Friday – March 1, 2024 – The day is ruled by Venus.

VENUS transits the sign of AQUARIUS until March 11:

It’s a suitable time to explore your passions, to express your desires, and to invest energy in relevant relationships. Be open to changes that may arise in the relational sphere and let yourself be guided by intuition. You can have intense, but also transformative experiences in the realm of love, relationships, and financially. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of your own feelings and to communicate openly with those around you. A square is formed in the first 3 days of March between Venus in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. So Venus, the most sensual and loving planet, says: “Hey, Uranus, old man, what are you doing there in Taurus?” Uranus, with its unconventional habit, replies: “Well, I’m dealing with serious business here, Venus. Do you have a problem with that?” Venus does an extravagant pirouette and says: “No, no, but don’t you feel like you need a bit more passion and freedom in your life?” Uranus raises an eyebrow and says: “Hmm, maybe you’re right. But don’t you think you’re a bit too… peculiar for my tastes right now?” Venus laughs and says: “Come on, Uranus, you need to open your heart to new experiences! Maybe you should try to relax and enjoy the pleasures of life more.” Uranus reflects for a moment and then smiles: “Well, maybe you’re right, Venus. Maybe I should let go of my rigidity for a bit and let myself be carried away by your wave of passion and creativity!” And so, as Venus and Uranus play together in this cosmic dance, their square blooms into an explosion of energy and unexpected ideas, bringing a fresh and lively atmosphere to our cosmic universe! In simpler terms, the message of this aspect is not to be afraid of more tense aspects, because they often lead to necessary changes.

Saturday – March 2, 2024 – The day is ruled by Saturn.

Today, at 3:56:09 PM, the Moon enters Sagittarius.

Saturn has been in Pisces for a while now, and the situation has become quite crowded, with the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune also present.

One day, in the deep dark depths of the cosmic ocean, Saturn, the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune gathered for an epic meeting in the sign of Pisces. Saturn, the old serious and responsible one, begins: “Welcome, comrades! Today we discuss structure, discipline, and… where is the agenda sheet?” The Sun, always full of enthusiasm, responds: “Sorry, I forgot to bring it. But it doesn’t matter! Let’s just go with the cosmic flow and see what happens!” Mercury, ever alert and restless, adds: “Yes, yes, and let’s not forget to communicate clearly and efficiently! But remember, we need to be flexible in our process!” Meanwhile, Neptune, the charming dreamer, gazes absentmindedly into space and murmurs something about singing seagulls and mysterious dreams. Saturn rubs his forehead, already feeling that this meeting will not go according to his plan. “Alright, alright, let’s try to focus. What proposals do we have for managing our resources?” The Sun begins to sing a song about abundance and prosperity, while Mercury juggles ideas and proposals at a rapid pace, and Neptune continues to bask in waves of imagination and illusion. Eventually, Saturn gives up and joins the cosmic dance, realizing that sometimes you just have to go with the flow of life. And thus, under the influence of Pisces, these four masters of the cosmos merge into a symphony carried by waves, where rigid plans are replaced by the fluidity and unpredictable charm of the universe!

Sunday – March 3, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Sun.

Today, at 5:23:00 PM, we have the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius: it is the right moment for deep emotional and spiritual explorations, seeking understanding and comfort in inner and outer journeys, as well as in relationships and partnerships that have a deep and mystical dimension. There may be some tensions or challenges in finding the balance between emotional needs and those of relationships, but also a strong ability to overcome these obstacles with wisdom and confidence.

Since it’s a holiday, let’s see what the Sun in Pisces is all about.

