.

Friday – July 12, 2024 – The day is ruled by Venus

Today at 05:06:21, the Moon enters Libra (Romanian local time).

Uranus is in Taurus for a long journey that ends on April 26, 2026. In this #astrovlog, I explain the situations you are put in until April 2026:

During this period, Uranus brings innovation and change in the practical and material aspects of life. It’s essential to embrace these changes and be open to new approaches in your personal and professional life.

Saturday – July 13, 2024 – The day is ruled by Saturn

The Lunar Nodes have been transiting the Aries-Libra axis for some time and will continue to do so until January 12, 2025, at 01:01:30.

Here is an #astrovlog about the general impact of this transit as well as its impact on each Ascendant:

In which houses are these Lunar Nodes transiting for you, and how have you perceived their influence in your life so far?

Sunday – July 14, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Sun

Today at 01:48:00 (Romanian local time) – First Quarter Moon with the Moon in Libra in the 6th house and the Sun in Cancer in the 3rd house forming an applying sextile aspect with Mars and Uranus in the 1st house.

This astrological configuration indicates a period of action and adjustment in the areas of work and health, supported by emotional and intuitive communication. Opportunities for personal initiatives and positive changes are favored, which can lead to an overall balance in life and the achievement of important goals.

Today at 17:52:36 – The Moon enters Scorpio (in fall).

Monday – July 15, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Moon

NEPTUNE transits PISCES until March 30, 2025, at 13:59: Primarily, Neptune is not classified as a personal planet and has an impact on a personal level only if it creates a conjunction aspect with personal planets in the natal chart. The impact of this planet is greater on a social, mundane level, affecting the masses.

Where is Neptune in your natal chart? In this #astrovlog, I discuss how Neptune functions in the houses of the natal chart:

How do you feel this transit, especially since it is at the anaretic degree 29? Until December, Neptune in Pisces is retrograde. The retrograde transit of Neptune in Pisces is a period of deep introspection, spiritual growth, and confronting the truth. This is an opportunity to connect more deeply with our inner selves, heal the toxic aspects of our lives, and explore creativity and spirituality with a new perspective. Be open to revelations and inner changes that may occur and use this energy to improve your life and move closer to your essential authenticity.

Tuesday – July 16 – The day is ruled by Mars

PLUTO is retrograde in AQUARIUS.

In this #astrovlog, you will find the general impact and also for each Ascendant:

What situations has this transit put you in where you had to change something?

Wednesday – July 17, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mercury

Today at 04:24:45 the Moon enters Sagittarius (Romanian local time).

From July 17-20, the sextile transit between Mars in Taurus and retrograde Neptune in Pisces is a favorable moment to combine practical and determined energy with inspiration and intuition. This aspect brings opportunities for inspired actions, pursuing dreams with persistence, and integrating compassion into daily life. Use this period to put creative ideas into practice and to gain clarity regarding your aspirations.

Thursday – July 18, 2024 – The day is ruled by Jupiter

Today and tomorrow, the transit of Venus in Leo in beneficial aspects with the Lunar Nodes brings significant opportunities for personal and relational growth. This is a time to work on expressing your creativity and individuality, building healthy relationships, and releasing old relational patterns that prevent you from evolving. Use this energy to pursue your passions and develop relationships that support you on your path to fulfillment and authenticity.

Friday – July 19, 2024 – The day is ruled by Venus

Today at 11:13:40 the Moon enters Capricorn (in exile).

Between July 19 and 21, a sextile forms between Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Gemini, bringing a favorable period for relationships, creativity, communication, and expansion. This harmonious aspect facilitates self-expression, luck in relationships, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Consciously managing these energies can lead to beautiful outcomes and greater harmony in personal and social life.

Saturday – July 20, 2024 – The day is ruled by Saturn

MARS transits GEMINI from July 20 to September 4 and is a suitable period for:

Strategic planning: Use this time to plan and implement projects that require energy and determination. Pay attention to details and use your intelligence to navigate challenges.

Self-discipline: With Mars in Gemini, there may be a tendency to be scattered, so practice self-discipline to focus your energy and complete what you have started.

