On 27th of September 2016 MARS ingress in CAPRICORN, the best place for this planet: in exaltation. This transit works until in the morning of 9th of November 2016.

People with Mars in Capricorn in their natal chart are goal-oriented and focused people who are not afraid of hard work. They have a very good self control and they need to stay in control. Capricorn has the native ability to plan for the future. The reputation for Capricorn lovers is an attraction to experienced, and sometimes older, partners. They often prefer strong, powerful lovers who display some sort of authority and their sexuality is deep and powerful.


On 5th of October 2016, 23:44, Mars Square Jupiter: Your fighting spirit is strong. Avoid conflict. Direct this energy  into positive enterprises for positive results. The target of this transit are Capricorn and Libra sign, but also Aries and Cancer.

On 13th of October 2016, 22:59, Mars Square Mercury: Impulsive reactions. Fast pace. Trouble, problems and irritations. Mechanical breakdowns. Arguments and conflicts. The target of this transit are Capricorn and Libra sign, but also Aries and Cancer.

On 15th of October 2016, 10:31, Mars Square North Node: New opportunities abound to help you achieve your desires. Some one is giving you a helping hand. The target of this transit are Capricorn and Virgo sign, but also Gemini and Pisces.

On 19th of October 2016, 13:22, Mars Conjunction Pluto: You have energy fit to burst. Direct this into positive pursuits. Don’t push others. The best time to set up a strategy. Actions now will have results.The target of this transit are Capricorn and Libra sign, but also Aries and Cancer.

On 29th of October 2016, 06:05, Mars square Uranus: The urge to be impulsive is strong. Resist if you can. With a steady rein you are able to breakthrough obstacles in innovative ways. The target of this transit are Capricorn and Aries sign, but also Libra and Cancer.

Let’s see which is the role of MARS in CAPRICORN in your everyday life, according with the place of this transit in your natal house. Here you have some useful information:

Mars transits your first house: You have energy at your disposal to move your plans forward you are more able to make an impression than usual. You may be combative under this influence, and you may have a short temper, young and restless type. This is an excellent transit to be assertive and physical vitality. Love affairs may be your favorite sport. Take care of your head area, because the risk of some accidents is high!

Mars transits your second house: You have a lot of energy to make money and to defend your true values. You may launch new projects or maybe use the old ones with a new approach. If conflicts occur during this transit, they are likely to be over issues of ownership. This is a time when impulse buying is at a peak and you =should avoid using credit during this transit, because your spending habits may be excessive and impulsive.

Mars transits your third house:  You have many ideas and plans during this transit. Try to use them well because this is a good time to sell your ideas to others, or to present your case: write a book, launch a product, open a new blog, communicate more, be confident in your ideas but avoid to be aggressive in communication. Avoid to be impulsive while driving or while performing manual tasks, generally with the hands, may lead to accidents. This is an excellent time to work on intellectual tasks, to learn something new.

Mars transits the fourth house:  You have more energy for domestic activities and you feel more defensive and protective in your daily basis attitude. You work hard for more security and you invest in your home: house repairs, decorating or other family activities. Old issues about past of your parents may reappear on the discussion.

Mars transits the fifth house: You are very creative, active in activities with children, you feel the need of romantic affairs, you develop your hobbies to the next level and/or you start to practice a sport. You have a lot of fun! Be aware of the attraction for risky speculations.

Mars transits the sixth house:  You have energy for work and your daily routines tend to speed up during this transit. You have much energy for a health and physical activity program. It might be hard for you to work with others in a harmonious manner during this transit, and disputes with co-workers are possible. If you are feeling especially angry, frustrated, or restless, it would be wise to find little projects and things to do so that you can channel excess energy constructively. If health is affected, fevers or infections are more likely.

Mars transits the seventh house: Partnerships may suffer from ego conflicts, or open enemies claim their rights. Use this energy to work cooperatively on relationship problems. Maybe you need help in order to do what you want, so it is better to ask for it. Relationships are very dynamic during this period. Your close personal relationships are very active, no matter is about conflicts, decisions or reconciliations.

Mars transits the eighth house: Sexuality is stimulated under this transit. Be aware of ego conflicts concerning joint property or money, with your spouse or your business partners. This is a time when your best interests is to recognize that you need, or rely on, others for support.

Mars transits the ninth house: During this period you are optimistic. You are hunger for adventure and you are looking to expand your activities and you have a lot of energy for advanced studies, travel abroad, or simply new subjects. Be aware of excesses of any kind or even legal fights.

