On 21 JUNE 2022, the SUN ingress in CANCER: Happy Birthday for all natives!

Here you have an #astrovlog about CANCER natives features: https://youtu.be/NDkR_DgWAMw

With this occasion we have The summer solstice that marks the start of summer. In the Northern Hemisphere, the summer solstice is in June; south of the equator, it is in December.

Astronomical summer begins at the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year. This means days get shorter during summer—very slowly at first, but at ever-larger daily intervals as the September equinox approaches, heralding the start of fall.

Locations closer to the poles experience larger differences in day length throughout the year, so summer days are longer there. In Toronto, the longest day is just over 15 hours and 26 minutes long; in Miami, roughly 2000 kilometers or 1200 miles farther south, it lasts about 13 hours and 45 minutes. Places within the polar circles experience Midnight Sun or polar day during all or part of the summer season when the Sun does not set at all.

MOON is the planet that rules CANCER natives, so watch these vlogs about it to understand better how is working MOON in humans life: https://tinyurl.com/48br2fnr

In this #astrovlog​​ I am talking about body and health of #CANCER​​ zodiac sign: https://youtu.be/QJdiW9cuV84

Today I am talking about how are #CANCER natives in love relationships:


MOON PHASES THIS MONTH (Romanian Local Time):

7 JUNE AT 17:48:00 – MOON FIRST QUARTER IN VIRGO: The success of actions lies in the ability to communicate, to convince, to build a plan, with patience and perseverance. Mercury is in Taurus and invites you to take the time to accumulate information, to understand it and to use it concretely. Don’t be afraid of change in your life!

14 JUNE AT 14:51:00 –  FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS: This phase is based on knowledge and travel, so it is an invitation to explore, study, educate yourself, improve your communication skills. A T- square is also created between the full moon phase and Neptune in Pisces, which shows that you may have difficulty coping with everyday life. Or there are certain health problems – allergies, touch infections. On the other hand, you can be inspired, creative and empathetic, so you can use all this in everyday life. The important thing is that when you help others, you don’t forget about yourself. You feel like a duke, traveling overseas and jumping countries is implicit in a creative / artistic project.

21 JUNE AT 06:10 – MOON THIRD QUARTER IN PISCES: You have to notice how you use your emotions, creativity, intuition in your path of self-knowledge. How you become aware of the need to connect with the invisible worlds, with the Divinity. Take a break from the hectic life and use your time in self-knowledge. You may receive information while you are asleep or awake.

29 JUNE AT 05:52:00 – NEW MOON IN CANCER: This is a good time for an emotional reset. Eliminate what holds you back, fears, blockages, precipitous thoughts, and use your imagination, intuition, and creativity in a personal project. You can make changes to improve the appearance – massages, SPA, changing the wardrobe, expressing femininity, women being much more advantageous at this time. Rejoice that you are women!

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Until June Mercury in Taurus is in retrograde motion,

Between 2 and 4 June Mercury in Taurus is in direct station,

Between 4 and 13 June Mercury in Taurus is in direct motion,

Between 13 June and 5 July Mercury in Gemini is in direct motion,

Starting with 5 July Mercury ingress in Cancer and the retrograde cycle is closed.

Watch this video starting with  minutes and 4 seconds to understand this retrograde cycle: https://youtu.be/toYZbWZ1gdA


VENUS is in TAURUS until June 23 (in domicile): During this transit is forming the following important aspects:

Conjunction with Uranus: You are determined to be recognized as an individual in your personal relationships. You will not allow anyone to curb your feeling of freedom. You need more fun, spontaneity and intellectual stimulation in the love relationship.

Conjunction with North Node in Taurus: It is a need for harmonious long-term relationships, because it can even help you to have more stability in your life. It is important to avoid possessiveness and jealousy.

VENUS transits the sign of GEMINI between June 23 and July 18: Curiosity in relationships did not kill the cat, so you use your mind to conquer the audience. It has been known for some time that the brain is the centre of erotic arousal.

Sextile with Jupiter June 26-29: You have the ability to set goals and achieve them with the help of loved ones, friends, and group activities.

Trine with the Moon between July 7 and 8: You have a talent for harmonious relationships, to be able to achieve a balance between giving and receiving in relationships and to create beauty around you. You have artistic and creative talents so it’s the right time to get involved in such activities.

Trine with Saturn between July 9-14: You are a reliable, stable and respectful partner. You like to organize all kinds of events. You have the ability to form good business partnerships.

Today I am talking about VENUS as dominant planet in your vocational path. How you find it and use it for better results: https://youtu.be/6-M-rU38v04


MARS is in ARIES until July 5 (in domicile): This is a good time to take the initiative, as long as you know what you want. You are spontaneous and willing to take certain risks that should be calculated. Aggression is great so be careful how you use this energy. You may be prone to rashes and accidents. Exercising is necessary to use the strong energy of Aries, but avoid extreme sports. The following aspects are formed in this transit:

Conjunction with Jupiter: You are generous, ambitious, so you can attract certain opportunities. Your energy level is high so it is good to use it in activities favored by this transit. Favored areas are: travel, religious rituals, playing a sport, sports competitions, military activities.

