Wednesday – November 1, 2023 – Mercury in Scorpio rules the day

At 23:30:17 Romanian local time Moon ingress Cancer (domicile)

By November 10 MERCURY transits directly through the sign of SCORPIO and brings a deep, analytical and passionate energy to communication and thinking. It’s a good time to investigate deep topics, solve mysteries and search for hidden truths. However, it is important to be aware of the tendency to become overly critical or mysterious, even suspicious, and to manage our communication carefully.

Thursday – November 2, 2023 – Jupiter retrograde in Taurus rules the day

VENUS transits the sign of VIRGO until November 8 and brings increased focus on relationships, love and personal values, but manifests in a way that is specific to this earth sign. We may place greater importance on small gestures such as gifts or attention to the health and well-being of our partner.

We may be more selective about our partners or revise our expectations in love and other areas of life.

There is also an increased focus on health and we may be motivated to adopt healthier habits or pay more attention to well-being.

We will feel the need to organize our space, schedule or finances more efficiently. This can have a constructive impact.

In love, this transit can bring a more practical and rational approach. People may seek partners who share their values and practical interests. They may also place an emphasis on building a solid and lasting relationship.

There is also the potential for this transit to bring a tendency to be overly demanding or perfectionistic in relationships and other aspects of life. It is important to find a balance between the desire to improve and achieve high standards and self-acceptance.

Friday – November 3, 2023 – Venus in Virgo rules the day

MARS transits the sign of SCORPIO through November 24 (nocturn rulership) and may bring out strong desires, increased sexual energy and a general intensity in actions and emotions. You may be more determined to get what you want.

This transit can motivate you to get deeply involved in projects or challenges. You have the ability to overcome obstacles with endurance and courage.

During this transit, you may be more interested in exploring deep topics, revealing secrets, or investigating deeper issues that concern you.

You may feel a strong desire to assert yourself and protect your interests, and it may bring a desire to make changes in your life or eliminate things that no longer serve your purpose. Mars in Scorpio can intensify sexual energy and bring a greater desire for intimacy and deep connections in relationships.

Beware of the tendency to become possessive or jealous in relationships during this transit. Scorpio can bring the need for possessiveness and control.

Saturday – November 4, 2023 – Saturn in direct station in Pisces rules the day

At 09:20:57 Moon ingress Leo (Romanian local time)

JUPITER transits the sign of TAURUS until May 26, 2024 and here’s an #astrovlog about the significance of this transit and its impact for each ascendant:

Until December 30, 2023 Jupiter goes retrograde

Between December 30, 2023 and January 1, 2024 Jupiter is in direct station

Between January 1 and May 26, 2024 Jupiter is in direct motion

Here’s what this retrograde can do:

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can bring a period of review and reflection on how we approach personal growth and expansion in the material and pragmatic aspects of life. We may wonder if the directions or projects we have previously started are still appropriate to achieve our goals.

Taurus is a zodiac sign that values stability and gradual building. During Jupiter’s retrograde transit in Taurus, we may feel the need to slow things down and examine the details more carefully before making major decisions or moving forward with big projects.

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can bring an opportunity to re-evaluate what we consider valuable and important in terms of material possessions, financial resources and material comfort. We may wonder if we are focusing excessively on things that don’t really bring us long-term satisfaction.

Taurus is associated with sensory pleasures and connecting with the senses. Jupiter retrograde in Taurus may encourage a deeper exploration of pleasurable experiences and how we enjoy our daily lives.

Sunday – November 5, 2023 – Day ruled by the Sun in Scorpio

At 10:36:00 am Romanian local time we have the Third Quarter in Leo: this is a time when your emotions can be strong and may conflict with your desire to explore or understand deeper aspects of life. It could be a good time to examine your inner beliefs and motivations, but it’s important to be aware of possible tensions and try to manage emotions in a healthy way. It could also be a good time to develop your intuitive or spiritual skills.

Today SATURN returns to go directly into the sign of PISCES.

After a period of retrograde motion, when Saturn returns to direct motion, its influence may become more evident and strongly felt. Here’s how Saturn in Pisces can work in such a context:

Discipline and control over emotions: Saturn in Pisces can bring a serious and controlled approach to emotions. After a period of going retrograde, people may be more willing to work on managing and controlling their feelings, especially the deeper and more subtle ones.

