On 20 MARCH 2022, the SUN ingress in ARIES: Happy Birthday for all natives! With this occasion it is happened March equinox that marks the beginning of spring and the end of winter in the Northern Hemisphere but marks the beginning of autumn and the end of summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Here you have an #astrovlog about ARIES natives features: https://youtu.be/Y9_Fc6zCcJw

MOON PHASES THIS MONTH (Romanian Local Time):

2 MARCH AT 19:34:00 – NEW MOON IN PISCES: The SUN and the MOON also form an applicative conjunction with JUPITER, which means that a period full of optimism, generosity and chance begins. Things you prefer to start the next day after this phase should be successful, because they are based on good intentions. This is especially true of those things related to growth and happiness. It could be a vacation abroad, a financial investment or a beautiful love affair. Spending quality time with loved ones would be especially rewarding now. Your caring and supportive attitude can bring new friendships and favors to others.

The most favored areas of life are: daily routine, health care, relationships with colleagues, small pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.), any activity that brings services to others. It is better to know what you want, to be organized, persevering and efficient.

10 MARS AT 12:45:00 – MOON FIRST QUARTER IN GEMENI: On this occasion, a trine is formed between the MOON and the SOUTH NODE in SCORPIO, which shows that it is time to leave behind the inhibitions of the past and express yourself. You will find that life events will force you to reconcile with your identity to express your full potential. You may feel that your private life, family and home require your full attention, but you need to express yourself through the profession or a public group. You may have a message that needs to be heard by more than one person. Find out what it means to have MOON as your dominant planet due to career path, in your natal chart: https://youtu.be/acQc43v29W0

18 MARCH AT 09:17:00 –  FULL MOON IN VIRGO: And you need to pay attention to detail and be pragmatic, especially when it comes to family relationships and what you need to do at home. Instead, creativity and imagination can be greatly appreciated professionally. If you are involved in a creative project then fantasy and imagination are at their best. Do not avoid reality, but use it to your advantage to create a creative or artistic project. Try to see the opportunities in your life without dreaming of green horses on the walls.

25 MARCH AT 07:37:00 – MOON THIRD QUARTER IN CAPRICORN: A challenged Moon can often indicate insecurity, hypersensitivity, or emotional dysfunction in someone’s life, especially in childhood. But in some cases, people who are in comfort zone in their emotional life will rarely feel driven to put out the energy needed to become successful or even famous. Hard aspects of Moon can serve as inner drive for one’s ambitions later in life: https://youtu.be/8FJuag7faTA

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MERCURY is in AQUARIUS is in direct motion until 10 March and this retrograde cycle is closed. How did you feel Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and Aquarius?

MERCURY is in PISCES between 10 and 27 March and it will also form a conjunction with Jupiter and Mercury: You may be talkative and thirsty for knowledge, but you have a lot of creativity. You have great ideas and plans and education, exploration and knowledge are very important during this period. You have an imaginative mind, but the important thing is to be clear in your expression in order to have an impact on the environment.

MERCURY is in ARIES between 27 March and 11 April: You communicate quickly and efficiently, and you tend to talk loudly about yourself and your interests, but you’re less interested in listening to others. You like intellectual stimulation and you are looking for ways to communicate your ideas.


VENUS is in CAPRICON direct motion until 6 March 2022 and the retrograde cycle is closing. How did you feel Venus retrograde in Capricorn in the last months?

VENUS is in AQUARIUS between 6 March and 5 April: You enjoy unconventional and odd relationships, which give you the freedom to express your individuality. You enjoy talking more than touching. You enjoy being in a group of friends and in group activities.


MARS is in CAPRICORN (in exaltation) until 6 March 2022: It’s time for pragmatism, determination, responsibility and efficiency. You are motivated to do something important. You have high expectations and sometimes you are disappointed. This is a good time to get involved in large-scale projects.

MARS is in AQUARIUS between 6 March and 15 April: A lot of energy that can be used in large-scale actions, even if there is a lot of uncertainty. Possible riots and dissatisfaction and the desire to do justice. There are many aspects that are formed between Mars and other planets in transit. So:

Conjunction with Venus – Lots of charisma, passion and assertiveness. You like to share your adventures with your loved ones and put some pressure on them. You have high expectations and sometimes you may be disappointed in intimate relationships, so you need a partner to meet your desires.