Imagine a solar being in the middle of the ocean, fluttering with a fish tail instead of legs! It’s as if the Sun has decided to take an exotic vacation and has chosen to transform into a god of the seas for a while. Now, the Sun is used to shining and showing power and determination in the zodiac sign of Leo, but in Pisces, it becomes more of a dreamer and a contemplative. Picture it sitting on a rock in the middle of the ocean, watching the spectacular sunsets and dreaming of cosmic adventures. But let’s not forget that Pisces is also an extremely empathetic and sensitive sign. So, the Sun in Pisces might borrow these qualities and be more open to the needs and emotions of those around. Perhaps it would even organize a guitar concert on the beach or dance under the moonlight with dolphins! However, we must admit that sometimes the Sun in Pisces can be a bit too dreamy and elusive. It may forget its responsibilities or get lost in the world of imagination, leaving all concrete plans somewhere in the waves.

Monday – March 4, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Moon.

Today, the Moon in Sagittarius forms a square with Mercury in Pisces, thus entering a cosmic tangle. The Moon, dressed in all its adventurous splendor, holds its arrow in one hand and the map with its travel plans in the other, while Mercury, rather whimsical and dreamy in the sign of Pisces, buries its head in the clouds and tries to find imaginative solutions to problems.

Normally, the Moon in Sagittarius would be full of enthusiasm and the desire to explore the world, but when it squares Mercury in Pisces, things get a bit… weird. The Moon jumps around, waving her map with crazy plans, but Mercury is so lost in daydreaming that he seems to forget about reality.

So imagine the Moon shouting, “Let’s go on an adventure across seas and lands!” and Mercury responds, “So be it! But I’m not sure exactly where we’re headed… maybe we should just go with the flow of the universe!”

And so, instead of reaching a concrete plan, the two get lost in a philosophical discussion about the meaning of the journey and destination. Eventually, the Moon in Sagittarius gets bored and hops on her blue horse, flying off in search of a new adventure, while Mercury continues his imaginative journey, full of unconventional ideas and limitless dreams.

Today, at 11:15:01 PM, the Moon enters Capricorn (in exile).

Tuesday – March 5, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mars.

MARS transits the sign of Aquarius until March 23, 2024.

Here are some characteristics of this transit written in a humorous way: It’s as if Mars has decided to don his armor with a dash of eccentricity and take a break from battles to dedicate himself to noble causes or bold social experiments. So instead of fighting in the traditional way, Mars in Aquarius might choose to channel his energy through daring protests, charitable actions, or even by inventing futuristic gadgets. Maybe he’ll take a rocket-powered helicopter to deliver pizza to the hungry, or perhaps he’ll organize a cosmic flash mob on Mars, grabbing the attention of the entire solar system! And Elon Musk is definitely involved in this, for sure! Additionally, Mars in Aquarius might be a bit impulsive and rebellious. He might start painting his armor in bright colors or customize his laser sword with funny stickers. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Mars taking part in a march for robot rights or attending an intergalactic music concert. Essentially, Mars in Aquarius brings a wave of unexpected and innovative energy to the cosmos. He may not follow the usual rules of combat, but he’s certainly ready to make a difference and make his presence known in his unique and eccentric style!

Wednesday – March 6, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mercury.

MERCURY transits the sign of Pisces until March 10, and among other things, it also forms an applying conjunction with Neptune in Pisces.

Mercury and Neptune are having a cosmic rendezvous in the sign of Pisces. Mercury, accustomed to being quite analytical and communicative, has donned his diving suit and is trying to swim through the deep ocean of imagination and intuition.

Neptune, on the other hand, remembers that he forgot to spread his sparkles and, instead of being lifted on a cloud of daydreaming, finds himself at an underwater party with mermaids and eccentric fish.

So while Mercury tries to find logical answers to his questions, Neptune whispers enigmatic and confusing things in his ear, making Mercury feel like he’s trying to decode a secret message from a fish’s bubble.

At one point, Mercury says, “Come on, Neptune, we need to stay focused and concentrate on reality!”

But Neptune turns back with a dreamy smile and says, “Reality is just a wave in the vast ocean of illusion, dear Mercury.”

And so, the two continue to float in their world of dreaming and imagination, creating a strange and fascinating mix of thoughts and ideas, which hopefully will bring a dose of magic and creativity into our universe!

Thursday – March 7, 2024 – The day is ruled by Jupiter.

