Since ancient times people have used the nature signs  to live their life but lately, because of the „benefits” of civilization we are far from nature and we forgot how nature can help us to have a better life. One of the most important present from nature are moon phases. I will describe the main activities that you can perform more efficient according to main moon phases:


This day is ideal to keep fasting (consuming only water) because the body’s detoxification capacity is on the maximum capacity.


The following activities ARE favored: seeding and planting , weight gain,surgeries, fertility, increasing the body’s healing power, drainage massage, hair and nail  trimming, gathering information and learning, social networking, construction and action.

It is good to know in case of a treatment: stimulants produce the most effect and sedatives are the weakest, so decrease the dose of the one and increase the other. Also in this phase of the moon is good to make surgeries, but in this case there are some rules:

  1. Do not perform an surgery when the moon is in the sign which rules the part of the body to be operated upon. Ptolemy said,“Pierce not with iron that part of the body which may be governed by the sign actually occupied by the moon.”
  2. Surgeries performed at the exact change of the moon are rarely successful;
  3. Avoid the situation when Moon in transit is in „via combustia”. The area between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio is termed the Via Combusta: ‘Fiery Road’ or ‘Combust Way’. It is considered to be a debilitating area, particularly detrimental to the Moon. Al Biruni wrote about it.
  4. Do not perform a surgery when Moon in transit is in the same sign with Moon from natal chart;
  5. The best is if the Moon is in good aspect with Venus or Jupiter and avoid bad aspects with Mars, Saturn, Neptun and Uranus. Also if the Moon is transiting a fixed sign.
  6. And also do not make a surgery when the Sun is in the sign which rules the part of the body to be cut.
  7. Also, it is good to know that the Moon rules acute diseases, the the Sun chronic diseases.
  8. Watch the squares and the opposition of the moon to the transiting sun, Mars, and Saturn when operating.
  9. The Moon has greatest rule over the health of the woman while the Sun influences the health of the man.

In case of a surgery is good to know the anatomic areas influences by each zodiac sign:

Aries: head, brain, eyes, nose, the front of the body;

Taurus: neck, throat, mouth, ears;

Gemini: clavicles, ribs, shoulders, arms, hands, nervous and circulatory systems,

Cancer: solar plexus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, colon, internal abdominal organs, diaphragm, left side of the body, breasts and uterus;

Leo: cardio vascular system, eyes, back, spine;

Virgo: intestines, peritoneum, appendix, gallbladder, spleen, nervous system parasympathetic;

Libra: kidneys, urethras, adrenal glands, skin, back of the body, buttocks, belly, bladder, prostate;

Scorpio: genital and excretory systems, nose, ovary, bladder and prostate;

Sagitarrius: hips, thighs, femur, blood vessels (arteries), sciatic nerve, pelvic bone, pituitary and liver;

Capricorn: bones and joints (especially the knees), gallbladder, skin, hair, nails, parathyroid, the right side of the body;

Aquarius: shins, ankles, blood circulation, pineal gland (epiphysis);

Pisces: foot, toes, thalamus, fibrin in the blood, lymphatic system and adipose tissue.

For example, when waxing Moon is transiting Pisces sign, it is a right moment to apply treatments but not a good moment to make surgeries to the areas described above for Pisces sign (see above list).

You can find in any moment the ingress of Moon here: table is developed using UTC timezone.Also for corverting of UTC timezone to your local time use:


The following activities ARE favored: Relaxation, rest and meditation.

The following activities ARE NOT favored: surgeries especially in the area of the zodiac sign where the Full Moon is done, vaccinations. Also it is good to avoid conception of a child during a full moon or during a lunar eclipse. The Moon has great influence over insane people, that is, lunatics, and over hysterical, epileptic,and nervous patients. These patients feel the changes of the moon very greatly; especially are they very restless during the full of the moon. They should never sleep with the moon shining on them.


The following activities ARE favored: harvest, diet and detoxification, maditation, any kind of cleaning and to get rid of bad habits, weight loss and relaxation massages, fishing, to continue the activities already started during waxing moon; sharing of information.

The following activities ARE NOT favored: launching or stating of new projects or new products.

See you next time!

Monica Lazar