On OCTOBER 2016 we have the following main configurations: 

This month is a very dynamic one; all of you will need to get buy through it! You need energy, and determination to adjust your plans and actions due to changes that will come, especially the cardinal signs: Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer. (Sun sign, ascendant and/or its ruler and bad aspects between personal planets and cardinal sign planets from the current transit chart for this month.

As I already said since last month, Jupiter in Libra forms another T-square: Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto, unfortunately the violent tendencies remains, but it will be more explicit, direct and decisive. In the same time, this aspect is more motivating.

Jupiter in Libra forms a very harmonious aspect between Jupiter and Saturn, a sextile with mutual reception (Jupiter in Libra is in Saturn’s exaltation, and Saturn in Sagittarius, in Jupiter’s domicile): constructive, organization and prosperity, on a general and individual scale. It’s a major change of tune, considering the fact that as long as Jupiter was in Virgo (August 2015 – September 2016), Jupiter was in a square with Saturn, and the result was a grand mess of things, with discontinuous and contradictory actions.

PERSONAL PLANETS IN RETROGRADE MOTION during this month: We do not have this month any personal planet in retrograde motion, this is good because it gives you clear message, no doubts about what you want to do.

On 23rd of October, the SUN moves to SCORPIO: Happy Birthday for all natives! 

MOON PHASES (at Greenwich Borough local time):

NEW MOON IN LIBRA on 1st of October at 01:11: communication, travel, negotiations, power fight;

FULL MOON in ARIES on 16th of October at 05:23: news from your life partner, sudden changes in personal relationships.

NEW MOON IN SCORPIO on 30th of October at 17:38: relationship issues during a travel or linked with abroad.

Between 7th and 24th of October MERCURY is in LIBRA: you are very diplomatic and good communicator, but be aware because there is a risk to attract aggressive people around you.

VENUS transits:

Until 18th of October, VENUS is in SCORPIO: You are searching for ideal in your love relationship and you have very powerful sexual needs. Take care of your demanding attitude because it is hard for your partner to face your requests. It is a very good period for investments.

Between 18th of October and 11th of November VENUS is in SAGITTARIUS: You feel the need for adventure, to make more sport, to travel far away from home, to learn something new. Conjunction between Venus and Saturn helps you to be more organized, more serious in your personal relationships but also in your relation with material and artistic values.

MARS transits: Until 9th of November MARS is in CAPRICORN, in exaltation, the most powerful position of this planet: You are able to transform any idea into reality, in an efficient way. You are ambition, with very high energy, resistance, and unstoppable and fast recovery after disease. Sports are very favored.

Here you have short FORECASTS for each ASCENDANT* for OCTOBER 2016:


Positive outcome: Be aware about what you really need in your love life, otherwise you will not be happy about your personal relationships. You are very active in your profession and you are able to get success. Collaborations are favored. This month is a very good period for medical check-up and treatments.

Negative outcome: Some outer events will generate some changes in your personal relationships, especially after 18th of October you should be aware if you travel abroad and also in relationship with foreigners.

The main advice: Avoid any excess and try to not become too stressed. Do not worry, better to be happy!


Positive outcome: Many happy events and opportunities in your love life are ready to occur. If you are single you are ready to meet a new lover. After 18th of October you are favored to work together with your life partner in a common project.

Negative outcome:  Learn how to manage your earnings better. Financial education is an important topic for you lately.

The main advice: Try to solve older health issues; otherwise they will become bigger problems. Be more organized when is about long travels and relations with people from other countries!


Positive outcome: You are charming; full of energy and in a loving mood, especially starting with 18th of October. In your work everything is going very well and it is the best time to use your talents and skills. You are very creative and you get a lot of ideas.

Negative outcome: Avoid financial speculations or black money gains. Also avoid risky activities because you may put yourself in danger for accidents.

The main advice: Do not involved your friends in your personal business and do not money to them.


Positive outcome: Long term investments and real estates are very favored this month.

Negative outcome: In your personal relationship feelings are very intense and there may occur some conflicts with your lover. Relax more and do not enter in any conflict and do not worry too much about other people problems.

The main advice: Use your creativity to relax in your life.


Positive outcome: Communication, negotiations and travels are favorable and in your love relationship you are in harmony with your partner. You are ambitious in your work but responsibilities are great.

Negative outcome: Avoid stress and any excesses and take care of your health. Sleep more and learn to relax!

The main advice: Talk, travel, exchange information and be innovative!


Positive outcome: professional achievements will attract significant material earnings.
Negative outcome: Be aware of financial speculations! In and not mind thing you do try to not rush, no matter what!

The main advice: Use your energy in sports and creativity if you do not have a partner to make sex.


Positive outcome: Solve practical aspects of your life, at home, in your family, in your financial resources and try to avoid conflict situations. You are favored in communication, calculations, strategies, and negotiations.
Negative outcome: Take care of your home and properties.

The main advice: Be aware of excesses, do not eat too much, and watch your steps, walk carefully.


Positive outcome: You are very favored in personal relationships until 18th of October. You are able to focus on your goals, initiative, and you know what you want, prepare a strategy and start to apply it.

Negative outcome: After 18th of October you may have some financial problems or discussions about money.  

The main advice: You are stressed and tired and this can affect your health, especially in the first 20 days of the month, so try to relax more and sleep well.


Positive outcome: You are able to start big projects and you will find have supporters to make them come true. Go for the right direction, even you need to work hard!
Negative outcome: Take care of your money!

The main advice: Continue to take care of your health, make check-up, treatments, changing in life style, good stuff for you health! Be creative and express your artistic talents!


Positive outcome: You are very passionate in you relationships but also it is time to make steps forward in your life, in a natural, but elegant way!

Negative outcome: You maybe are too irritated and you need to use your energy to practice sports, walking, making love, otherwise you are at risk for accidents.

The main advice: Control your mind and energy!


Positive outcome: You are favored for travel and adventures with your loved one. If you are single you may meet your new love during a travel. Great opportunities are linked with abroad collaborations, internet and online marketing, travel, writing, exams, negotiations, new education program. You also are able to gain good money!

Negative outcome: Your mind is really restless and maybe you are not able to sleep, also be aware of your addictions and bad habits.

The main advice: Be aware of potential intoxication and extreme sports!


Positive outcome: You may have a financial plan to make together with your lover. You are favored to start a research project in esoteric field. A love affair with a person from abroad may occur. This month means also money resources from inheritances, loans, creditsnew-moon-1-october-2016 or your partner’s financial gains. Work in group and participate to different events because it is good for your future.

Negative outcome: You do not have too much energy, so rest, relax, sleep, and meditate!

The main advice: Make a financial plan and do not spend your money on stupid things!

*) If you do not know yet your Ascendant you may find it very easy by using any other free astrology website or software that you can find on internet. For this calculation you need: day, month, year, location, hour and minutes of your birth. If you have possibility try to use the Whole signs (house system) because it is the oldest house system (used by ancient Greek astrologers) who has proven its real value during history.

I wish you the best transits!

Monica Lazar