Here you have a short calendar of retrograde periods of planets for this year:


19 December 2016 – 8 January 2017 in Capricorn and Sagittarius

9 April – 3 May 2017 in Taurus and Aries

13 August – 5 September 2017 in Virgo and Leo

3 – 23 December 2017 in Sagittarius

Mercury retrograde invites you to communicate clear and simple, no matter you speak, write, negotiate, debate, exchange ideas. If your communication tools (computer, mobile, tablets, cars) are in trouble you should fix them in a serious manner and it is better to avoid in these periods to buy new ones. Important negotiations and transactions it is better to postpone for direct periods of Mercury. If you have no choice and you must sign an important contract you should read very carefully all documents. Important for Gemini and Virgo natives and for the signs where the planet goes retrograde.


4 March – 15 April 2017 in Aries and Pisces

Venus retrograde invites you to  not start a love affair or buy luxury goods during this time, because you might end up paying more than you wanted. You may have to resist the seductive dark side of Venus, all kind of temptations could be an illicit affair or the lure of luxury goods. Also partners from your past love life will try to contact you again, in this case try to close the cycle of these relationships forever, in an elegant manner.

Important for Taurus and Libra natives and for the signs where the planet goes retrograde.


Mars does not have retrograde motion in 2017.


5 February – 9 June 2017 in Libra

Jupiter retrograde invites you to work more for what you need to accomplish because external help is going into a vacation, this means that you should be more flexible and use your skills to be able to change yourself. If you travel be more organised! Important for Sagittarius and Pisces natives and for the signs where the planet goes retrograde.


5 April – 24 August 2017 in Sagittarius

Saturn retrograde invites you to work harder and your plans maybe will delay or you should adjust your ideas and projects. You will become more efficient and productive. Important for Capricorn and Aquarius natives and for the signs where the planet goes retrograde.


2 August 2017 – 2 January 2018 in Aries

Uranus retrograde invites you to be open to new experiments and surprises, think outside the box. You feel maybe more restless and chaotic but you should use these moments to discover new abilities and skills and to learn from life experiences. Write down any idea that are coming up, no matter how absurd it seems! Important for Aquarius natives and for the signs where the planet goes retrograde.


15 June – 21 November 2017 in Pisces

Neptune retrograde invites you to be more intuitive, inspired but also dreamy. Write down any idea or dream that you have, it is quite good to keep a personal journal. You are favored more in case of artistic and esoteric activities. Take care more of you immune system because is more vulnerable on viruses. Important for Pisces natives.


19 April  – 28 September 2017 in Capricorn

Pluto retrograde invites you to reset a part of your life and be ready for a new beginning. If you resist against change then you will suffer. If you embrace and understand the meaning of changes you will learn a lot about yourself.  Do not forget about Panta Rhei (everything flows) and everything is against this flow will be uncovered. In special Chinese alphabet the word for crisis and for opportunity has the same character. So, it is about the way we see and accept the reality. Important for Scorpio natives and for the signs where the planet goes retrograde.

Try to not forget the following meanings:

Direct moving – the best moment for action, the energy of the planet is good;

Retrograde station – not good, do not start any important action in this period;

Retrograde moving – do not act, try to relax and observe the reality, it is better to (re)think your actions and your strategies;

Second station, before direct period – the events are going in good direction.

See the pictures with example for Mercury retrograde, the same motion is with any other planet presented in this article.

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Monica Lazar