Deep spiritual connection: Pisces is the sign associated with spirituality and the underworld of intuition. Saturn in Pisces can help develop a deeper connection to the spiritual world and explore deeper aspects of the self.

Responsibility in the world of imagination: Pisces is creative and has a rich inner life. Saturn can bring responsibility and structure to exploring the world of imagination and developing creative talents.

Working with limits and constraints: Saturn is often associated with limits and constraints. In Pisces, this can mean confronting inner limits and darker aspects of the self. People may be called to take responsibility for their inner aspects and work on releasing hidden blocks or fears.

Monday – November 6, 2023 – Day ruled by Moon in Leo

At 21:39:03 Moon ingress Virgo (Romanian local time)

By January 28, 2024 Uranus in Taurus is retrograde and we are called to open our minds and hearts to unexplored possibilities. Wild and brilliant ideas glow in our consciousness, and the desire to escape conventional constraints grows in intensity. In the midst of chaos, we find that freedom lies in transformation and the ability to embrace change as part of our evolution.

This retrograde journey requires us to confront our own fears and free ourselves from self-imposed limitations. In cosmic chaos, we find the opportunity to discover our true essence and make revolutionary changes in our lives.

Uranus in retrograde Taurus reminds us that our core values and inner stability can be transformed through adaptability and openness to newness. In the midst of this cosmic vortex, we learn to appreciate the beauty of diversity and seek innovative ways to express our authenticity and originality.

As Uranus in Taurus retrograde steps through the labyrinths of our inner universe, we awaken to life and open up to new horizons.

Tuesday – November 7, 2023 – The day is ruled by Mars in Scorpio (nocturn domicile)

NEPTUNE transits the sign of Pisces until March 30, 2025: First of all, Neptune does not fall into the category of personal planets and only has an impact on a personal level if it creates conjunction aspect with personal planets in the natal chart. The impact of this planet is greater on a social, mundane, mass level.

Where do you have Neptune in your natal chart?

Neptune in Pisces is retrograde until December 7, 2023.

Transiting Neptune retrograde in Pisces brings a deeply spiritual energy that invites us to connect more deeply with the more subtle and intuitive aspects of our lives. This transit can bring a period of reflection, review and inner transformation.

Neptune is associated with spirituality, imagination, compassion and connection to higher dimensions of existence. In the sign of Pisces, Neptune is at home and finds its most natural expression. This transit intensifies Neptunian energy and brings it out in a deeper, more introspective way.

Neptune’s retrograde indicates a time when we are called to reflect on our inner illusions and confusions. We may be invited to confront fears, blocks or addictions that have held us captive and work to release them. It is a good time to reveal and bring to light more subtle and hidden aspects of our self.

During this transit, we may be more sensitive and receptive to subtle energies and influences around us. Intuition and connection to the spiritual plane may be heightened, giving us the opportunity to listen to our inner voice and guide our lives more deeply and authentically.

Wednesday – November 8, 2023 – The day is ruled by Mercury in Scorpio

VENUS transits the sign of LIBRA (domicile) between November 8 and December 4 and is a favorable time for harmonious relationships, love and appreciation of beauty. It encourages us to be kinder and more cooperative, but at the same time remain aware of our own needs and desires. It is a good time to create balance and harmony in our lives. And especially to stop accepting or repeating toxic behaviors from the past.

Thursday – November 9, 2023 – Jupiter retrograde in Taurus rules the day

At 10:07:51 Moon ingress Libra (Romanian local time)

The Moon Nodes transits since July 17, 2023 Aries – Libra axis and manifest their influence until January 12, 2025 at 01:01:30.  You have here an #astrovlog about the general impact of this transit but also the impact on each Ascendant:

Friday – November 10, 2023 – Day ruled by Venus in Libra (domicile)

Between November 10 and December 1 MERCURY transiting direct transiting the sign of SAGITTARIUS brings an emphasis on learning, adventure and open communication. It’s a good time to explore new ideas and communicate with enthusiasm and optimism. However, we must be careful not to overlook important details while enjoying mental expansion and adventurous communication. Mercury will retrograde in December in Capricorn but also in transit in Sagittarius. I’ll talk more about this in a vlog soon.

