On NOVEMBER 2016 we have the following main configurations: 

As I already said since last month, Jupiter in Libra forms another T-square: Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto and Mars, unfortunately the violent tendencies remains, but it will be more explicit, direct and decisive. In the same time, this aspect is more motivating. Because Mars will ingress this month in Aquarius, these aspects have already been perfected, so the frequency of accidents or violence generated by this combination should be less.

The place of Mars will be taken by Venus, starting with 12th of November and will come in harsh aspect with Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus. This aspect will affect relationships, cooperation, alliances and unions, especially on mundane. Also it is not favorable for the artistic activities. Because Venus is dealing also with money, it is better to take care of your money.

A perfect square is formed on 25th November between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, this should bring justice and chance in regeneration but people will feel this as a stress period, such as: abuse, persecution, brutality, bankruptcy. The configuration is extremely motivating and could trigger in-depth change for the long run. It could trigger the reconfiguration of the balance of power when it comes to politics, economy, banks and law. It could also affect the medical field and higher education.
Instead, Mars in Aquarius will contribute to the change that is necessarily to come, in a positive way.
November is a very good month for people who want to make a radical change in their lives or in the society; they can do it successfully if they mobilize their forces and if they have a very good action plan. Do something concrete, do not wait other to do your work/projects/actions, otherwise Mars energy might manifest in a bad way.

PERSONAL PLANETS IN RETROGRADE MOTION during this month: We do not have this month any personal planet in retrograde motion; this is good because it gives you clear message, no doubts about what you want to do.

On 21st November, the SUN ingress in SAGITTARIUS: Happy Birthday for all natives! 

MOON PHASES (at Greenwich Borough local time):

FULL MOON in TAURUS on 14th of November at 13:52: You may have good results in trading, traveling, in promoting your projects and ideas, in launching new products, getting exams and to have success to interviews.

NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS on 29th of November at 12:18: There are favored all activities in groups, organizations, team work, projects. You may get good news from your friends.

Between 12th of November and 2nd of December MERCURY is in SAGITTARIUS: You are searching for knowledge, information, and all kind of news that help you to express your freedom. It is time to say what you think, but in a structured way.

VENUS transits:

Until 11th of November VENUS is in SAGITTARIUS: You feel the need for adventure, to make more sport, to travel far away from home, to learn something new. Conjunction between Venus and Saturn helps you to be more organized, more serious in your personal relationships but also in your relation with material and artistic values.

Between 11th of November and 7th of December VENUS is in CAPRICORN: Do not rush to have a new love relationship, if you are single, pay attention to your new potential partner. If you are already in a relationship then it is time to consolidate it, by doing money and bring material results in your relationship. Love doesn’t mean only romantic mood and declarations; it means most of the time day by day life, reality.

MARS transits:

Until 9th of November MARS is in CAPRICORN, in exaltation, the most powerful position of this planet: You are able to transform any idea into reality, in an efficient way. You are ambition, with very high energy, resistance, and unstoppable and fast recovery after disease. Sports are very favored.

Between 9th of November and 19th of December MARS is in AQUARIUS: You may have a lot of energy to do things, you have ideas, motivation and with a good plan you should achieve success. If you are in a rebel mood, at least use Mars’ energy in an organize manner. I know you can do it!

Here you have short FORECASTS for each ASCENDANT* for NOVEMBER 2016:


Positive outcome: You may attract the attention of someone higher up or famous so, try to look around and see the opportunities, especially if you are single. If you are not single, your present partner may have a great success in career or social life. When is about your success, you are favored in projects and team work, if you need help, just ask and many people around you will help you. You should make good money through collaborations and different business partnerships. You feel good in your skin, but if you feel something is not going well in your health, the best step is to solve them.

Negative outcome:  Nothing special.

The main advice: Go out, accept any invitation to parties and social gatherings and be involved in projects and group activities!


Positive outcome:  You are in a loving mood this month, and you are focusing all your attention to your partner needs, even to his/her professional success. Also, you are very open for professional opportunities, you are able to work efficient and your authority will increase. If you want to invest your money be careful and make a good investment plan. 

Negative outcome:  Be aware of stress, try to avoid excess and do not deny any good advice from your family doctor.

The main advice: Try to inform, to learn, to read, and to exchange ideas. Do not be lazy!


Positive outcome: You are favored in your personal relationship, especially if you want a long lasting one. You will participate, together with your partner to different events; parties and both of you are able to take important decisions about your future. You make money if you are involved in different collaborations, associations and even your life partner can contribute to your income.

Negative outcome:  You work a lot this month and some concerns about your work will occur, but you are able to use your authority and professional skills to get trough any limitations.

The main advice:  Do not use your body and mind in excess and try to rest more. Make something for your health, a better lifestyle: diet, sport, relaxation, travel and so on. You know very well what is good for you.