Today, at 02:38:21 AM, the Moon enters Aquarius.

Jupiter forms a long-applying conjunction with Uranus in the sign of Taurus. And the exact conjunction with Uranus in Taurus will happen at the degree 21°49 on April 21, 2024, at 04:02:09 AM.

So, Jupiter and Uranus meet in Taurus for an unconventional party. Jupiter, the king of expansion and adventure, arrives with a flying carpet made of tapestry and a list of unusual activities. Meanwhile, Uranus, the cosmic rebel with an eccentric mind, approaches on an electric skateboard, dressed in intergalactic attire.

Jupiter, trying to bring a touch of Taurus wealth and extravagance, brings a menu of exotic dishes and expensive drinks, suggesting to party in style. But Uranus, always an advocate for innovation and change, comes up with bizarre ideas like serving dessert in a sandwich with cream cheese and hot pepper jelly.

While Jupiter tries to maintain balance and tradition, Uranus unleashes his imagination and experimentation, suggesting to dance to techno music in the middle of a cornfield.

In the end, the two meet in the midst of the cosmic bull and decide to blend their best ideas: an extravagant party with unique foods, eccentric dances, and plenty of unexpected surprises. Thus, their conjunction in Taurus becomes an occasion for joy, adventure, and innovation, where everything is possible and nothing is too outrageous!

I’m really curious about what you’re doing with this applying conjunction! Which house in your natal chart does it activate?

Friday – March 8, 2024 – The day is ruled by Venus

The Hellenistic astrologer Vettius Valens wrote about Venus as desire and love.

Venus indicates motherhood and nurturing. She bestows priesthood, oversight of schools, high positions with the right to wear a gold ring or a crown, cheerfulness, friendship, companionship, property acquisition, purchasing ornaments, advantageous agreements, marriages, pleasant voices, passion for music, sweet singing, beauty, painting, color mixing in embroidery, painting, as well as in the preparation of ointments. Venus creates inventors and masters of these crafts, as well as craftsmanship or commerce, and work in emeralds, gemstones, and ivory. You see the writing style from the time this author lived. It is understood that it was adapted to the period in which he lived, but that does not mean that we cannot use valuable information from his work.

Vettius Valens was a Roman astrologer who lived in the 2nd century AD and is known for his monumental work titled “Anthologiae”, also known as the “Anthology of Astrology”. This work is one of the most important sources of information about the practice and theory of Hellenistic astrology.

Valens lived in a period when astrology was at its peak in the Mediterranean world, integrated into philosophy and religious practice. “Anthologiae” provides details about the various astrological techniques used at that time, as well as interpretations of the positions of the planets in the various houses of a natal chart.

Valens’ work is valuable because it not only focuses on astrological theory but also provides concrete examples of interpreting the natal charts of contemporary or historical figures, providing a clearer picture of how astrology was practiced in that period.

Additionally, “Anthologiae” provides information about the cultural and social context in which astrology was practiced in antiquity, including references to the religious and philosophical beliefs of the time.

Today, the works of Vettius Valens are studied and appreciated by astrologers and researchers interested in the history and evolution of astrology in the ancient world.

Saturday – March 9, 2024 – The day is ruled by Saturn

Today at 3:03:22 PM Moon enters Pisces

MERCURY transits the sign of ARIES between March 10 and May 15 and will also have a retrograde cycle. Here are the main stages of this transit: 

March 10 at 6:02:54 AM Mercury enters the sign of Aries

April 1 at 1:14:28 AM Mercury enters the retrograde station period

April 3 at 1:14:28 AM Mercury enters the retrograde period

April 24 at 3:54:06 PM Mercury enters the direct station period

April 26 at 3:54:06 PM Mercury returns to direct motion

May 15 at 8:05:08 PM Mercury enters the sign of Taurus

Here is an #astrovlog about this Mercury retrograde cycle through the sign of Aries: ?????