Saturday – November 11, 2023 – Saturn in Pisces rules the day

At 20:39:10 Romanian local time Moon ingress Scorpio (falling)

Pluto has been moving directly into the sign of Capricorn for some time now for the last time before moving into the sign of Aquarius for a 20 year long transit.

Pluto in Capricorn is also on a long transit since November 27, 2008, in the midst of a global crisis.  What house is Pluto in Capricorn transiting in? How have you evolved or developed/reinvented yourself during this period.

Sunday – November 12, 2023 – Day ruled by the Sun in Scorpio

The opposition between the Sun and Mars in Scorpio and transiting Uranus in Taurus often brings unexpected changes and can be intense. This is an astrological configuration that can bring up tensions and challenges in life. Here’s how this opposition generally works:

Tensions and sudden changes: The Sun-Uranus opposition is associated with unexpected and sometimes sudden changes in life. The Sun in Scorpio brings deep and passionate energy, while Uranus in Taurus refers to stability and slowness. This opposition can create tension between the need for stability and the desire for radical change.

Struggle for control: The Sun-Uranus opposition can create a struggle for control between the forces of stability and those of change. There may be a sense of rebellion or a desire to escape from constraints or routines that may limit personal development.

Need for independence and personal expression: Uranus is associated with independence and personal expression, and this opposition can make these needs more pronounced. People may feel the need to follow their own path and free themselves from any constraints that limit them.

Trying to find a balance: With all the tensions brought about by this opposition, there may be a desire to find a balance between the need for stability and the need for change. It is important to look for ways to combine the energy of Scorpio, which seeks depth and transformation, with the energy of Uranus, which seeks innovation and originality.

The possibility of revelations and profound change: This opposition can also bring the possibility of revelations and profound changes in life.

The possibility of revelations and profound changes: This opposition can also bring the possibility of revelations and profound changes in life. It can be a time when we are open to new ideas and perspectives and can make important changes to achieve our personal and professional goals.

Monday – November 13, 2023 – The day is ruled by the Moon in Scorpio

At 11:27:00 we have New Moon in Scorpio (Romanian local time) – it’s a good time to set new goals for your friendships and social aspirations. With the opposition to Uranus in Taurus, you should be open to unexpected changes and a freer, more innovative approach to the social connections and groups in your life. This period can bring important changes to your social circles or the way you express your aspirations and ideals.

Tuesday – November 14, 2023 – The day is ruled by Mars in Scorpio (at home)

At 04:22:51 Moon ingress Sagittarius (Romanian local time)

Wednesday – November 15, 2023 – Day ruled by Mercury in Sagittarius

Today’s transit of Mercury in Sagittarius in sextile to Venus in Libra can bring an interesting combination of energies that affect how we communicate and interact with others. Here’s how this transit generally works:

Open and friendly communication: Mercury in Sagittarius encourages open, friendly and expansive communication. People may be more willing to discuss interesting topics, explore new ideas, and share their knowledge enthusiastically. Venus in Libra adds a touch of grace and diplomacy to communication, making interactions pleasant and harmonious.

Empathy and understanding: Venus in Libra fosters empathy and understanding towards others. This aspect can make people more willing to listen and be sensitive to the needs and desires of others. Communication becomes more empathetic and balanced.

Philosophical and cultural discussions: Sagittarius is associated with wisdom and philosophy, and Mercury in this sign can encourage interesting philosophical and cultural discussions. People may explore topics related to spirituality, travel, or other aspects of life that broaden their perspective.

Balance between thinking and feeling: Venus in Libra adds a sense of balance and harmony to communication, which can help maintain a balance between logical thinking and personal feelings. People can approach topics with a balanced approach and try to understand different perspectives.

Diplomacy in conflict: When conflicts or disagreements arise, this combination of energies can promote diplomacy and a constructive approach to problems. People can seek solutions that satisfy both sides and maintain harmony in relationships.

Intellectual attraction: Mercury in Sagittarius can create a strong intellectual attraction between people. Interactions can be stimulated by interesting discussions and the exchange of ideas. This aspect can lead to the development of relationships based on intellect and communication.

