On JANUARY we have the following main configurations: 

The T-square formed by Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn brings a lot of energy, together with Sun in Capricorn, then Mars in Aries and Mercury in Capricorn. All these may provoke big conflicts or accidents or/and natural disasters.

As an advice, this energy it is good to be used in a positive manner, because we have also good aspects: Jupiter and Saturn and Uranus and Saturn.

From statistical point of view, most of the earthquakes came during retrograde motion of Mercury, on 13th November in New Zealand, on 21st November in Japan, on 24th November in El Salvador, on 8th December in California and in Solomon Islands, on 25th of December in Isla Chiloe, Los Lagos (Chile). It seems that the series will continue in January 2017. From my past analysis about earthquakes I conclude the following patterns in configurations:

  • Most of the time Mercury is in retrograde moving, in exile, fall or in combustion;
  • In some cases also Venus or Mars are in retrograde moving;
  • New Moon or Full Moon phase;
  • Tensioned configurations: crosses, T – squares or multiple squares;
  • North or South Node is on Ascendant;

All of you need more strength of character, precise goals for the long run, good strategy and a lot of patience – because Saturn configuration may help you (planet of wisdom, care, durability, and strategy).

Uranus in Aries is stationary so it will bring sudden and intense changes and the effects are really concrete. Uranus forms a good trine with Saturn in Sagittarius and a problematic opposition with Jupiter in Libra. Uranus and Saturn combination brings changes made after a long thinking and based on a strategy. Uranus and Jupiter combination brings urgent need for freedom, revolution, and big change, anyway sudden events will occur: accidents, explosions, natural disasters, revolution, riots, and high scale scandals and restless on financial markets.

We will see a lot of sudden events that will involve a lot of people and everything will be very hard to control or predict. Do not forget that any situation that looks problematic, actually should become an opportunity, especially for those who are able to work with this kind of environment.

PERSONAL PLANETS IN RETROGRADE MOTION during this month: Mercury retrograde invites you to communicate clear and simple, no matter you speak, write, negotiate, debate, exchange ideas. If your communication tools (computer, mobile, tablets, cars) are in trouble you should fix them in a serious manner and it is better to avoid in these periods to buy new ones. Important negotiations and transactions it is better to postpone for direct periods of Mercury. If you have no choice and you must sign an important contract you should read very carefully all documents.

This retrograde motion is important for signs that are governed by Mercury – Gemini and Virgo natives and for the signs where the planet goes retrograde (Capricorn and Sagittarius). Here you have transits for the following period:

5 January 2017 – Mercury ingress in retrograde motion in Sagittarius

8 January 2017 – Mercury ingress in direct station in Sagittarius

10 January 2017 – Mercury in Sagittarius in direct motion

12 January 2017 – Mercury ingress in Capricorn

7 February 2017 – Mercury ingress in Aquarius

Do not forget the following meanings:

Direct moving – the best moment for action, the energy of the planet is good;

Retrograde station – not good, do not start any important action in this period;

Retrograde moving – do not act, try to relax and observe the reality, it is better to (re)think your actions and your strategies;

Second station, before direct period – the events is going in good direction;

On 19th January, the SUN ingress in AQUARIUS: Happy Birthday for all natives! 

MOON PHASES (at Greenwich local time):

FULL MOON in CANCER on 12th of January at 11:33: You need to communicate more with your family and to keep up with all of the latest news. You have an inquisitive mind and your main aim is to keep up with all that is going on and to expose yourself to new ideas and subjects.

NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS on 28th of January at 00:07:  You’re in fun mood and enjoy the company of other people, particularly young people and children. Others respond to your sense of fun and you don’t have to look far for company in your playful escapades. These can include fun-filled outings to pleasure parks, evenings at the theatre or a good old-fashioned picnic. You never seem to run out of ideas.

VENUS transits:

Until 3rd January 2017 VENUS is in AQUARIUS: You enjoy unconventional or odd relationships, which give you the freedom to express your individuality. You enjoy talking more and being with your friends. Starting with 3rd of January VENUS ingress in PISCES:  you want to feel everything, in a big scale, to be one with Universe. Are you able to do this? Everybody seems perfect for you. Your reality is perfect. This is what you want to see? Think again!

Because Venus will have a long retrograde period in Aries and Pisces during 2017, this could affect cooperation and all peace agreements. And the Pisces’ governor is Jupiter. Jupiter in Libra, the symbol of harmony and good relations is attacked by Uranus and Pluto. Only Saturn is able to save situation by finding solutions for any problems. During this month, you will feel the first signs of near future waves of Venus retrograde periods.

MARS transits:

Until 28rd January 2017 MARS is in PISCES: You are in a spiritual mood and you feel too much and too intense. The square between Mars in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius makes you to learn how to control your energy level and how you can achieve great success. Between 28th January and 10th March MARS is in ARIES, in domicile: You are ambitious, in rush, and nobody is able to keep up with you. You get bored very fast and you feel free to do whatever you want! Use your energy in projects that are helping you to become independent and make more sport, otherwise you will have some impulsive reactions with other people around you.

Here you have short FORECASTS for each ASCENDANT* for JANUARY 2017:


Positive outcome:  Try to meditate to your past, use your free time to know yourself better. Do not avoid painful memories, make a cleaning deep inside.

Negative outcome:  Emotional frustrations may appear when Venus will start retrograde motion, until 6th of June you will deal with a cleaning process in your personal relationships. Try to solve all your past emotional issues. Avoid starting a new love relationship during this period and being aware of any secret relationship you may have because everything will be revealed. When is about money try to be clear and wise, do not make any stupid investment until June 2017. Physically, you feel tired and weak. Avoid any excess, too much work, food, drink or whatever any other addiction that makes you feel worse.