Opposition with Moon – June 9 and 10: Your assertive struggle usually ends in conflict. Emotional arguments and disputes abound in your life. You may find that your loved ones are often upset. Practicing a sport or activity that requires high concentration will help you to achieve a balance.

Trine with Moon – June 13 and 14: You are assertive and able to motivate yourself because you trust yourself. You have the ability to recognize opportunities and make the most of them. You can take on a challenge.

Square with the Moon – June 15 and 16: You are irascible and intolerant. Your impatience and irritability can mean periods of loneliness when others leave you alone. Once you learn self-control, you will discover a lot of energy to be channeled into your activities.

Conjunction with the Moon – June 22 and 23: You are an impulsive and emotional person, although maybe not so sensitive to the feelings of others. Many times you act without thinking. You’re more of a leader than a successor.

Square with Pluto – June 25 – 30: A lot of agitation, intensity and that’s why you need to control your emotions and reactions so as not to attract violence. Learn to step back and realize that others do not feel as intense and fast as you.

Today I am talking about MARS as dominant planet in your vocational path. How you find it and use it for better results: https://youtu.be/EZPrN2xbLuQ



JUPITER is starting retrograde station in ARIES on 27 July 2022.

JUPITER is starting retrograde motion in ARIES on 29 July 2022.

JUPITER is starting retrograde motion in PISCES on 28 October 2022.

JUPITER is starting direct station in PISCES on 23 November 2022.

JUPITER is starting direct motion in PISCES on 25 November 2022.


In this first episode #astrovlog I am talking about the transit of JUPITER in ARIES between 11 May and 28 October 2022: https://youtu.be/_9DTwF4pT6g


As you already know Saturn is in Aquarius until 7 March 2023.  I am talking about this transit and its global impact and also for each sign and Ascendant: https://tinyurl.com/hs4se6aw

SATURN enters a retrograde cycle in JUNE as follows:

Saturn enters the retrograde station in Aquarius on June 4, 2022

Saturn enters retrograde motion in Aquarius on June 6, 2022

Saturn enters the direct station in Aquarius on October 22, 2022

Saturn enters direct motion in Aquarius on October 24, 2022

During the retrograde periods of the planet Saturn in Aquarius you will feel a slowdown or even a blockage in certain activities, it depends a lot on which house in the natal chart relegates Saturn in transit, and if in that house Saturn meets personal planets, then the situation is personalized. . The general message is that you will work harder or work harder to make plans, and certain adjustments or re-plans for better efficiency are not excluded. Saturn usually requires better organization or structuring of information. The relationship with certain authorities is complicated, so any action to be completed requires patience and perseverance.


URANUS is in TAURUS  until 26 April 2026. This month Uranus is in direct motion.

The hard aspects between Venus and Uranus reveals a need for space in  intimate relationships. Find out more in #astrovlog: https://youtu.be/Nzb5SuIistQ


In this #astrovlog I am talking about ingress – General impact & for each Ascendant: https://youtu.be/EeEPWyBuepQ


NEPTUNE transits PISCES until March 29, 2025: Neptune does not fall into the category of personal planets and has a personal impact only if it creates conjunction with personal planets in the natal chart. The impact of this planet is greater on the social, mundane, mass level.

NEPTUN is still in direct motion but will get into a retrograde cycle as follows:

Neptune enters the retrograde station on June 27, 2022

Neptune enters retrograde motion in Pisces on June 29, 2022

Neptune enters the station directly in Pisces on December 3, 2022

Neptune enters direct motion in Pisces on December 5, 2022

During the retrograde motion of the planet Neptune, you will become more sensitive to the environment and your intuition, inspiration and dreams will take up more of your personal time. It is good to write down any ideas or dreams during these periods because you never know when you will use this information in real life. People who are involved in artistic and esoteric activities are especially favored. Take more care of your immune system.

In this #astrovlog​ I am talking about Neptune in signs and houses in natal chart.  Do you know where is Neptune placed in your natal chart? https://youtu.be/ubNSRLSNTYI


PLUTO makes a complete circuit of all the signs in about 248 years, so it has a global impact with a generational effect. Pluto in Capricorn assures those of the generation that is changing the fundamentals of governmental and corporate organization worldwide, with a long-term impact. Pluto will enter Aquarius only on May 23, 2023.

Pluto in Capricorn is in the retrograde motion cycle, as follows:

Pluto is already in retrograde motion

Pluto enters the direct station in Capricorn on October 8, 2022

Pluto enters direct motion in Capricorn on October 10, 2022

During the downward periods of the planet Pluto, there is a role of resetting an activity in your life, which implies a new beginning. This change is usually the more difficult the resistance. Let the transformation and change come because there are chances to take you on a new path, full of resources and creativity!

In this #astrovlog​ I am talking about Pluto in signs and houses in natal chart.  Do you know where is Pluto placed in your natal chart? https://youtu.be/Y89I-o80UJA

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