Thursday – November 16, 2023 – Jupiter retrograde in Taurus rules the day

At 09:41:28 Romanian local time – Moon ingress Capricorn (in exile)

The transit of the Moon in Sagittarius in square to retrograde Neptune in Pisces brings a combination of energies that can influence how we feel and manifest our emotions. Here’s how this transit generally works:

Inspiration and Expansion: the Moon in Sagittarius is often associated with a desire for expansion, exploration and learning. When in aspect with retrograde Neptune in Pisces, this energy can bring a touch of inspiration and dreaminess. People may be more open to exploring new ideas and developing creativity.

Increased emotional sensitivity: Neptune is associated with sensitivity and the deep inner world, and the Moon in Sagittarius can make people more aware of their deepest feelings. We may feel more sensitive to our inner needs and desires and seek understanding and connection with our emotional world.

Desire for escape and adventure: Under the influence of this transit, people may feel an increased desire for escape from their daily routine and for adventure. Sagittarius is the sign of adventure, and Neptune in Pisces can bring an aspect of dreaminess and escapism. People may seek experiences that help them escape from everyday worries.

Confusion and illusions: retrograde Neptune can accentuate the tendency to create illusions or to see the world in an idealized light. The Moon in Sagittarius can make people more inclined to ignore practical matters and get carried away with daydreaming. It is important to be aware of the possibility of illusions and to make sure we maintain mental clarity.

Spiritual exploration: Neptune is also associated with spiritual dimensions, and this transit can encourage exploration of these aspects of life. People may seek understanding and spiritual connection during this transit.

Compassionate and helpful inclination: the Moon in Sagittarius can bring a natural inclination towards compassion and helping others. People may be more willing to offer emotional support and be open to the needs of others.

Friday – November 17, 2023 – Day ruled by Venus in Libra (at home)

Transiting Moon in Capricorn in square to Venus in Libra may bring tensions and challenges in the area of relationships and emotional expression. Especially since the Moon has a tendency to exaggerate and from the trine to retrograde Jupiter in Taurus.

Here’s how this transit generally works:

Tensions between emotions and relationships: the Moon in Capricorn can bring a serious and responsible attitude towards relationships, while Venus in Libra seeks harmony and balance. This combination can create tensions between the need to express genuine emotions and the need to maintain peace and harmony in relationships.

Need to manage emotions: the Moon in Capricorn can bring an increased need to control and manage emotions. People may be more reluctant to express their feelings or may feel they need to set emotional boundaries to maintain order and discipline in relationships.

Awareness of responsibilities in relationships: Under the influence of this transit, people may become more aware of their responsibilities in relationships and look for ways to bring more structure and clarity to their dynamics with others. We may think about how we fulfill obligations and commitments in relationships.

The need to find a balance: The square between the Moon and Venus may indicate the need to find a balance between the need for emotional independence and the need to be part of a partnership. It is important to seek solutions to reconcile these opposing needs.

Possible conflicts or disagreements: the square can bring conflicts or disagreements in relationships, as there are tensions between individual desires and relational needs. It is important to approach these conflicts with diplomacy and seek solutions that satisfy both parties.

Reflecting on personal values: This astral configuration can bring the opportunity to reflect on personal values in relationships and decide what is truly important to us in our partnerships.

Saturday – November 18, 2023 – Saturn in Pisces rules the day

At 13:27:29 Romania  local time Moon ingress Aquarius

The conjunction of the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn in square to the Lunar Nodes brings up deep aspects of personal experiences and transformations. This configuration can bring intense energy and cause significant changes in a person’s life. Here’s how this aspect generally works:

Emotional intensity: the Moon represents emotions and feelings, while Pluto is associated with deep transformation and the deeper aspects of our psyche. When these two planets meet in a conjunction, emotions can become extremely intense and powerful. People may feel a need to dig deep within themselves to understand and release hidden or suppressed emotions.

Personal transformation: Pluto is the planet of transformation and regeneration. This conjunction can bring about profound changes in the way a person feels and behaves. It can be a time when aspects of the self that need transformation and evolution are brought to light.

Facing fears and blocks: Square the Moon Signs can indicate a challenge or confrontation with fears and blocks from the past or previous lives. You may feel you need to resolve old issues or release behavioral patterns that are limiting you in the present.