Sunday – March 10, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Sun

On March 10 at 11:00:00 AM we have New Moon in Pisces and may bring the following possible events: this moment of deep introspection, emotional and spiritual connection with career and public status, and initiation of projects that have a mystical, altruistic, and inspirational dimension. However, it is important to carefully manage the illusions and confusions that may arise and maintain a certain grounding in reality to avoid being led by unrealistic dreams and hopes.

Mars in Aquarius in square with Uranus in Taurus at the degree of 19°51 on March 10, 2024, at 00:29:54 AM.

Monday – March 11, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Moon

Today at 02:19:14 AM, the Moon enters Aries.

VENUS transits the sign of PISCES (in exaltation) between March 11 and April 5, being in exaltation. Here’s how this transit might function considering the current chart:

Sensitivity and romance: Venus in Pisces adds a touch of sensitivity, romance, and empathy to how we experience and live out love and romantic pleasures. In the 5th house, associated with love, passion, and creative expression, this transit can amplify these qualities, making us more open to deep romantic connections and artistic and aesthetic experiences.

Imagination and creativity: Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, the planet of illusion and imagery, and Venus in Pisces can bring strong creativity and inspiration in artistic life and expression. In the 5th house, this energy can manifest as a desire to express oneself through art, music, theater, or other forms of creation, and can bring unexpected ideas and inspiration.

Desire for fun and pleasure: The 5th house is also the house of pleasures, games, and entertainment, and Venus in Pisces can bring an increased desire to enjoy life. We are encouraged to explore new hobbies, have fun in creative ways, and connect with the pleasures and joys of life in a deeper and more intense way.

Considering that we also have Saturn and the Sun in Pisces, we are encouraged to creatively and efficiently utilize our talents and abilities.

Tuesday – March 12, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mars

Today, Mars in Aquarius forms a sextile with the Moon in Aries:

It’s like putting a rocket engine behind a race car – an explosive and high-speed combination!

So, during this transit, you can expect to feel like a superhero with a cape on your back, ready to fly through the skies or face any obstacle in your way. With Mars in Aquarius, you’re fully prepared to bring innovation and rebellion into any action you undertake. You have crazy ideas and the courage to put them into practice. It’s like being a mad inventor building your own airplane in the backyard from scraps of old iron!

And then, when you add the Moon in Aries to the mix, things truly become explosive! Your emotions are like hot flames, ready to burn everything they encounter. You’re in the mood for crazy adventures and to conquer the world with your contagious enthusiasm. It’s like being in an emotional marathon, where every moment is intense and full of adrenaline!

So, during this transit, dive into action with all your heart! Explore new ideas, dare to do things you’ve never tried before, and enjoy every moment of this wild journey called life!

Wednesday – March 13, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mercury

Today at 02:28:14, the Moon enters Taurus (in exaltation).

Today, Mercury in Aries doesn’t make any relevant aspects with other planets, meaning it’s on its own! Our thoughts become like arrows flying through the air – they are quick, direct, and full of energy. There’s no time for hesitations or preamble; it’s time to say exactly what you want and do it quickly! It’s like having a race car in your mind, and words are the fuel that gives you the power to accelerate forward.

Then, you might feel like you’re in an action movie – every decision is made on the spot, and your reactions are as fast as lightning. It’s time to dive into adventure without looking back! You have the courage and determination to follow your passions and do the things you’ve been putting off.

And don’t forget the impulsiveness characteristic of Aries! With Mercury in Aries, it’s easy to get caught up in the wave of action and start new projects before thinking too much. It’s like being in a storm of ideas, and you’re in the center of it, ready to explode with creativity and enthusiasm.

So, if you feel like your mind is a runaway slide during this transit, don’t worry! It’s just Mercury in Aries showing you that life is an adventure and you should enjoy every moment with all your heart!

Thursday – March 14, 2024 – The day is ruled by Jupiter

Today, the Moon in Taurus (in exaltation) creates a conjunction with Jupiter and Uranus.

It’s like having an elegant dinner under the moonlight, with a touch of fireworks and surprises from Jupiter and Uranus!

