Succedent houses are the houses that follow the angular houses and show the results of the actions started in the angular houses. These houses are regarded as resources and essence and are linked to each other on a material and realistic level of events. They are where you hold and sustain the events of life. The succedent houses fix the personal events and give you the ability to experience them.

These houses connect you to everything that is stable and continuous. The force of the planets in these houses will be stable and more resistant to change. Here you have the decreasing order of the power of these houses: II-V-VIII-XI.

Here are the areas of action of each house:

The Second House shows your resources and money: It personifies self-esteem, awareness of self and material values, dressed in the objects you appreciate and the money you gain through your own effort. The resources you use in matters of material life. Gains and experiences that make you able to accumulate money and material things. Everything that affects your material security in the outside world and changes your own vision about money and wealth.

The Fifth House represents creativity, love, sex, and your children: It shows the experience of self-expanding through sex and risky adventures. It is the house where you will really shine like individuals. Children are the expression of your creativity. The place where you develop a creative way of expressing yourself, what you know about you being true, beautiful and unique. Relationships of love as a test of emotions, in relation to others, as an anticipation of play and joy.

The Eighth House indicates the transformation and attitude towards the death of the native: the house where you take from others and others take from you. Partner resources, and what they can get from you or what they expect from you. The darkest and most hidden emotions, the instinctual desires and the thought of death. Denying or accepting negative qualities, renewing or transforming to emotional, spiritual and material levels. The house where you struggle to survive and be willing to entrust your life to the hands of others. Inheritance, struggle, acceptance, conquest, overcoming the problems of life and death.

The Eleventh House indicates the friends, protectors, and the hopes of the native: It is the reality of the society in which you live, your friends, peers, and belongings to the group, less personal but equally important. It personifies the way you adapt to these people as part of your world. Collective experiences through group affiliates, relationships with people in a broader, more impersonal sense. How you separate or mingle in the crowd. Your hopes for a better future. The need to find those who think like you and or the need to separate and identify you as individuals.

It is very important to analyse the planets that are present in these houses, the ruler of the houses and planets and the relationships that are formed between them and the rest of the elements in the natal chart.

To be continued next month!

Monica Lazar

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