Positive outcome: You fell well in your personal relationship, more stable and relaxed. Now is time to have more fun together with your loved ones.

Negative outcome: Be aware of what kind of decisions you make about your long term investments. You maybe want a bigger house, a new car. Some unexpected income may come but try to avoid speculations and any other financial risks. Do not rush, make wise strategies, communicate and learn more!

The main advice: Live your life every day with joy and a big smile on your face!


Positive outcome:  This month love and work are connected. Be aware of this and look around, especially if you are single. Use your imaginations, creativity and native talents in your personal and professional life.

Negative outcome: Be aware of your hot temper when is about confrontation with your loved one. Use Mars energy in a wise manner: common activities, sport, sex, travel. Avoid to be aggressive in your collaborations, be open mind and proactive. Take care of your health because there is a risk of getting cold, infection, acute episodes or even small accidents. After 10th of November you are favored to do beauty treatments.

The main advice:  Be diplomatic and do not open older issues at home or at the office. Do not try to change people that are not accepting change in their life. Accept people and reality as they are. You are the trigger of the change, but in a wise manner.


Positive outcome:  You are more practical and materialistic in your personal relationship as usual because more than ever financial security is very important. Love is coming together with money, the best combination for you. At work you communicate, travel, negotiate, and exchange a lot of information and you feel very well in this environment. The most favored activities are: industry, real estates, medicine, army trading and any kind of natural resources. Also you are busy at home with some changes, design issues.
Negative outcome: Use Mars energy at work or in active way, otherwise Mars will bring some health problems. You are favored for medical check-up and small surgical procedures.

The main advice: Avoid spending your money on not useful objects only for pleasure or because of stress or frustrations.


Positive outcome:  Erotic adventure is coming around you, and temptations are everywhere. A sudden relationship may occur and will be very dynamic. All these it sounds very well if you are single. If you are already in a relationship this should be a very passionate period, with new perspective and you will be open to experiment. It is the best moment to start practicing a sport. Also money will come into your pockets in big amounts. Creative and artistic activities are also favored.
Negative outcome: Try to avoid excesses, but you already know this advice!

The main advice:  Because your mind is very sharp it is a good period for studying or research in your favored fields.


Positive outcome: You are communicate with your loved one most of the time by email, mobile or via emails, but to meet and have fun together is not happened as easy as before. Try to organize a travel together with your loved one. This month both of you are busy to make money, more than to make love. It is happened, it is not something dramatic, anyway. You are favored this month for making a very good financial strategy, to deal with real estate, agriculture and everything is connected with past events.

Negative outcome:  One of your parents may have a health problem. He/she will need your help.

The main advice: Be open to relate without judging people and events.


Positive outcome:  You are too demanding in your personal relationship and this is not good for your feelings. Communication is the key of success, no matter what you do.
Negative outcome: In the first part of the month you are lazy at work, but you will realize that you should do something: make plans, set practical goals, be competitive, and find solutions. Do not push your body and mind on big pressure, it is better to ask for help and do not try to do everything by yourself.

The main advice: Communicate and negotiate. Smile and be nice!


Positive outcome: Love affairs are coming to you but none of them will last for a long time. Be aware because you may meet potential sex partners that may bring in your life only unpleasant incidents. At work you are very efficient, motivated, and competitive and all these will bring you more money.

Negative outcome:  Do not rush and try to control your impulsivity to avoid any accidents!

The main advice: If you need help and important people to give you all their support, just ask them!


Positive outcome: You have a lot of sexual energy, use it by love your partner or to practice a sport or to become competitive and motivated at work. All gates of opportunities are open for you, so do something within this period: you are ambitious, and you need only a smart plan and start to become active.

Negative outcome:  You are maybe to impulsive and impatience. Do not invest your money in strange businesses no matter how nice is the offer! Be realistic!

The main advice: Avoid excess and do not put your body at risk!


Positive outcome: You are attracted in a relationship from abroad and you share some intellectual, cultural or spiritual interest. In a way or another career is combined with love. Try to use social opportunities and participate to any events and group activities that help you to meet somebody interesting. It is a very good period for studying, publishing and writing. You make money via your collaborators and you will make good money.

Negative outcome: Be aware of getting cold, infections or intoxications. Be aware also of your day by day addictions.

The main advice: Make a long term financial strategy and put your mind at work, in a relaxing way!

*) If you do not know yet your Ascendant you may find it very easy by using any other free astrology website or software that you can find on internet. For this calculation you need: day, month, year, location, hour and minutes of your birth. If you have possibility try to use the Whole signs (house system) because it is the oldest house system (used by ancient Greek astrologers) who has proven its real value during history.

I wish you the best transits!

Monica Lazar