Firstly, the Moon in Taurus brings a feast of comfort and well-being. It’s like being surrounded by sensual pleasures and the comfort of a fluffy pillow. It’s the perfect time to relax and enjoy the good things in life, like a delicious meal or a stroll in nature.

And then enters Jupiter, the great party animal of the zodiac! He brings with him an abundance of joy and optimism. It’s like having champagne overflowing from a unicorn horn – full of sparkle and excitement!

But wait, don’t stop there, because Uranus joins the party! He’s like a wild card bringing a healthy dose of unpredictability and excitement. It’s like having fireworks unexpectedly lighting up the sky, bringing a touch of surprise to every moment!

So, during this conjunction, you might feel like you’re about to burst with joy and excitement! It’s like being on a cosmic carousel, where each turn takes you on a new adventure full of charm and surprises.

So, if you find yourself amidst this cosmic celebration, don’t worry! It’s just the Moon in Taurus, Jupiter, and Uranus showing you how wonderful life can be when you let yourself be carried away by the wave of joy and surprises!

Friday – March 15, 2024 – The day is ruled by Venus

At 05:15:36 – The Moon enters Gemini

Until March 22, we have an applying conjunction between Venus and Saturn in Pisces.

It’s a love story between a dreamy ballerina and an accountant who spends his time in underwater accounting books!

So, when Venus and Saturn meet in Pisces, it’s like having a sea of emotions and romantic desires, but with a subtle breeze of restrictions and responsibilities. It’s like trying to have a romantic party on a ship sailing on an ocean of feelings.

Firstly, Venus in Pisces brings a wave of romance and sensitivity. It’s like being surrounded by a dreamy and magical atmosphere, where every detail is full of beauty and mystery. It’s the perfect time to declare your love or to express your creativity in a romantic way.

But then Saturn appears, accompanied by his characteristic burdens and obligations. He’s like a stern father who pulls you back to reality and reminds you of your limits and responsibilities. It’s like trying to swim against the romantic tide, while Saturn holds tight to your safety rope.

So, during this conjunction, you might feel like you’re on a thin balance between dreaming and reality, between romance and responsibility. It’s like dancing in the rain, torn between your deep feelings and the need to conform to social norms and expectations.

If you find yourself in the midst of this romantic contradiction, don’t worry! It’s just Venus and Saturn trying to find a balance between love and duty in their world of dreams and responsibilities.

Saturday – March 16, 2024 – The day is ruled by Saturn

Today, Venus and Saturn in Pisces form a square with the Moon in Gemini.

Venus in Pisces is like a beauty and love diva, gracefully floating through the world of dreams and passions. It’s as if you have a charming ballerina dancing in the moonlight, bringing a touch of magic and romance to the air.

But then Saturn appears, the stubborn disciplinarian, bringing along tasks and restrictions. He’s like having an inflexible opera director demanding perfect execution and tolerating no deviation.

And then the Moon enters Gemini, like a talkative troubadour juggling ideas and emotions like circus balls. It’s like having a master of conversation using words like colorful balloons, bringing a sense of ease and change to the atmosphere.

So, during this square, you might feel like you’re in the midst of a theatrical performance, where passion and restrictions clash in a dramatic dance. It’s like being caught in a love triangle between the romance of dreams, the cold discipline, and the wild fluttering of the mind.

So, if you feel a bit disoriented during this transit, don’t worry! It’s just Venus, Saturn, and the Moon playing their roles in their cosmic play, bringing a touch of drama and humor to your life!

Sunday – March 17, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Sun

On March 17th at 06:10:00 we have The First Quarter Moon in Gemini: It’s a moment of deep exploration of emotions, identity, and the relationship with the home environment and family. However, there may also be challenges in managing communication and finding a balance between rationality and intuition, given the strong influence of Neptune in Pisces and the tense aspects with the Moon and the Sun. It’s important to be aware of any illusions or confusions that may arise and to find ways to navigate with wisdom and confidence during this time.

