On JULY we have the following main configurations: 

The BOSS of first 20 days of this month is the CARDINAL CROSS:


PLANETS IN CANCER: Mercury (till 6th July), Mars (till 20th July), Sun (till 22nd July), Moon (between morning of 21st and 23rd July);


PLANETS IN CAPPRICORN: Pluto in retrograde motion, Moon (between evening of 7th July and 10th and morning of 10th July)

Possible effects at individual level: stress, restless mind, passive-aggressive reactions due to emotions.

Possible effects at mundane level: conflicts, power games, accidents, natural disasters, all kind of crises. Most of them you can see around the world already.

What cardinal cross demand: change, evolution, adaptation, challenges, thinking out of the box.

Witch signs are affected: Everybody who has Sun, Ascendant, and Ascendant ruler or important planets in cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.


On 22nd July, the SUN ingress in LEO: Happy Birthday for all natives!

MOON PHASES (Greenwich local time):

FULL MOON in CAPRICORN on 9th of July at 06:06: Full Moon is tightly conjunct controlling Pluto (exact at 11:05 p.m.), but you could be tempted to rule with an iron fist, especially since the Moon also opposes major Mars. Staying in touch with your sensitive side is the challenge from the Moon opposing the Sun in nurturing Cancer.

NEW MOON IN LEO on 23rd of July at 11:45: New Moon form conjunction with mighty Mars, which is like a great roar from our cosmic lion! New starts made under this lunation are boosted by motivation and drive, but the Sun–Moon–Mars trio also forms a quarrelsome (out-of-sign) square to Uranus. Prima donna moments could spoil the spirited potential of this New Moon, especially if you’re too full of pride to ask for directions. The Moon’s conjunction with Mars help you to enjoy the warmth and vigor emitted from this lunation.

At the New Moon, Mercury in Leo conjoins the North Node, encouraging you to speak your truth and to filter information through your heart’s wisdom. There is no time for ego games!

MERCURY transits:

Between 6th and 26th of July Mercury is in LEO: There is a harmony with Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. So the mind works well and communication can be profitable.

Starting with 26th July Mercury is in VIRGO: Helping you in clear any mental mess and upping our aptitude for organization. Projects requiring dexterity are suited to this transit, as is any undertaking that requires detailed work or apprenticeship. With Virgo also ruling health, thinking more about our physical body’s needs and requirements may help us to identify where improvements can be made.

VENUS transits:

Until 5th of July VENUS is in TAURUS and finally it is closed the complete cycle of retrograde motion of this planet in 2017.

Between 5th and 31st of July VENUS is in GEMINI: You are curious and flirtatious, and enjoy intellectual relationships with exchanges of ideas. Communicating within a relationship is important to you. You can be restless, and sometimes gets bored. You may have many money-making ideas. The trine formed by Venus and Jupiter brings opportunities, optimism and luck in love. The main beneficiaries are Gemini natives and Librans, then Aquarians, and, to some extent, Arians, Leos, and Sagittarians, as well as all who have their Ascendant, ruler of Ascendant,

MARS transit:

Until 20th July MARS is in CANCER: Now you have the ability to fight for people or for causes about which you feel strongly. You are particularly protective of your family. When personally hurt, you are likely to retreat into your shell. But beware of cardinal cross demands.

Between 20th July and 5th September MARS is in LEO: Creativity is animated and you are full of confidence. Bold moves may now help you achieve your goals, as long as you don’t give in too much to the desire to gamble.

DO NOT FORGET! The North Node in Leo points to the best way forward: to channel the fierce warrior energy of Aries and the truth-telling of Sagittarius through your wide-open hearts so that you become Warriors of Love. While the North Node is in Leo (until November 6, 2018), these themes are key to soul growth. The transiting North Node points to your evolutionary assignment — a way of being that most naturally leads to fulfillment and success. The Leo North Node says that the best way forward is to lead with love, follow our hearts, prioritize our happiness and vitality, and take a playful approach to life. Find here a dedicated article about this axes shift for each Ascendant sign: http://goforastrology.com/the-true-lunar-nodes-axes-ingress-in-leo-aquarius-on-9th-of-may-2017/

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Here you have short FORECASTS for each ASCENDANT* for JULY 2017:


Positive outcome:  Jupiter and Venus trine help you in your personal/private relationships, you are in a romantic mood and you may travel with your loved one in a short vacation.  You like to talk about love and sex with your lover. If you are single you may start a hunting time during transit of Mercury in Leo. Sexual experiments are important topic for you. Also you are busy with making changing in your home endowment (construction, repairing, redesigning and so on).  Use your creativity at work and at home!

Negative outcome: If you want to negotiate contracts or collaborations do not hurry, gather information, evaluate them and think to more than one option. Prioritize, work only to a task at a time and try to remain calm no matter what is happened around you

The main advice: Avoid any conflicts and do not let you emotions to command, remember that you are the general of your life!


Positive outcome:  You may travel and work a lot this month, many meetings, communication and very demanding. If you are wise you get goof results.

Negative outcome: In the first 20 days of the month you may argue with people around you, no matter is about personal or business relationships. You are arguing about miscellaneous, but for you may appear very important. You should understand that is nothing so important on this planet that deserves a real fight. You are too impatient and your manners are not appreciated. How much is costing you a smile and a sweet voice?

Due to your financial need, it is about to negotiate something it is better to wait after 20th of July. Do not spend your money on useless things. Be efficient in using your energy.
The main advice: Remain curious and open to learn and think well what your goals are!


Positive outcome: Your breath only for love and being loved this month, no matter if you are already in a relation or you are single something significant in your life should happened. You are favored in creative and artistic activities where you should use your talents and passion as well.  You make transactions for better earnings. It is the best month to go in vacation with your loved one.