Exploring karmic themes: The Lunar Nodes are often associated with karmic themes, and this square can bring up lessons and experiences that we need to learn in order to grow spiritually. You may feel called to explore your past or confront situations that have deep meaning from a karmic perspective.

Reconfiguring relationships: This conjunction and square can also affect relationships as they bring up deep aspects of emotions and behaviors. There may be a need to rethink and reconfigure how you relate to others in relationships.

Working with inner strength: This astral configuration may require you to work with your inner power and take responsibility for personal transformation. It can be a time of self-discipline and awareness of inner resources.

Sunday – November 19, 2023 – Sun in Scorpio rules the day

For the last time, the enforcing sextile forms between the Sun and Mars in Scorpio with Pluto in Capricorn and represents a harmonious aspect in astrology that brings the potential for constructive use of Plutonian energy and for personal growth and transformation. Here’s how this sextile works:

Personal power and strength: the Sun in Scorpio brings deep, passionate and intense energy. Pluto in Capricorn is associated with strength, endurance and transformation. When these two planets form a sextile, people can access increased personal power and inner resilience. This aspect can inspire a desire to overcome obstacles and face challenges with confidence.

Ability to go deep: Scorpio and Capricorn are both depth-oriented, problem-solving zodiac signs. This sextile can facilitate the ability to investigate and explore the hidden aspects of life and self, revealing new levels of understanding and awareness.

Personal transformation: Pluto is the planet of transformation and regeneration, and this sextile may mark a time when people are more open to change and personal transformation. Significant progress can be made in terms of personal development and self evolution.

Problem solving and regeneration: This aspect can help to solve problems and regenerate aspects of life that need improvement. People can have the ability to identify and correct aspects that are no longer working in their lives and replace them with something more constructive.

Wisdom and learning: the Sun in Scorpio can bring a desire to understand deep and complex aspects of life, and Pluto in Capricorn can support a pragmatic and structured approach. This sextile can facilitate learning and the development of complex information management skills.

Focused and determined approach: With this astrological configuration, people can take a focused and determined approach to their goals. They may be more willing to invest time and energy to achieve desired results.

Monday – November 20, 2023 – The day is ruled by the Moon in Aquarius

At 12:49 pm – First Quarter in Aquarius: this is a time of adjustment and adaptation in terms of personal identity and career. You tend to look for unconventional ways to achieve your goals and be authentic in what you do. However, conflicts or tensions may also arise between these two spheres of your life. It’s important to be open to change and try to find a balance between your personal and professional needs during this time.

At 16:29:01 Romanian local time Moon ingress Pisces

Tuesday – November 21, 2023 – The day is ruled by Mars in Scorpio.

Between November 22 and 30, during its transit, Venus in Libra will form an applying conjunction with the South Node in Libra and an opposition with the North Node in Aries: it brings about the necessary events related to relationships and learning how the balance between personal needs and partnership-related ones works. It is important to be open to these lessons and seek constructive solutions to evolve and develop in ways that bring us harmony and spiritual growth.

Wednesday – November 22, 2023 – The day is ruled by Mercury in Sagittarius.

The SUN enters the sign of Sagittarius on November 22, 2023, at 16:02:41. Happy birthday to all the Sagittarius natives! Here’s the profile of the Sagittarius native in this #astrovlog:

At 19:19:27 Romanian local time The Moon ingress Aries.

Thursday – November 23, 2023 – The day is ruled by Jupiter retrograde in Taurus.

MARS transits the sign of Sagittarius between November 24 and January 4, bringing enthusiastic, courageous, and adventurous energy. It is a favorable time to explore the world, learn, and act in line with personal values. However, it’s important to manage impulsiveness and be aware of the impact of our actions on others during this transit.

Friday – November 24, 2023 – The day is ruled by Venus in Libra.

At 22:28:34 Romanian local time The Moon ingress Taurus (in exaltation).

The opposition between the Moon and the North Node in Aries with Venus and the South Node in Libra brings an interesting dynamic between emotional needs and social or relational needs. This can create tension or balance between the desire for independence and the need for harmony and connection in relationships. Here’s how this opposition generally works:

Independence vs. Relationship Needs: The Moon in Aries brings strong and independent energy, while Venus in Libra seeks harmony and connection in relationships. This opposition can bring tensions between the desire to act independently and the desire to be in a relationship or partnership.

