On JUNE 21, the SUN ingress in CANCER: Happy Birthday for all natives! 

On this moment the summer solstice is coming and it is the longest day of the year.

Solstices are opposite on either side of the equator, so the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, and vice versa.

Here you have an #astrovlog about CANCER natives features: https://tinyurl.com/u2n2thrs

MOON PHASES THIS MONTH (Romanian Local Time):



The annular phase of this solar eclipse is visible from parts of Russia, Greenland, and northern Canada. Weather permitting, those in Northern Asia, Europe, and the United States will see a partial eclipse.

It is good to look in which house this phase falls and if there is any conjunction with personal planets. The zodiac sign in which the moon falls shows the nature of the activated events.

Many people tend to worry about certain unpleasant events caused by eclipses. For the most part, these eclipses can even have positive effects. Only it needs to adapt to change.

This eclipse happens in the 10th house in the sign of Gemini and is ruled by Mercury in Gemini in retrograde motion.

What this moment shows is that one aspect of life can be eclipsed and something else to be activated, to become more visible. Have a revelation in the field of life shown by the house where this eclipse falls in transit over your natal chart. This eclipse also squares with Neptune in Pisces, which can bring confusion or ambiguity in understanding some events but also in communicating with others.

Instead, this eclipse makes a trine with Aquarius Saturn, which shows you that perseverance, discipline and clarity in what you want to achieve are very important.

Applicant retrograde Mercury reminds you that you do not have all the answers and brings dynamism but also instability. You also have no idea how things will work. You can plan everything you like, but life has its own agenda.

A rethinking of a project or a professional activity can bring changes in the professional plan.

In the period following the eclipse, ideas and potential for sudden developments and opportunities may appear.

A meeting with a friend or a teacher or a mentor or the appearance of relevant information as well as the trine with Saturn in Aquarius helps to restore priorities and clarity of the path you will take.

The most active natives of this eclipse are those who have planets or points between 15 and 25 degrees in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces).

18 June on 06:54:05 – MOON FIRST QUARTER IN VIRGO

24 June at 21:39:05 –  FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN: This sits on houses 1-7 and shows that it is time to make a balance between what you offer others through personal or business relationships and what you offer to yourselves. And I am referring especially about how much time you give, because the Moon in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is in the second house in Aquarius, which also has an applied opposition to Mars in Leo. Do you underestimate yourself in who you really are and that has implications for how you promote yourself? Do you work hard and feel that you are not fully appreciated? But who prevents you from appreciating yourself but without lying and making illusions?

Avoid surgery in the area of ​​the skeletal system, skin or spleen.

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MERCURY is in GEMINI (in rulership) between 4 May and 11 July and will have a retrograde cycle as such:

Until 22 June Mercury is in retrograde motion,

Between 22 and 24 June Mercury is in direct station,

Between 24 June and 11 July Mercury is in direct motion.

In this #astrovlog I am talking about this retrograde motion in Gemini starting with minute 8: https://tinyurl.com/4atzc6ar


VENUS is in GEMINI until 2 June: It is an invitation to be curious, agile, to communicate better and to be flexible in personal relationships and in business relationships, if necessary.

VENUS is in CANCER between 2 and 27 June: Family relationships and shared emotions are true miracles. There is need for protection and having your nest grow, pulls you to find a place where you feel the best.

VENUS is in LEO between 27 June and 29 July: It’s the best time to feel good about yourself, to appreciate yourself more, to use your talents and abilities to move to a new stage in life. Since during the whole transit (until July 12) Venus makes an applying conjunction with Mars in Leo, this is why during this period you are very creative, you improve your physical appearance, you have more confidence in yourself.

In this #astrovlog I am talking about VENUS in sings and houses in natal chart: https://tinyurl.com/hbrj93z9


MARS is in CANCER until 11 June (in fall): You are defending the traditional values, family, home, places and people that create a comfort zone in your life.

MARS is in LEO between 11 June and 29 July: You need air to express your talents and creativity, you are the actor of your own play and it’s time to shine, to promote yourself with confidence and courage, but be careful not to be perceived as arrogant.

In this #astrovlog I am talking about MARS in sings and houses in natal chart: https://tinyurl.com/43vcz3zp


JUPITER is in AQUARIUS until 29 DECEMBER 2021, with an exception between May 14 and July 28 when Jupiter will make an escapade in Pisces.