Conjunction with Saturn – Sometimes you feel that it is difficult to fully express your energy, that something is always holding you back. There is a feeling that you are stuck in action and you become frustrated. You are ambitious and have the ability to achieve your goals slowly but surely. You also have the ability to organize yourself and others and good self-discipline. That word, with patiently cross the sea!

Square with Uranus – There are different points of view, fears, doubts and different work rhythms. You have to find a common goal to go along with the others.

Possible global manifestations can be: economic crisis involving restriction on resources, protests and civil unrest for gaining or losing rights and freedom, natural (or artificial but seemingly natural) cataclysms, industrial accidents and aircraft incidents, Technological discoveries with long-term social impact.

Square with Lunar Nodes – The need for freedom to follow a dream or to defend yourself when the situation demands it. You need to activate your courage and strength to act, to take responsibility for your own deeds, to claim your right to be free. The courage to start a new path can cross your mind.

JUPITER TRANSIT (Romanian Local Time):


This month Jupiter is in conjunction with Sun and Neptune in the sign of Pisces – You are optimistic and excited, so a good time to shine, to go out on the ramp. However, you need discipline to put into practice the talents and abilities you have or even better to improve these talents. Spiritual activities and the path to self-knowledge are also favored, but do not overdo it because the risk of self-harm may arise. Travel is also encouraged, especially if it has a cultural and / or spiritual component.


JUPITER is starting retrograde station in ARIES on 27 July 2022.

JUPITER is starting retrograde motion in ARIES on 29 July 2022.

JUPITER is starting retrograde motion in PISCES on 28 October 2022.

JUPITER is starting direct station in PISCES on 23 November 2022.

JUPITER is starting direct motion in PISCES on 25 November 2022.


In this #astrovlog I am talking about general impact and for each Ascendant sign of Jupiter in Pisces transit: https://youtu.be/9f9A9F4RE9c


As you already know Saturn is in Aquarius until 7 March 2023.

I am talking about this transit and its global impact and also for each sign and Ascendant: https://tinyurl.com/hs4se6aw


URANUS is in TAURUS  until 26 April 2026. This month Uranus is in direct motion.

Here you have a video about URANUS in TAURUS transit: https://youtu.be/1wky51I8pzE  


In this #astrovlog I am talking about ingress – General impact & for each Ascendant: https://youtu.be/EeEPWyBuepQ


PLUTO is in CAPRICORN until  24 March 2023 and meanwhile is in direct motion.

In this #astrovlog​ I am talking about Pluto in signs and houses in natal chart.  Do you know where is Pluto placed in your natal chart?  https://youtu.be/Y89I-o80UJA


NEPTUNE transits PISCES until March 29, 2025: Neptune does not fall into the category of personal planets and has a personal impact only if it creates conjunction with personal planets in the natal chart. The impact of this planet is greater on the social, mundane, mass level. I would not be surprised that by the end of this transit, things will be settled so that we have only one religion for all nations. Not the other way around, but it is easier to manipulate people, the control is greater. I would like you to understand that institutional religion is one and deep belief in something beyond our power is something else. Sometimes they coincide, in the sense that you can find a priest or a monk with grace who can guide you and show you the right way. But it is clear to all of you that it is a strictly personal choice and there is no need to let everyone to know what you have chosen. Also, during history Neptune in Pisces have been involved in many pandemic crises. This month NEPTUNE is in direct motion.

In this #astrovlog you find out how outer planets are working in predictive astrology: https://youtu.be/jVnqMoDlVxs

I invite you for a journey into the fascinating world of Astrology!
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IMPORTANT NOTES: In all my astrological research and interpretations, I use the Whole signs (house system) because it is the oldest house system (used by ancient Greek astrologers) who has proven its real value during history. When I am writing about aspects between planets, I use aspect from sign to sign; I am using a traditional way of interpretation of aspects. An aspect is not a must to be at perfect orb to have an effect. It is enough if we have a planet in a sign that forms an aspect with another planet from another sign. The most powerful aspects are conjunctions, oppositions, squares, and trines. 

I wish you a wonderful March!

Monica Lazar