Direct vs. Diplomatic Expression of Emotions: The Moon in Aries expresses emotions directly and without reservation, while Venus in Libra adds a note of diplomacy and refinement in emotional expression. This dynamic can lead people to confront differences in communication styles and how they express their emotions.

Tensions and Conflicts in Relationships: The opposition can bring tensions or conflicts in relationships because desires and needs may seem contradictory. Disagreements or discussions may arise during this period, but they can be useful in bringing clarity and finding a balance.

Balancing Individuality and Collaboration: This opposition calls for finding a balance between individuality and collaboration in relationships. It’s important to find ways to honor personal needs while maintaining harmony and connection with others.

Learning and Growth Opportunity: This dynamic can offer an opportunity to learn and grow in terms of relationship and emotion management. It can help develop communication skills and a deeper understanding of one’s own needs and those of others.

Integration of Polarities: The Moon in Aries – Venus in Libra opposition reminds us that polarities can coexist and be integrated. It is possible to learn how to be independent and assert our own needs while still enjoying harmonious and balanced relationships.

Saturday – November 25, 2023 – The day is ruled by Saturn in Pisces.

The square between Mars in Sagittarius and Saturn in Pisces is an astrological aspect that can bring tensions and challenges into a person’s life. This configuration can generate conflicts between the desire for action and expansion (Mars in Sagittarius) and the need for structure and responsibility (Saturn in Pisces). Here’s how this square generally works:

Tensions between action and constraint: Mars is the planet of action, energy, and desire, and in Sagittarius, it seeks exploration and adventure. On the other hand, Saturn is the planet of responsibility, structure, and constraints, and in Pisces, it can bring elements of confusion and emotional sensitivity. This square can create tensions between the desire to act freely and the need to respect boundaries and responsibilities.

Confrontations with obstacles and barriers: This aspect can bring confrontations with blocks or obstacles on the path to personal goals and desires. You may feel that you are unable to make progress or that there are constraints hindering you.

The need for discipline and planning: Saturn in Pisces suggests the need to be disciplined and to have a more strategic and planned approach to actions and goals. The square may represent a challenge in implementing these qualities, as Mars in Sagittarius often prefers impulsive action and adventure.

Handling conflicts and tensions: This aspect can bring conflicts or tensions in personal or professional life. It’s important to approach these conflicts with patience and diplomacy, as Mars can bring a tendency to be impulsive and aggressive, while Saturn suggests the need to address the conflict in a mature and responsible manner.

The experience of learning and maturing: Despite its challenges, the Mars-Saturn square can offer opportunities for personal learning and maturation. It may require you to confront your personal limits and develop conflict management and more efficient planning skills.

The need to consider the implications of actions: Saturn in Pisces can remind you of the need to consider the long-term implications of your actions. It may prompt you to think more carefully about the consequences of your decisions and to take responsibility for them.

Sunday – November 26, 2023 – The day is ruled by the Sun in Sagittarius.

Favorable aspects between the Sun in Sagittarius and the Lunar Nodes can bring positive and harmonious energy into a person’s life, often indicating that they are on the right path in terms of their spiritual evolution and purpose. These aspects can be interpreted based on the type of aspect (conjunction, trine, or sextile) and the zodiac sign in which the Sun and the Lunar Nodes are located in the individual’s natal chart. In general, these favorable aspects can bring the following benefits:

Alignment with life purpose: The Sun in Sagittarius is often associated with exploration, wisdom, and the search for a greater purpose in life. When forming favorable aspects with the Lunar Nodes, it can indicate harmony between personal purpose and spiritual evolution. The person may feel a stronger connection to what defines their life purpose.

Natural abilities and creative potential: Favorable aspects between the Sun and the Lunar Nodes can highlight a person’s natural abilities and creative potential. This can boost their confidence in their own skills and make it easier to find ways of personal expression and development.

Flow and harmony: In general, favorable aspects bring a sense of flow and harmony in life. The person may feel in alignment with their own evolution and that things are unfolding naturally and beneficially.

