On SEPTEMBER 2016 we have the following main configurations: 

This month is full of interesting events, major changes should occur and you must be prepared for them: two eclipses, Jupiter ingress in Libra, Mercury is in retrograde motion and Mars ends its retrograde cycle.

Jupiter in Libra forms another T-square: Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto, unfortunately the violent tendencies remains, but it will be more explicit, direct and decisive. In the same time, this aspect is more motivating.

Jupiter in Libra forms a very harmonious aspect between Jupiter and Saturn, a sextile with mutual reception (Jupiter in Libra is in Saturn’s exaltation, and Saturn in Sagittarius, in Jupiter’s domicile): constructive, organization and prosperity, on a general and individual scale. It’s a major change of tune, considering the fact that as long as Jupiter was in Virgo (August 2015 – September 2016), Jupiter was in a square with Saturn, and the result was a grand mess of things, with discontinuous and contradictory actions.

But for now, the Sun eclipse on September 1 2016, that is formed at 9°21′ in Virgo, in opposition with Neptune and in a square with Mars and Saturn, could hand another dose of stress, distraction, and confusion, if not even worse. And the Moon eclipse on September 16 2016 seems to have the same tendencies.


MERCURY in VIRGO is retrograde until 21st of September: You can become obsessed with detailed knowledge. This may be to your detriment in daily life, although it is very beneficial for doing any kind of research. You like to be precise in your communications with others. Avoid to be too critical with your loved ones or/and with your work team!

During of the 22nd of September, the SUN moves to LIBRA: Happy Birthday for all natives! 

MOON PHASES (at Greenwich Borough local time):

NEW MOON IN VIRGO on 1st of September at 10:03: With this occasion you will have an annular solar eclipse and it will be visible from Madagascar and locations in Central Africa. The Moon’s shadow will also cross parts of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. For most
viewers in Africa, the eclipse will be a partial solar eclipse.

FULL MOON in PISCES on 16th of September at 20:05: With this occasion you will have a penumbral lunar eclipse and it will be visible from Europe, parts of Asia, Australia, and eastern Africa.

VENUS transits:

Until 23rd of September, VENUS is in LIBRA: You are a real hunter of harmony in your personal relationships, because of this you become vulnerable when is about compromises. Harmony should be in yourself, then you will find it everywhere you go. Creativity is favored.

Between 23rd of September and 18th of October, VENUS is in SCORPIO: You are searching for ideal in your love relationship and you have very powerful sexual needs. Take care of your demanding attitude because it is hard for your partner to face your requests. A very good period for investments.

MARS transits:

Until 27th of September MARS is in SAGITTARIUS and it completed its retrograde cycle: all unpleasant events occurred in this spring will disapear, but only if you done the corrections and you did not expect to be solved your issued by default.

Between 27th of September and 9th of November MARS is in CAPRICORN, in exaltation, the most powerful position of this planet: You are able to transform any idea into reality, in an efficient way. You are ambition, energic and unstoppable. Sports are very favored.

This month marks the beginning of a new stage: on the 22nd Mercury resumes its direct motion, on the 26th it’s Pluto’s turn to resume its direct motion, and on the 27th Mars finally ends its retrograde cycle and enters Capricorn, where it feels very comfortable, because it’s its exaltation sign. But until then, we might have some trouble ahead.

 Here you have short FORECASTS for each ASCENDANT* for SEPTEMBER 2016:


Positive outcome: For a year you are favored for marriages, better personal relationships, better business contracts, and you are able to escape from toxic relationships. This month you are able to make more money, even you need to work more and to travel.

Negative outcome: Take care of your health, especially to your respiratory system and risks of accidents. If it is needed make a medical check-up!

The main advice: Go out, do not refuse any invitations, make new friends!


Positive outcome: You are able to find the job of your dreams, a second job/hobby or to improve your present situation. Medical treatments and relation with your doctor should be very good.

Negative outcome: Wait to pass this month to feel better in your personal and business relationships! Avoid any excess, no matter it is about work, food or any other kind of effort!

The main advice: Use your creativity in your personal relationships but also in your profession. Develop your hobbies!


Positive outcome: It is time for love, fun and parties, at least for a year you are in the middle of passion and joy. If you are single, the potential of finding a great love, this month is really high. In the first place you are favored in sex and free affairs, without commitment, and depends on you if you need more. If you want a child this period is perfect to have one! You are favored in artistic or education activities, in tourism, entertainment or advertising. 