Exploring new ideas: Be open to new ideas and perspectives. Innovation and creative thinking are favored, making it an excellent time for brainstorming and experimentation.

Personal transformation: Think about how you can use this energy to transform your life. Be willing to let go of habits and patterns that no longer serve you.

Effective communication: Use communication skills to express yourself clearly and collaborate effectively with others. Avoid unnecessary conflicts and seek appropriate solutions.

Sunday – July 21, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Sun

Today at 13:17:00 we have a Full Moon in Capricorn: The transit of the Full Moon with the Moon in Capricorn in the 4th house and the Sun in Cancer in the 10th house, along with harmonious aspects with Neptune, suggests a period of clarity and balance between personal and professional life. It is a favorable moment to end cycles and make necessary adjustments, using intuition and emotional sensitivity to navigate challenges and bring harmony and fulfillment to both spheres of life. See and accept reality as it is, because otherwise, delusion remains high.

Today at 14:42:58 the Moon enters Aquarius.

Monday – July 22, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Moon

The SUN enters the sign of LEO on July 22, 2024, at 10:44:24. Happy birthday to all natives! Here is the profile of the LEO native in this #astrovlog:

Tuesday – July 23, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mars

Today at 09:07:32 the Moon enters Pisces.

Today I am talking about how #Leo natives behaves in love relationships:

Wednesday – July 24, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mercury

The SUN rules the sign of LEO, so watch this #astrovlog to understand how the SUN functions in astrology:

In this #astrovlog I am talking about Significators of SUN in astrology. As a general rule, a significator is a planet or a point in a chart witch indicates something for a topic (character or house or rulership). Do you know where is placed the SUN in your natal chart?

Thursday – July 25, 2024 – The day is ruled by Jupiter

Today at 17:52:16 the Moon enters Aries.

Between July 25 and August 13, Jupiter in Gemini forms an applying square with Saturn in Pisces, bringing challenges related to balancing expansion with limitations and responsibilities. Consciously managing these energies can lead to personal and professional development, finding a balance between optimism and realism, and creating solid foundations for the future. Responsible communication is recommended.

Friday – July 26, 2024 – The day is ruled by Venus

In this #astrovlog I am talking about how LEO natives communicate:

Saturday – July 27, 2024 – The day is ruled by Saturn

Today at 20:22:29 the Moon enters Taurus (in exaltation).

In this #astrovlog I am talking about Rising Signs and first impressions or how to express your Ascendant:

Sunday – July 28, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Sun

Today at 05:51:00 we have the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus with the Moon in Taurus in the 10th house and the Sun in Leo in the 1st house, along with the trine of the Sun with the North Node, suggesting a period of reflection and release in the area of career, supported by an authentic and confident expression of self. It is a favorable moment to consolidate professional foundations and to follow opportunities that align with your life purpose, especially by taking the initiative and exploring new educational horizons and different environments full of opportunities. Provided you are alert and notice them.

Monday – July 29, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Moon

For a few days, the Sun in Leo is in beneficial aspects with the North Node in Aries and the South Node in Libra, encouraging you to express your creativity and individuality, take the initiative, and reevaluate relationships to find a healthy balance. Use this energy to pursue your passions, assert your authenticity, and build relationships based on mutual respect and support.

Tuesday – July 30, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mars

Today at 00:27:38 the Moon enters Gemini.

The transit of the Moon in Gemini in conjunction with Mars in Gemini and beneficial aspects with the North Node in Aries and the South Node in Libra brings a period of emotional intensity, active communication, and bold initiative. This transit favors personal growth, releasing old relational patterns, and finding a healthy balance between individuality and relationships. Use this energy to communicate effectively, take the initiative, and follow your passions with confidence and determination.

Wednesday – July 31, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mercury

Transit of the Moon in Gemini in conjunction with Jupiter in Gemini brings a period of emotional, intellectual, and social expansion. This combination favors learning, open communication, optimism, and luck. Use this energy to explore new ideas, connect with others, and express your thoughts and feelings with confidence. It is a favorable moment for personal growth and attracting positive opportunities into your life. This conjunction occurs monthly whenever the Moon in Gemini approaches Jupiter in Gemini.


I wish you all a lovely Summer!


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