Let’s see the steps of JUPITER IN PISCES:

Until 20 May Jupiter is in direct motion in Pisces

On 20 June Jupiter goes retrograde in Pisces

On 28 July Jupiter goes retrograde in Aquarius

On 18 October Jupiter goes direct in Aquarius

On 29 December Jupiter ingress again and final in Pisces

This transit can bring an expansion in personal and financial plans but also there is the risk of waste or even financial losses, it can also bring more understanding and compassion but it can also bring confusion and tendency to exaggerate, especially spiritually, of beliefs and the risk of delusion is quite high.

See where Jupiter sits in your natal chart to see what opportunities it can bring but also about areas where you can delude or exaggerate. It also matters what planets Jupiter encounters in the house it transits and how it looks with other planets in the natal chart.


As you already know Saturn is in Aquarius until 7 March 2023.

Between 23 May and 11 October Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius:

During this retrograde cycle of Saturn, you will feel a slowdown or a jam in certain activities, it depends a lot on what home in the natal chart Saturn in transit, and if Saturn meets the personal planets, then the situation is personalized altogether. You will work harder, or you will make a bigger effort in making plans, and some adjustments or expansions are not excluded for better efficiency. Saturn usually requires a better organization or structure of information. Relationship with certain authorities is complicated, so any action, to be completed, requires patience and perseverance.

I am talking about this transit and its global impact and also for each sign and Ascendant: https://tinyurl.com/hs4se6aw


URANUS in TAURUS  is in direct motion. It is useful to write down any idea that comes to mind, strange or absurd. It’s best to keep a journal. Try to see reality as it is. All the hustle and bustle is on resources (food, water, living space, everything to do with survival).

Here you have a video about URANUS in TAURUS transit: https://youtu.be/1wky51I8pzE  

In this #astrovlog​ I am talking about Uranus in signs and houses in natal chart.  Do you know where is Uranus placed in your natal chart? https://youtu.be/KEGrKTDogUI


Here you have a video about this transit here, for each Ascendant: https://youtu.be/gGETHi50TEY


PLUTO is in CAPRICORN is in direct motion this months. I remind you that this transit is working between 27 January 2008  and 24 March 2023.

Pluto in Capricorn represents a time when powerful forces, previously seething under the surface, held down and out of sight, eventually erupt to transform what was, bringing major challenges, if not destruction, to the establishment and the systems, structures, rules and regulations that conserve it. Such forces bring upheavals in the structures of society, in governments and the institutions that rule us, in protection and defense forces, in law and order, in banking and economic systems, in the organizations of business and industry, the established church, the police and armed forces, as they expose the evils and corruption inherent in such, in order to bring about deep change.  Business as usual will be a thing of the past as a major shake-up takes place in the way life is organized and regulated and in the way people are protected and defended. You already had seen already all these events.

Pluto is starting a retrograde cycle:

Until 5 October Pluto is in retrograde motion

Between 5 and 7 October Pluto is in direct motion

Starting with 7 October Pluto are in direct motion

During this retrograde cycle of Pluto, has a role of resetting an activity in your life and assuming a new beginning. Usually this change is harder as your resistance is higher. As the old Greeks called it Pantai rei (Everything Flows) people prefer to learn that life means a permanent change, which implies that flexibility and adaptability are the most important attitudes to change. And the Chinese, in their special alphabet, the word crisis has two interpretations: danger and opportunity, which means that in any crisis there is at least one opportunity for growth and learning.

In this #astrovlog​​ I am talking about Pluto in signs and houses in natal chart.  Do you know where is Pluto placed in your natal chart? https://youtu.be/Y89I-o80UJA


NEPTUNE transits PISCES until March 29, 2025: Neptune does not fall into the category of personal planets and has a personal impact only if it creates conjunction with personal planets in the natal chart. The impact of this planet is greater on the social, mundane, mass level. I would not be surprised that by the end of this transit, things will be settled so that we have only one religion for all nations. Not the other way around, but it is easier to manipulate people, the control is greater. I would like you to understand that institutional religion is one and deep belief in something beyond our power is something else. Sometimes they coincide, in the sense that you can find a priest or a monk with grace who can guide you and show you the right way. But it is clear to all of you that it is a strictly personal choice and there is no need to let everyone to know what you have chosen. Also, during history Neptune in Pisces have been involved in many pandemic crises.

Between 25 June and 1 December 2021 NEPTUNE is in retrograde motion.

During this retrograde cycle of Neptune, you will become more sensitive to the environment and your intuition, inspiration and dreams will take up more of your personal time. It is good that during this period you will write down any idea or dream because you never know when you will use this information in real life. There are favored artistic and esoteric activities.

Take more care of your immune system.

In this #astrovlog​​ I am talking about Neptune in signs and houses in natal chart.  Do you know where is Neptune placed in your natal chart? https://youtu.be/ubNSRLSNTYI

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