Negative outcome: Official couples are still under stress but wait until the end of this month and you will feel much better! You are not so efficient in your work, maybe is better to go in a holiday.

The main advice: Be patient, and practical, and do not lose control of your feelings!


Positive outcome: Your home and family are favored for at least an year, very good changes for your loved ones – acquiring long-term-use goods or to enhancing the family’s wealth. You are favored in real-estate transactions, agriculture, architecture & design, constructions.

Negative outcome: Maybe too much work, under pressure. Even you are efficient and you have good results and more money it is good also to take care of your health.

The main advice: After Mercury comes back to direct motion (after 22nd of September) it is a very good period for buy nice things and decorate your house.


Positive outcome: Communication with your loved ones is much better starting with the end of this month. For at least a year you are favored in the intellectual activities, blogging, communication, sales or/and online marketing.

Negative outcome: If you are a woman and you are pregnant, be very cautious and take no risks!

The main advice: Postpone major financial decisions for next month!


Positive outcome: You need more cooperation if you want to make more money. Your Social status is important and it will improve for at least one year ahead. It is important during this period to reevaluate your material values and to be clearer in what you really want from life.

Negative outcome: The Moon eclipse on the 16th, that takes place in Virgo’s house of couple, promises unexpected events. It depends of you if they are negative or positive.

The main advice: Be calm and learn to relax and do not take everything personally!


Positive outcome: It is starting your happy year, you are charming and opportunities are running into your arms, one after another. You have the courage to initiate projects that in the past seemed too bold, but you need to remain realistic and to be more organised. Also money and love are coming together, hand in hand. A big change in your profession is also prepared for you.

Negative outcome: Sun eclipse tells you to avoid any excesses.

The main advice: Remain focused on the most important objectives!


Positive outcome: There is a potential change for the better time for your career and team work and projects are very favored.

Negative outcome: You may have some disappointments in your love life due to less time spending together with your lover. The Moon eclipse on the 16th happens in Scorpio’s house of passion and sexuality, where it can trigger an unexpected, strange, unusual, possibly unpleasant event. Next month will be much better than this one, so do not rush to the conclusions. If you feel tired try to sleep and relax more.

The main advice: Do not count on others! Your best friend is yourself!


Positive outcome: You and your life partner may be involved more in parties and social activities, and the groups, organizations, and collective activities are favorable for your love life. You enjoy popularity, you easily find supporters or protectors when in need and you’re lucky in collective activities.

Negative outcome: The Sun eclipse could bring for you a change of plans during the first part of September. Because of it try to be more flexible in actions and reactions!

The main advice: Try to be more flexible in actions and reactions!


Positive outcome: In your career and social life it is starting a year of opportunities and achievements. Your successes could have to do with abroad or people from abroad, with the legislative, cultural or higher-education environment. Money are coming in your pockets easier.

Negative outcome: It’s not a great time to make decisions, make proposals, open significant discussions or to clarify a situation. Your love life is really confused, it is better to wait next month. You should rest more, eat healthier and at regulated times, take some vitamins and take care of yourself.

The main advice: Do not refuse any invitations because you will meet important people for your future.


Positive outcome: This month is really good for studies, research, cultural or spiritual activities. You do best in teams, groups or well-structured organizations.

Negative outcome: Some unpleasant events may occur in your love relationship. It could be related to money and is linked with by communication issues. To avoid complications try to be very clear, transparent, open mind and realistic. Try to take care what you do with your money, where you put it, how you spend it, in what you invest it. Avoid any investments during this month.

The main advice: Read as much as you can spiritual and occult books.


Positive outcome: For a year ahead financial aspects will make major changes your professional decisions and you will probably adjust your activities to more profitable areas, that may brings to you big profits. Jupiter in Libra favors earnings from partnerships, attracting funds, relations with financial institutions.

Negative outcome: In your personal and business relationships try to be flexible, but without compromises, and be clear in your communication. A past lover will try to contact you and maybe is is not the best time for this.

The main advice: You should avoid excesses and exposure to any kind of risk. Sleep and relax more!

*) If you do not know yet your Ascendant you may find it very easy by using any other free astrology website or software that you can find on internet. For this calculation you need: day, month, year, location, hour and minutes of your birth. If you have possibility try to use the Whole signs (house system) because it is the oldest house system (used by ancient Greek astrologers) who has proven its real value during history.

I wish you the best transits!

 Monica Lazar


New moon September 2016