In this #astrovlog, I discuss how this retrograde cycle works and how we can use this period to our advantage.
Mercury enters the sign of Leo, marking the beginning of a rather long retrograde cycle through two signs – Virgo and Leo.
Here are the important moments of this transit (Romanian local time):
Mercury enters Leo: July 2 at 15:50:02
Mercury enters Virgo: July 26 at 01:41:48
Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo: August 4 at 07:56:03
Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo: August 6 at 07:56:03
Mercury retrograde re-enters Leo: August 15 at 03:15:28
Mercury stations direct in Leo: August 28 at 00:13:56
Mercury goes direct in Leo: August 30 at 00:13:56
Mercury goes direct in Virgo: September 9 at 09:50:06
Mercury enters Libra: September 26 at 11:08:43
Mercury’s retrograde in Virgo and Leo from August 4 to 28, 2024, but attention to all stages of retrogradation described above and explained in the video material is necessary.