Mars transits the tenth house: You are very ambition and you run after public recognition and for more accomplishments. This can be a good time to become self-employed or start a business if other factors are favorable, not only this Mars transit. Conflicts with those in authority are possible now. Use more energy into self-promotion or career activities.

Mars transits the eleventh house: Group activities and cooperative efforts are the best way to achieve your goals right now. Do not try to dominate others. Be a leader not a boss and work in a team! It is a very good period for networking. You may lose or get new friends, it depends of your attitude in your friendship relationships.

Mars transits the twelfth house:  This is the time to rediscover your real needs and the to set up new goals. Private matters are more important for you: to work alone to a special/secret project, to meditate, to go to a retreat far away from restless world. You may have insomnia or very active dreams. Try to write down your dreams. It is time to get rid of some bad habits.

As a general rule, Mars is retrograde approximately 58-81 days, every 2 years. So, let’s see what is happened with this important planet until 2100: http://www.astro.com/swisseph/ae/mars1999.pdf

Mars in retrograde moving invites you to avoid extreme sports and events. Try to not respond to provocations from environment. It is time to slow down and plan your older goals. Find positive projects and use wisely your inner energy for better. Do not pretend others to move in the same way as you do. Let them be, let you be, in a natural way! Take care of you more then ever and avoid surgical operations for hips, thighs, femur, blood vessels (arteries), sciatic nerve, pelvic bone, pituitary and liver; genital and excretory systems, nose, ovary, bladder and prostate. Are more affected male and masculine activities, sports, cars, army and so on.

Here Mars ingress until 2018: http://www.moontracks.com/mars_ingress.html

Witch is the main role of Mars in Astrology? Here you have some short notes:

  • Mars is about action, energy and desire. In the chart, position of Mars shows our basic instincts, how we react to external stimulus and how we respond to danger and in competitive activities;
  • The position of Mars in houses show the areas if life where we should use its energy. The general advise is, no matter if we are talking about natal Mars or its transits we must use its energy, otherwise this planet will show the dark side of its force, especially when is in retrograde period;
  • It is also very important to know main moments of the planet moving:

            Direct moving – the best moment for action, the energy of the planet is good

            First station, before retrograde period – not good, do not start any important action in this period

            Retrograde moving – do not act, try to relax and observe the reality, it is better to (re)think your actions and your strategies

            Second station, before direct period – the events are going in good direction

            That is why it is important, in any kind of astrological interpretation (in natal chart, in transits etc) to see if Mars is actually going to the first station or the second one.

  • Mars can have a big impact over your HEALTH STATE, so it is important where in your natal chart is placed (sign and house) and what aspects (from sign to sign) he does with the rest of the planets. Your natal Mars shows the most exposed anatomical area to acute illness, infections, inflammations, injuries and bleeding;
  • Like any traditional planet, MARS has an important role in horary astrologyPtolemy said that Mars is the representation of virile ages, between 41 and 56 years;
  • In relational astrology MARS has also major implications and it shows what kind of love partner that attracts you most. Also it is important if, in your natal chart Mars is retrograde: for man a natal Mars retrograde shows possible sexual and emotional failures, sexual excesses and a passive aggression attitude; for women a Mars retrograde in their natal chart shows frigidity or they attract men with sexual problems or they find hardly a stable partner;
  • Because Mars is the planet of action, a real engine of life,you will find its important role in vocational astrology, especially if this planet is placed in 10th, 6th and 2nd house of your natal chart;
  • MARS TRANSITS AND ITS DIRECTION are also important;
  • As you know, every TUESDAY is the DAY OF MARS, so you can be involved in activities that are ruled by Mars: courage and adventure activities that enforcing your will. Also it is important to know PLANETARY HOURS OF MARS because you can start specific activities with good results, for example: injections, dental surgery and operations, lawsuits, conflicts, going to war; sports, exercises; risk-taking; making complaints; firing employees; seeking favors of husband or boyfriend;
  • Some MIDPOINTS are very important and MARS is involved in the story, for example:

Mars/Saturn midpoint: it is about structure of your body and any blockage or stress area;

Mars/Uranus midpoint: it is about bone structure, accidents, injuries and operations;

Mars/Neptune midpoint: it is the toxicity point and can lead to infections, contagious diseases and all   kind of poisoning;

Mars/Ascendant midpoint: it is about predisposition for accidents and surgeries;

Venus/Mars midpoint: it is sexual and artistic point and show your romance and relationship potential.

I wish you the best transits!

Monica Lazar