Today at 11:40:25, the Moon enters Cancer (in domicile).

Monday – March 18, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Moon

Today, Venus and Saturn in Pisces form a trine with the Moon in Cancer.

Venus in Pisces is like a charming fairy embracing the world with tenderness and beauty. It’s as if you have a ballerina dancing in the dim lights of an underwater ballroom.

And then comes Saturn, the serious right hand of the universe, bringing with it a strong sense of responsibility and order. It’s like having a strict dance teacher urging you to keep your steps and not deviate from the choreography.

But then we have the Moon in Cancer, the most emotional of them all, bringing a healthy dose of sensitivity and care. It’s like having a loving mother who embraces you and gives you a bowl of chicken soup when you need comfort.

So, during this trine, you may feel like you’re caught in the middle of an underwater romantic evening, where feelings flow freely, and the rules are a bit more relaxed. It’s like being in a romantic movie, with all the moments of love and laughter and no drama.
Tuesday – March 19, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mars

Today, at 21:32:42, the Moon enters Leo.

In Hellenistic astrology, Mars indicates strength, wars, robberies, screams, violence, prostitution, loss of property, exile, expulsion, parental estrangement, capture, wives’ deaths, abortions, love affairs, marriages, loss of goods, lies, futile hopes, forceful robberies, banditry, theft, quarrels among friends, anger, fights, verbal abuse, hatred, lawsuits. Mars brings violent crimes, cutting and shedding of blood, fever attacks, ulceration, boils, burns, chains, torture, masculinity, false oaths, wandering, embassies in difficult circumstances, actions involving fire or iron, craftsmanship, masonry. Additionally, Mars provokes commands, campaigns and leadership, infantry, governors, hunting, wild game, falls from heights or from animals, weak eyesight, strokes. From the parts of the body, Mars rules over the head, genital organs; from the internal parts, it rules over blood, spermatic channels, bile, excrement elimination, the back, and the lower part. It controls the harsh and abrupt part. From materials, it rules over iron, decorative attire (due to Aries), as well as wine and beans. It is of the nocturnal sect, red in color, and has a sour taste.

Wednesday – March 20, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mercury

The SUN enters the sign of ARIES on March 20, 2024, at 05:06:22. Happy birthday to all natives! Here’s the profile of the ARIES native in this #astrovlog:

Thursday – March 21, 2024 – The day is ruled by Jupiter

Today, a square between Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus with the Moon in Leo is formed.

Jupiter in Taurus is like a VIP feast, bringing with it an insatiable desire to indulge in life’s pleasures. It’s as if you have an endless appetite for food and drink, without any limit or measure.

But then Uranus appears, the cosmic wild card, bringing a healthy dose of chaos and surprises. It’s like having a magician setting off fireworks and sparks everywhere, causing a wave of excitement and wonder.

And now, the Moon in Leo takes the stage, like a drama queen demanding her place in the spotlight. It’s as if you have a theater diva shining on stage, taking her role seriously, demanding to be admired and adored.

During this square, you might feel like you’re caught in the middle of a cosmic circus, where all the rules are thrown out the window, and every moment is full of surprises and excitement. It’s like being in an action movie, with all the special effects and explosions in the world.

Today I am reading Marlon Brando’s natal chart, an Aries native:

Friday – March 22, 2024 – The day is ruled by Venus

Today, Mars in Aquarius is in opposition to the Moon in Leo.

Mars in Aquarius is like a revolutionary with a fixed idea who follows their own path and doesn’t accept any limitations. It’s as if you have a modern hero trying to change the world, a brave heart unafraid to express their unique vision.

On the other hand, the Moon in Leo is like a queen in the center of the stage, shining in the spotlight and demanding to be admired and adored. It’s like having a theater diva dominating the scene and demanding the attention of the entire audience.

So, it leads to a cosmic confrontation between individualism and the desire to shine in the spotlight.

It’s like having a street artist trying to make their way onto the stage of an opera house – two worlds that seem to clash entirely!