Negative outcome:  Even you may earn good money this month you should beware of spending. Otherwise you will be with empty pockets at the end of month. Take care more of your health! Listen any signal of your body and go to a trusted doctor, if it is the case!

The main advice:  Love, travel, talk, and have a lot of fun with your loved one!


Positive outcome:  You are full of energy, passion and unleash desires. In the first 20 days of the month you are busy in your profession and you are able to have initiatives and to put your ideas at work and transform your goals in reality. Trust in yourself and go for it!

Negative outcome: Your emotions are really in a wild mood so you may start to fight with no real reason, emotions are good if you are balance them. Be aware of possible secrets love affairs, bad habits, isolation, and retreat.  Stress makes you emotional very sensitive and this may put you in risky situations. Be aware of accidents, burns, infections and inflammations.
The main advice: Focus on what is important to you, be like a laser! Do not spread your energy is stupid and useless actions!


Positive outcome:  If you want a happy love life try to communicate more and make more sex with your loved one. If you are single or not go in vacation, especially in first 20 days and you will have chance to relax and have fun. Keep to attend to meetings, events, group activities, grow you network of friends and important people.

Negative outcome:  In the first 20 days of the month, because you do not have too much energy try to rest, sleep and relax more this month! If you have too much of work try to delegate to others, put your leadership skill at work!
The main advice: Keep a balance between reality and your ideals and goals!


Positive outcome:  You are practical in your personal relationship; you and your partner are focused on professional achievements, and your partner may have a professional success and you will find a more comfortable life together. You may have also success in group activities and in expanding your networking. You are able to rethink a project or an idea, away from other people eyes. Keep secret until is ready to launch.

Negative outcome: It seems that you need to keep some information secret, or you may lie due to a personal reason. At least remember what you lie, otherwise you will have some problems.

The main advice: If you know yourself with health problems, take more care of you.  


Positive outcome:  You may become obsessed by fame and status; you need a partner to put you on a throne. You are also favored in relationships with partners that you may travel abroad due to cultural or learning/teaching reasons. If you travel alone you may meet a new lover far away. You feel competitive and you trust in your skills.

Negative outcome: You feel really stressed in the first 20 days, avoid any excess and take care of your health.

The main advice: Smile, be charming and do not work like crazy!


Positive outcome:  You may be involved in talking with people from using internet, in this way you may discover long-distance collaborations or you may travel for education or profession.

All these collaborations could become very profitable in time.

Negative outcome: Try to understand better your partner and the nature of your relationship. You may discover some hidden information this month. Use your intuition in combination with information. It is possible to not like what you will discover but you need to confront the reality as it is. Your health is not in the best shape and there are risks for accidents.

The main advice:  Try to work in teams and use any organization or foundation for your goals.


Positive outcome: You feel like in heaven, you love and you are loved, something important in your love life is happened. A long travel abroad may happen and it is linked with cultural and spiritual curiosity. In the first 20 days of this month, you are able to access funds (do not think about loans), to recover money or goods and to pay your debts.

Negative outcome: In the last 10 days of this month spend money carefully! The wind of change is blowing over your career, until this autumn for you will be clear what you want to do. Do not panic and think straight. Answer to the question ‘What I really want to do now in my life?’

The main advice: Take care of your health in the first 20 days of this month!


Positive outcome: During the first 20 days of this month you have too much energy and you tend to go into extremes, all or nothing approach. This is not good at all for you and your relationships (personal and business). Use this energy in practical activities with measurable results. In your profession you may have achievements and opportunities. You may solve a medical issue but take care to not enter in another health problem.

Negative outcome: Be aware of spending money without thinking about the future!

The main advice: Collaboration and partnerships may bring you success but also some trouble, be aware of people you get along with.


Positive outcome: You are attracted by smart, intellectual people, so if you are single only this kind of people you may want around you. This month is the best period for medical investigations, treatments and small surgical procedures.

Negative outcome: In the last days of this month be aware of your impulsivity because you may become very restless and wild. This month you work very hard and intense. Be patient and follow your goals, step by step, no matter how much stressed and tired you become. You are able to get bye! If you do not want to lose money read very carefully any contract that you may sign.

The main advice: Learn to delegate part of your work and practice time management, otherwise you will be too busy and too stressed!


Positive outcome:  You need to receive and share love in constant way; if you are single an adventurous relationship will burn your passion. If you are already settled you may feel a revival of your love relationship, it is like a new beginning.  You may invest in new house, land, apartments or you may inherit something. Also you may gain money from a job that you are doing from your home. You feel very creative but do not forget to practice a sport, especially that you have a lot of energy this month. It is the best time to promote your work and creations or launching a new product.

Negative outcome: Take care about your mental energy, try to relax more and keep away from cold and respiratory problems.

The main advice:  Buy only what you really need, not what you want!

Important note: In all my astrological research and interpretations I use the Whole signs (house system) because it is the oldest house system (used by ancient Greek astrologers) who has proven its real value during history. When I am writing about aspects between planets, I use aspect from sign to sign; I am using a traditional way of interpretation of aspects. An aspect is not a must to be at perfect orb to have an effect. It is enough if we have a planet in a sign that forms an aspect with another planet from another sign. The most powerful aspects are: conjunction, opposition, square and trine.

*) If you do not know yet your Ascendant you may find it very easy by using any other free astrology website or software that you can find on internet. For this calculation you need: day, month, year, location, hour and minutes of your birth. If you have possibility try to use the Whole signs (house system) because it is the oldest house system (used by ancient Greek astrologers) who has proven its real value during history.

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I wish you the best transits!

Monica Lazar