Spiritual exploration: Sagittarius and the Lunar Nodes are often associated with spiritual seeking and wisdom. These aspects can encourage the person to explore more of the spiritual aspects of life and seek understanding and growth along this path.

Self-confidence and optimism: The Sun in Sagittarius is often brimming with optimism and self-confidence. Favorable aspects with the Lunar Nodes can strengthen these traits and provide the person with more confidence in their life path.

Monday – November 27, 2023 – The day is ruled by the Moon in Taurus and Gemini.

At 02:39:55 Romanian local time The Moon ingress Gemini.

At 11:16:00 – Full Moon in Gemini – it brings clarity regarding communication and how you relate to the daily aspects of life. It can also be a time to dedicate yourself to connecting with deeper aspects of your being and understanding your subconscious motivations better. Revelations related to learning and personal development may occur. There is a need for connection between the mind and the physical; engage both aspects.

Tuesday – November 28, 2023 – The day is ruled by Mars in Sagittarius.

Wednesday – November 29, 2023 – The day is ruled by Mercury in Sagittarius.

On November 29 at 08:53:36 – The Moon enters Cancer (in its domicile).

The opposition between the Moon in Gemini and Mercury in Sagittarius brings an interesting dynamic between the need for communication and thinking (Mercury) and the need for change and emotional variety (Moon in Gemini). This can create tension between expressing emotions and expressing ideas or thoughts. Here’s how this opposition generally works:

Tensions between rationality and emotions: Mercury in Sagittarius is oriented towards rational thinking, while the Moon in Gemini emphasizes emotional fluctuations and adaptability. This opposition can bring tensions between expressing emotions and logical or rational communication.

The need for communication and change: Both signs, Gemini and Sagittarius, are ruled by Mercury, which gives them a strong desire for communication and learning. The opposition may indicate a need for change and diversity in communication, with a tendency to seek new experiences and interesting ideas.

Versatility and adaptability: Moon in Gemini brings a natural ability to adapt and be versatile in communication. Mercury in Sagittarius may add a focus on deeper ideas and beliefs. This combination can encourage the person to be versatile in expressing ideas and be open to change.

Possible conflicts between thinking and feelings: The opposition can create conflicts between what we feel and what we think. There may be moments when we feel emotionally different from what we think or communicate. It’s important to seek a balance between these two aspects of oneself.

Exploring new ideas and experiences: With this dynamic, there is a natural desire to explore new ideas, experiences, and ways of communication. It can be an excellent time for learning and personal development.

The need for open and honest communication: Since both Gemini and Sagittarius are communicative signs, this opposition can emphasize the importance of open and sincere communication in relationships. It’s important to be honest in expressing feelings and thoughts to avoid ambiguity and confusion.

Thursday – November 30, 2023 – The day is ruled by Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius.

Until January 3, a square aspect forms for the last time between Venus in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, which can bring a strong and intense dynamic in relationships and personal values. This configuration can create tensions and challenges but also holds the potential for transformation and personal growth. Here’s how this square generally works:

Tensions in relationships: Venus in Libra symbolizes love, relationships, and harmony, while Pluto in Capricorn brings elements of power, control, and transformation. This square can bring tensions in relationships because there is pressure between the desire for harmony and the need to reveal or manage deep aspects of the relationship.

The need for control and power: The square can generate a desire to control or strongly influence relational aspects or personal values. There may be a tendency to seek power in relationships or feel the pressure to adapt to the needs or desires of others.

Transformation and regeneration: Pluto is the planet of transformation and regeneration, and this square can bring opportunities to transform and revitalize relational aspects and personal values. It can be a period for deep introspection and making significant changes in these areas.

Emotional intensity: Pluto brings emotional intensity, and when forming a square with Venus, it can create deep and powerful emotions in relationships. It’s important to be aware of this intensity and seek ways to manage it in a healthy manner.

Revealing the hidden: Pluto has a tendency to uncover hidden or unknown aspects of a situation or relationship. The square can bring unresolved issues or aspects that require investigation and resolution.

The need to find a balance: The square may require finding a balance between the need for harmony and the need to explore deeper and more intense aspects of relationships and values. It’s important to work to find a middle ground that satisfies both needs.

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