So, during this transit, you might feel caught between following your own path and the desire to fit into a pre-established social role.

Today, at 09:41:42, the Moon enters Virgo.

In this #astrovlog I am talking about how ARIES natives comunicate. Are you agree with these communication traits of ARIES natives?

Saturday – March 23, 2024 – The day is ruled by Saturn

Mars transits the sign of Pisces between March 23 and April 30, 2024, and during the period of March 28 to April 10, there is an applying conjunction between Mars and Saturn in Pisces:

It’s like putting a bank robber and an accountant in the same room – a bizarre and tense combination! Firstly, Mars in Pisces is like a superhero who has lost their superpowers in a pool of water. It’s as if you’re trying to set off fireworks underwater – a bit challenging to ignite a battle when you’re drowned in emotions and confusion! On the other hand, Saturn in Pisces is like a strict parent trying to keep everything under control in a sea of chaos and illusions. It’s as if you’re trying to build a sandcastle on the shore of a stormy sea – a bit hard to believe it will last long! So, when Mars and Saturn meet in Pisces, it’s like having a superhero and an accountant trying to navigate together through a storm of emotions and uncertainty. It’s a strange but intriguing combination! During this transit, you may feel a strong desire to take action and make changes in your life, but at the same time, you’ll face a lot of obstacles and delays. It’s like trying to move forward with a handbrake on! So, if you feel a bit frustrated and stuck during this transit, don’t worry! It’s just Mars and Saturn trying to understand each other in a universe of illusions and emotions. And who knows, maybe from this unusual combination, something truly extraordinary will emerge!

Between April 12 and 29, Mars forms an applying conjunction with Neptune in Pisces.

Here are some characteristics of this transit: It’s like combining a fierce warrior with a sweet-singing siren – a strange but fascinating combination! So, when Mars, the planet of action and energy, merges with Neptune, the lord of dreams and illusions, in Pisces, things become a bit… unclear, let’s say! Mars in Pisces is like a fighter wrapped in a blanket of cotton. It’s full of enthusiasm and a desire for action, but it’s a bit challenging to find its way through Neptune’s dense fog. It’s like trying to find an epic battle in the middle of a bedtime story! And then we have Neptune, who is like an artist scattered on a dreamy cloud. Full of inspiration and creativity, but he likes to get lost in his world of dreams and illusions. It’s like trying to find Neptune in the middle of a psychedelic music concert! So, during this conjunction, you might feel like you’re caught in a confusing dance between reality and fantasy. It’s like being in a musical comedy where all scenarios are possible, and you’re the main character who has to improvise in real-time! So, if you find yourself in a zone of confusion and uncertainty during this transit, don’t worry! It’s just Mars and Neptune playing hide and seek in their fantastic world of Pisces. So, be careful of the tendency to be deceived, of manipulation on a large scale. Not everything that glitters is gold!

Sunday – March 24, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Sun

Today, a trine forms between Jupiter and Venus in Taurus with the Moon in Virgo.

It’s like combining two of the best recipes for a wonderful day: luck and love, mixed with a healthy dose of rationality and organization!

So, Jupiter in Taurus is like a genius of prosperity and luck, bringing with it a bag full of pleasant surprises and an optimistic attitude. It’s as if you have a cheerful clown tossing confetti from a huge horn, bringing joy and enthusiasm wherever it goes.

On the other hand, Venus in Taurus is like a diva of love and beauty, shining in the sunlight and bringing a note of harmony and tenderness. It’s like having a talented artist painting idyllic landscapes in a flower-filled park, bringing a touch of romance and happiness around.

Then comes the Moon in Virgo, like a meticulous accountant who organizes life down to the smallest details and leaves nothing to chance. It’s like having a theater director who puts all the pieces in order and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

So, during this transit, you might feel like you’re in the middle of a carnival of joy and happiness, but with a note of rationality and discipline. It’s like being in a romantic movie with a perfect plot and a happy ending, but where everything is meticulously planned and orderly.