The main advice:  Work in a team and ask for help! Take care of your feet and emotions!


Positive outcome:  Mars and Venus may bring you projects, social events and parties. Still be aware of your expectations about the outcome because too much is not good, be practical.

Negative outcome:  You may show the willful side of your nature if forced to conform to outer rules and regulations. Your difficulties in personal relationships are a sign that you need to focus on your personal relating skills. You need to avoid addictive behavior in your friendship relationships. Use your energy to create or to enjoy pursuits such as water sports.

The main advice:  You may ask help from your friends and different other protectors but only if you are clear and organized in your goal set-ups. Do not rush in anything, you do not need to compete with the entire planet, you are not a hero of an American movie.


Positive outcome: You have what you need in your love life, harmony, communication, stable relationship. You may have some common big plans. Mercury helps you to clarify some collaboration and you will know how much money you will get from them.

Negative outcome:  You need to use your willpower to relax and see things in a lighter fashion. This will help you discover your own inner wisdom.

The main advice:  Do not worry for any small issue, try to relax more and focus on what is important for your life!


Positive outcome:  You are a real authority at your career environment and you should use this power wisely and with generosity. Team work and the way of your cooperation style you are able to change the social connections, to bring good changes around you. Maybe is time to change your priorities; due to your family, parents or real estate interests.

Negative outcome:  Until 19th of January you are intense, obsessive and have great personal power. You find it easy to rid yourself of the unwanted but may be intolerant of others less powerful. Transformation is the key factor in your life.

The main advice: Maybe it is time for a medical check-up, to change your diet and become more balanced in your everyday life.


Positive outcome:  You are thinking to invest or to make a business with your partner but the most of the time you are in romantic mood and you want to share all your love with your partner. Use your energy also to promote yourself in your professional environment, and try to make an important move on the financial level. Retrograde moving period of Venus you can use it for studies, culture, travels or abroad collaborations, internet, publishing, communicating on a big scale.

Negative outcome:  To not get health problems it is now the perfect time to change your lifestyle: healthy food (eat correct combinations), practice a sport, move your body more and of course relax your mind!

The main advice:  Be realistic in your investments!


Positive outcome:  Because of Mars and Venus conjunction in Pisces you put your partner on a pedestal; you are acting life a love slave. If you are resuming only in love sharing and sexual activity, these are really OK. Otherwise I do not see you too well. In the second part of the month you will be more creative, logical and different opportunities are coming into your life. Now is time to promote what you have done in past months. Work with a team and you will have excellent financial results. In the last week of the month you may start therapies, diets, massages, relaxing in an more organized way.

Negative outcome:  Retrograde motion of Mercury made you unfocused and not really on your natural track. But you will get back in the second part of the month.

The main advice:  Do not become a slave in your personal and professional relationships.


Positive outcome:  If you use your talents and creativity in your work you will get great results. It is really important to work with great passion during this period. Study, exchange information, smile, write and make a PR for your work.

Negative outcome: You are pressured by any kind of duties, work, and obligations. Because of these you don’t have time to do what you really want. Be aware to not have a love affair with a colleague from your work place.

The main advice:  Learn how to listen to your body and stay away of intoxication, contaminations, excesses and any kind of infections! Focus on what is really important for you!


Positive outcome:  You need love, to share and to receive, a fair exchange.  If you want to concept a baby, this month is the best moment for you! You are favored also to use your creativity and in sport competitions. You will communicate a lot; maybe you will travel and make some trade, especially in the second part of the month.

Negative outcome:  Do not have too high expectations about a wage increase, in case of negotiation. Try to be clear in what you are asking for, especially in the second part of the month.

The main advice:  Try to use your energy in physical activities! Relax, go to the parties and have fun!


Positive outcome:  If you have enough time this is a perfect moment for redesign your house, and meet with your larger family (parents, cousins, brothers, sisters).

Negative outcome:  Some problems may occur in your financial situation and you should be aware of a professional decision due to money issue. Think in a strategic way and do not rush!

The main advice: You should solve a real estate issue, from legally point of view. Do not forget to smile, because it will help you to get the right attitude in complicated situations.


Positive outcome:  You are attracted by the people similar with you; you do not want to step out from your comfort zone in your personal relationships. You may have a few days travel with your loved one. An important event may occur in your relationship around 12 January.

Negative outcome:  A lot of changes may occur in your professional environment, you should be clear, rethink your ideas or strategies.  Money is coming from your collaborations.

The main advice: If it is needed go to your trusted doctor and follow the treatment.


Positive outcome: Focus on your own person or on a personal project. Try to relax more and try to know you better. In the last ten days you reappear in a better shape, with good ideas and optimism you may start to work for your goals. Be practical in your financial matters.

Negative outcome:  Pay more attention to documents, relationships with banks and fiscal authorities. Be aware of your health and take more care of your respiratory system and hands.

The main advice: Avoid stressful situations and nervous people. Postpone any big investment in February.


Positive outcome: You are thinking only about love, sex and passion, so you have no chance to escape from all these. In the same time you are very good for leadership, especially in big projects. Good communication and clarity in ideas are very important. You get nice money but are you aware how you use them? Put aside an amount of money, for the future.

Negative outcome: Be aware what partner do you choose to share your passionate nature.

The main advice: Avoid any excess in the last part of the month. Be efficient and focus in your practical projects!

Important note: In all my astrological research and interpretations I use the Whole signs (house system) because it is the oldest house system (used by ancient Greek astrologers) who has proven its real value during history. When I am writing about aspects between planets, I use aspect from sign to sign; I am using a traditional way of interpretation of aspects. An aspect is not a must to be at perfect orb to have an effect. It is enough if we have a planet in a sign that forms an aspect with another planet from another sign. The most powerful aspects are: conjunctions, oppositions, squares and trines.

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