Today at 22:37:28 UTC, the Moon enters Libra.

In this Playlist I am talking about MARS:

Monday – March 25, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Moon.

Today at 09:00:17 we have a Full Moon in Libra and a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: 

The areas from where this eclipse can be seen, at least some parts of it, are: most of Europe, Northeast Asia, most of Australia, most of Africa, North America, South America, the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Antarctica.

Here is an #astrovlog about this event: ????

Tuesday – March 26, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mars

Here you find many information about how asteroids are working in natal astrology:

Wednesday – March 27, 2024 – The day is ruled by Mercury.

Today at 11:02:41 – The Moon enters Scorpio (in its fall).

In this Playlist I am talking everything about MOON:

Thursday – March 28, 2024 – The day is ruled by Jupiter.

Venus in Pisces is sextile Uranus in Taurus.

Venus in Pisces is like a charming mermaid dancing on the waves of the cosmic ocean, bringing a note of mystery and romance into the atmosphere. It’s as if you have an enchanting woman shining in the moonlight, drawing you into her enchanted world.

Meanwhile, Uranus in Taurus is like a brilliant inventor bringing with him an explosion of new and unexpected ideas. It’s as if you have a mad scientist experimenting with futuristic technologies in an underground laboratory, bringing a healthy dose of excitement and surprise.

It’s like having a 19th-century-themed party on a spaceship – a strange yet utterly captivating combination!

In this Playlist I am talking everything about VENUS:

Friday – March 29, 2024 – The day is ruled by Venus.

Venus in Pisces is trine the Moon in Scorpio.

Venus in Pisces is like a ballerina wrapped in the waves of the sea, bringing with her an aura of mystery and dreaminess. It’s as if you have a poetess writing love poems on the shore of a tear, bringing a touch of charm to every word.

Meanwhile, the Moon in Scorpio is like a witch casting spells of passion and mystery into the air. It’s as if you have a detective investigating the secrets of the universe, bringing a dose of intensity and passion to every movement.

So, when these two planets meet in a trine, a cosmic dance unfolds between the passion of dreaming and the depth of feelings.

It’s like having a romance novel where every page is filled with mystery and intrigue, and every chapter surprises you with a new twist!

Today at 21:51:42, the Moon enters Sagittarius.

Saturday – March 30, 2024 – The day is ruled by Saturn.

The Sun in Aries forms a conjunction with the North Node in Aries and an opposition with the South Node in Libra.

The Sun in Aries is like a wrestling fighter entering the ring with full force and determination. It’s as if you have an energetic hero diving into action without hesitation, bringing a wave of enthusiasm and a desire to succeed.

On the other hand, the North Node in Aries is like an arrow pointing the way to success and personal fulfillment. It’s as if you have a cosmic guide showing you the path to victory, encouraging you to move forward fearlessly.

But when it comes to the South Node in Libra, it’s like having a master of balance pulling the handbrake. It’s as if you have a cosmic scale reminding you of the need to find harmony and balance in all aspects of life.

So, during this transit, you may feel caught between following your passion and the need to find balance in life.

Sunday – March 31, 2024 – The day is ruled by the Sun.

Until April 3rd, Venus in Pisces is in an applying conjunction with Neptune in Pisces.

Venus in Pisces is like a charming mermaid dancing her dance beneath the waves of the cosmic ocean, drawing you into a world of dreaming and tenderness. It’s as if you have a ballerina gracefully moving across the stage, bringing a touch of magic and beauty to every movement.

On the other hand, Neptune in Pisces is like a magician casting illusions and mystery everywhere, bringing a dose of confusion and madness into the atmosphere. It’s as if you have an artist painting fantastical landscapes in the air, creating a universe of dreams and illusion.

When these two planets meet in a conjunction, a cosmic symphony is created between beauty and mystery, between reality and dream.

It’s as if you’re in the midst of a love story between a poet and a fairy, where the boundaries between reality and dream become increasingly blurred, and everything seems possible!

I wish you all a lovely spring!

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